Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday afternoon open thread

OK, what's on your mind?


Anonymous said...

How does black ownership warrant special financial aid just because of skin color? I thought Obama was going to take us past all that. What about the blacks that still have their jobs at so-called white papers? Oh right, affirmative action for some, higher taxes for others. What was I thinking?
Congressional Black Caucus Wants Stimulus Money Directed to Black Papers

By E&P Staff
CHICAGO The Congressional Black Caucus has lined up behind a proposal to direct economic stimulus into advertisements in black-owned newspapers and radio stations.
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John Altevogt said...

Me thinks that racism is going to skyrocket during the course of Osama bin Obama's regime.

The entitlement mentality that gives rise to just such racist expenditures cannot help but give rise to a significant backlash.

And now that we've demonstrated that we are not a racist nation by electing someone to the highest office in the land who meets the definition of "black" by South African apartheid standards obviously we can strike back against such stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Tracking the two convicted U.S. Journos in North Korea, the AP writes Ling called to say she and Lee did break the law. Perhaps I have watched too many spy movies, but I wonder if they were coerced into making that statement?
Captured Journos in North Korea Not Doing Hard Time -- Yet, Says Report
SEOUL, South Korea North Korea has delayed sending two convicted U.S. journalists to a prison labor camp…

In California, Lisa Ling said Thursday that her sister called Tuesday to say (she and Lee had broken the law in North Korea)
when they were captured in March.

Anonymous said...

Stimulus money has a color now? Who knew?

Anonymous said...

Check out Melanie Sill's sorry editorial in today's Sac Bee on the Ling fiasco. Sill is getting rightly smoked by her own readers so she's challenging them because some aren't using their real names!At least she knows what people really think about her and her la-la ideals. If you can't take the heat Sill, try a different profession.

McClatchy Watch said...

More than 11,000 newspaper jobs lost so far in 2009. And we just passed the half-way point of the year.

Anonymous said...

"The big losers are newspapers" and this is news to who?
Some Good News, Some Bad News on Ad Front

ZenithOptimedia sees some light at the end of the tunnel for advertising. The plunge in global advertising appears to have reached bottom in the second quarter and is poised for some recovery. The agency also trimmed its forecast of a 6.9% decline in advertising spending for 2009. [Growth will come mainly in online ads], which is the only segment to expand this year. Within that segment, search advertising has the greatest momentum, with expected growth of 20% this year.

The big losers are newspaper and magazine advertising, which the agency expects to decline nearly 15% this year.

Anonymous said...

She broke the GOP and now she owns it

"The Palinists’ bogus beefs about double standards reached farcical proportions at Fox News on the sleepy pre-Fourth Friday afternoon when word of her abdication hit the East. The fill-in anchor demanded that his token Democratic stooge name another female politician who had suffered such “disgraceful attacks” as Palin. When the obvious answer arrived — Hillary Clinton — the Fox host angrily protested that Clinton had never been attacked in “a sexual way” or “about her children.” "

Silver Lake Art said...

I know I've posted before, but I'd really welcome posters of any kind to come out to north west Missouri American Vision chapter on Facebook. We discuss issues from the local media (KC Star) and other events around the area. Bring some of your energy there!


Kevin Gregory said...

Silver Lake Art -- thanks, I'll check it out.

John Altevogt said...

Perhaps some of our trolls can come out.