Friday, July 10, 2009

Palin versus McClatchy

Unbelievable: Sarah Palin has about 92,000 followers on Twitter. That is a massive number -- and more amazing when you consider she just joined Twitter in the spring.

How does Palin's Twitter power stack up against McClatchy's?

Well, let's take a look....

The Anchorage Daily News has about 1,100 followers on Twitter. McClatchyDC has about 1,200 followers. Howard Weaver, former McClatchy VP who frequently sends barbed attacks Palin's way, has about 1,050 followers. Mark Seibel, an editor at McClatchy's DC bureau who often slams Palin, has less than a hundred followers.

(For those of you keeping count, I have under 400 followers.)


Anonymous said...

I've been sending drunken text messages for a couple years now. Didn't realize there was a word for it until recently.

I INVENTED Twitter. Just like Al Gore invented the Internet.

Anonymous said...

Note to self: Force all employees to follow me Twittering.

Gary P.

Anonymous said...

Apple = Orange

Anonymous said...

Good grief. I would have thought a a so called international paper of influence would have many times more followers than Palin. How embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

Large company or hot milf. Who would you rather twitter with?

These daily headings are getting dumber by the minute.

Next headline should read. Hot weather in Phoenix to continue until at least August.

Anonymous said...

How does Palin's Unique Visitor count to her web site stack up against any of McClatchy's web sites? Thought so.

T. D. said...

Some interesting twitter political comparisons:

Barack Obama - 1,709,768
John McCain - 979,893
Newt Gingrich - 630,040
Sarah Palin - 92,299
Hillary Clinton - 34,573
Mike Huckabee - 28,998
Mitt Romney - 13,274

Of course, McCain and Obama got most of their followers during the presidential campaign.

Newt Gingrich has a huge number for someone out of office so long.

Surprising that Hillary Clinton's total is not higher considering the Clinton popularity and that she came within a whisker of winning the popular primary vote against Obama.

Anonymous said...

Truly an absurd comparison.

Anonymous said...

Who f*&king cares. Really Kevin, cut back on the sauce.....this is beneath you.

John Altevogt said...

Yes Kevin, stay off the sauce. It seems to make our troll psychotic.

Anonymous said...

***Yes Kevin, stay off the sauce. It seems to make our troll psychotic.***

Terrific post, John. Really demonstrates you following your own advice when anyone else strays from your idea of what posts should be allowed: Adds a lot of careful thought and analysis to the discussion.

Anonymous said...

it's cute when old people try to use newfangled things like Twitter to make judgements. Remind me again what Ashton Kutcher's and Obama's twitter follower counts are? Kind of convenient how you left that out.

Anonymous said...

My gosh, she's wonderful, and darn pretty too. I would make her president just to see her walk. Who cares if she is an idiot.

John Altevogt said...

5:31 My advice is to treat a troll like the garbage they are. No respect, no courtesy. They're trash and so are you. That's my advice. Behave like garbage, be treated like garbage, today, tomorrow, forever.