Friday, July 31, 2009

N&O readers weigh in on Mike Zlotnicki getting the axe

At the N&O web site, several N&O readers have left comments after Mike Zlotnicki wrote about his upcoming departure from the paper. A sample:

First, from raymac:

This was crappy news to start my day......Mike I will miss your columns and the Outdoor section which I assume is going away or will wither to non local articles. This was one section of the paper that I always looked forward to reading. Nice last article.

to vent....what are the idiots doing who run the paper. If the N&O has a plan to be successful I don't see it. They continue to cut any content that is of regional local interest other than investigating state government. (I appreciate the investigative journalism but that doesn't sustain a daily paper and if you are successful eventually there will be nothing to write about.

Second, from BanzaiHeels:

In an age of increasing production costs and declining circulations, readers certainly understand the need for tightening belts in newsrooms around the country. HOWEVER, in the age of the internet, I can read national wire copy for free on thousands of websites, so what value does the N&O bring to the table? What has set the paper apart is the quality of local writers like Mike Z, who bring timely, informative and humorous columns that make me want to pick up the paper in the morning, instead of immediately turning on my laptop.

Mike, your avid readers will miss you dearly and look forward to hearing about the next steps in your journey! As for the N&O, I think the deck chairs on the Titanic need to be rearranged some more.



Anonymous said...

Linda Williams was unavailable for comment

Anonymous said...

Ah, Linda Williams .....
Token, affirmative action hire ..
Does she remain MelSills' BFF ?
Is she someone else's personal?

Linda Williams somehow remains,
yet legitimate jounalists and columnists are 'axed'.


Anonymous said...

anom611 you got that right. her movie critic is still on board, while most of the features and sports departments have been decimated. the guy writes one or two reviews a week....nice work if you can get it...or have a egotistical, racist untalented senior editor like willimas protecting you.

Anonymous said...

Linda Williams does not care about Mike... or any of the other folks who were let go or who stay for that matter. Linda is in survival mode. She is there to raise prices as much as possible ( screw the loyal subscriber), cut costs (as long as it's not her) and send her tribute to Pruitt.
Profits are up but on the backs of the subscriber base.
Just wait till the new circulation numbers come out and advertisers react. Again.