Friday, July 10, 2009

Sacramento Bee hiring a "Sr. Web Developer"

Who says McClatchy isn't hiring? The Sacramento Bee announced this week it is looking for a Sr. Web Developer.

At The Sacramento Bee, a media company of The McClatchy Company, we are working to bring value, interactivity and a sense of community to the online delivery of information. Such a task requires talented and creative individuals who have a firm grasp on the social and functional utility of the Internet.

This is a great time to join the new Bee with our award-winning website of news, entertainment and information, and new niche sites. We offer a fun and fast-paced media work environment and competitive benefits.

Overall Responsibility

As a Senior Web Developer, you will share responsibility for the development and maintenance of all sites and applications affiliated with The Sacramento Bee. You will adhere to a development schedule and provide progress updates as needed. All members of the Interactive Media department are expected to assist in the detection of emerging trends and technologies and work with staff across all company divisions. Duties include the following:
  • Develop and maintain interactive web
    applications with an eye on security, functionality and intuitive user
  • Debug, document, and add functionality to legacy
  • Provide system administration where needed.
  • Develop and maintain databases with
    extensibility and growth in mind.
  • Provide technical guidance and support of web
    development across the organization.
  • Determine an estimate of resources (time,
    software, hardware, etc.) for project phases as outlined by the Director of
    Digital Media.

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Anonymous said...

They need to hire more Web people and soon. The print days are coming to a close faster than McClatchy can think. The company has always been slow to respond to change and that is fatal in these times.

Anonymous said...

For real laughs, estimate how much this "senior" position will pay. $35k?

Anonymous said...

The political morass of 3BeeIT, will suck the life out of any creative technologist.

The mindset is that shoving pop-up ads in front of web page viewers is the only way to monetize

Web advertisers that don't mind insulting their customers will sign-up those contracts.

Anonymous said...

Hre, let me add some well needed detail to the job description.

Senior, part time, until chapter 11, later in the year, job?

Anonymous said...

BeeIT has as big a collection of dinosaurs as McClatchy's board of directors.

Anonymous said...

You're all miserable people; taking a positive and making it a negative. The republican way.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised they haven't hired many more web nerds by now. No wonder they're in trouble. The future, if there is one, is online but McClatchy can't let go of the print operation. Sure it makes the most money, but it also costs so much more to maintain. Go all online, get rid of the big buildings and bloated staffs and put out a modern, digital publication. Gross incompetence runs rampant in the corporate headquarters.

Anonymous said...

To 11:50: This has nothing to do with political parties, or am I missing something? I'm a registered Democrat and enjoy reading this site for a variety of reasons. Lighten up!

Anonymous said...

11:50 is our gay troll, so go easy on her

Anonymous said...

J-schools are concentrating on web-journalism already. They also stress it will not pay salaries like print newspapers did. You have to pursue a journalism career because you love it, applying for food stamps is optional.

Anonymous said...

If McClatchy is going to survive in any form at all I suspect it will be as an online-only company. At some point I expect those of us on the print side (that still remain) to be let go, the large buildings and presses sold, and... well, you get the point. For what it's worth I've seen the recent beefing up of the online area of the company. A lot of push to sell it. I could work there, if I chose to. I do not choose to. I would rather go down with the print edition. I survived three sets of layoffs. I doubt there will be many surviving a fourth. I suspect that one will be the paradigm shift from print to online.

No, I don't work in the newsroom. But I have a fond loyalty to the dead tree edition. It didn't have to be McClatchy, it could have been any newspaper publisher. McClatchy just happened to buy the paper in the town I lived.

Regrets? Only that I stayed in the field too long. I'm over 50 so it's harder to find work. When we get the lay off notices (that I am assuming will come) I'll probably live on Obama's dime for awhile and hope the economy eventually turns around. Wasn't the first person let go. Won't be the last. Not crying a river here, just putting some honest feelings up for comment. :^)