Thursday, July 23, 2009

Poll of the day

Just 25% Now Say Stimulus Has Helped the Economy, 31% Say It Hurt


Anonymous said...

Obama has gone from Dear Leader to Deer (in the headlights) Leader in six months (The Collins Report)

The King’s “new suit of clothes” is turning out to be a Kenyan loincloth.

People are seeing Barack Obama as the fraud he is. His popularity is going south. Although he got 53% of the popular vote and a huge Electoral victory, things have changed. Yes they danced on the streets of Harlem and toasted in the liberal big cities, but that’s changed.

George Bush is gone but so are the cheers. Hope has turned to sour change.

Help! I’m melting!

Yes, in addition, he now attacked physicians as greed merchants, accusing them of being biased toward performing unnecessary surgeries because of higher reimbursement.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

NY Times revenue continues rapid decline (Boston Business Journal)

Revenue at The New York Times Co. fell 21 percent in the second quarter, hit by lower demand for print and Internet advertising at operations that include the Boston Globe.

Total revenue at the Times (NYSE: NYT) was $584.5 million in the second quarter, compared with $741.9 million in the year-earlier period.

Total revenue at the New England Media Group, which includes Globe operations, was off 19 percent in the second quarter. Advertising revenue during those three months fell 31 percent to $58.7 million at the group.

The publishing company said operating profit in the quarter fell 42 percent to $23.3 million. The Times has been slashing costs, with big pay and benefit cuts at the Globe, for example, as it faces paying off a substantial amount of debt.

The Globe also is on the sale block, but no bona fide offers have materialized.

Meanwhile, the parent company is carrying a $1 billion debt load. In 2011, for example, the company faces paying off $200 million.

But the company’s slashing of operating costs — a 20 percent reduction to $561.2 million in the second quarter — still did not outpace the 21.1 percent decline in revenue experienced by the publisher in the three months ended June 30.

Meanwhile, Internet revenue at Web sites that include fell 14 percent to $78.2 million in the quarter. Print advertising has been in decline for some time, but the decline in Web-based ads is a relatively new wrinkle that further plagues cash-strapped metro newspapers.

Anonymous said...

Just think where Obooma's poll numbers would be without the corrupt,in-the-tank MSM still fawning over him, and the public knew the truth about the Socialism takeover he plans for us.

Anonymous said...

Can't blame MSM, after the past 8 years they would be fawning over a box of rocks!

Anonymous said...

Interesting that someone on the left thinks that it ok to fawn over Obama and give him a pass on his trillion dollar deficits, racist judges and teleprompter presidency for the reason that they did not like Bush. Folks, there you have the very definition of MSM bias.