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Anonymous said...

Here is Pitts column about Gates. Poor victim. Pitts is a prisoner of his own racial hatred. Every interaction is a symbol, every person a racist. He is perpetually in bondage.

Anonymous said...

Looked at the Herald website to see what the Miami Heerald would say about it's reporter accused on sexual harrassment and blatant unprofessional behavior in public. Nothing. Nada.
Ran the search engine. Lot's of stuff about Guantanamo but not one word about Ms. Rosenbergs problems. Crickets.
Why did I expect more?

Anonymous said...

Summing up Anon 4:05 and 4:15, McClatchy’s version of this racist, man hater was Lokeman.

McClatchy’s version of Herb Cain, hates whitey, wrote about it in her “syndicated column”, then when old "three wheel" got popped for a DUI, like their Miami biker gal, it's all McClatchy crickets.

By the way, I wonder what Ms. Linda Williams position is with Gates?

And don’t’ start me with their racist, whale of a sports reporter

Anonymous said...

Why Aren't Americans Obeying Obama?(Townhall)

Because in the United States, most adults don’t think of themselves as helpless children, and we don’t regard out President as one to be “obeyed.”

Anonymous said...

So, what does a malignant narcissist do when no one believes his BS?

Daily Presidential Tracking Poll(Rasmussen: -11)

Sunday, July 26, 2009 Email to a Friend ShareThisAdvertisement The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Sunday shows that 29% of the nation's voters now Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as President. Forty percent (40%) Strongly Disapprove giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -11. That’s the first time his ratings have reached double digits in negative territory

Anonymous said...

GatesGate effect apparent! No wonder Dear Leader wants to simply drop it. Plus, like McClatchy, they are still probably way over sampling lib, scum Rosenberg types.

Anonymous said...

If Dear Leader gets to -15, look for the MSM to start dropping the race card (jessie and sharpie are already doing it) and accusing Americans of latent racism.

If it gets to -20, look for Gibbs to do it.

And if it gets to -25, Dear Leader will do it in a speech televised from the Oval Office.

Anonymous said...

From +21 to -11 in six months. Kind of like McClatchy’s stock huh?

I guess Dear Leader’s DeathCare and Gates’, “I don’t know the facts, but the cops are stupid” race issue, has an impact.

Maybe the idea that voters could come to their own conclusions based on their on observations was inconceivable to him...and to the MSM for that matter.

But let me aks a question. DeathCare, Gates, unemployment number up, N. Korea, Iran, and meddling in Honduras, if it was Bush who took a Martha’s Vineyard vacation in a 20 Million dollar home, what would the press and the Rosenberg types write? CRICKETS

Anonymous said...

Don't you guys ever get tired of echoing each others' far-right racist hatred? No, of course not. It's the only thing about your failed lives that keep you going.

Anonymous said...

///Here is Pitts column about Gates. Poor victim. Pitts is a prisoner of his own racial hatred. Every interaction is a symbol, every person a racist. He is perpetually in bondage.///

Unless you are black, you really wouldn't know, would you?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Can any of you McClatchy journalist types reconcile for me just how ABC calls Dear Leader, “Peacemaker in Chief” regarding the Gates fiasco when it was Dear Leader started a racial firestorm by ignorantly calling the cops stupid!

And can you juxtapose ABC's kneeling rhetoric about Dear Leader with Mark Steyn’s position?

MARK STEYN: Yes, I think the President of the United States has absolutely no business intervening in a matter for the Cambridge Police Department, and should it happen to come to that, whatever court in the city of Cambridge it comes down to.

This was disgraceful by him, and he should be ashamed of himself in intervening in that in a national press conference. It’s unbecoming to the President, and it was a disgusting moment.

I'd even settle for a Miami Herald, Rosenberg type to chime in here?

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:19 Let's see, a link to the New York Times and Dowd.

Let me guess, a Marxist paper and their plagiarist, DNC shill columnist.

Prey tell, what might she have to say? I have no idea, I must click on the link

Anonymous said...

Job Market Has Never Been Worse WTF? (Susan Estrich DNC shill, tries to stay relevant)

…I have never seen or lived through anything quite like this. There are no jobs for lawyers or laborers, for painters or waitresses, for secretaries or salespeople. There are literally no jobs to be had.

The kids came home from college this summer, good kids who work every summer and count on it to pay their bills during the year. There were no jobs to be had. No barista jobs. No salesgirl jobs.

Even Susan Estrich (Pronounced Estrogen, another facelift, botox queen) who voted for and promoted Dear Leader is now crying sour grapes?

For Estrich, one of the causes of this democrat party created economic collapse, it’s too bad she’s not out of work.

Anonymous said...

Kennedy Is Making A Final Press For Universal Healthcare, From His Sickbed (LA Times)

As Congress wrestles with legislation to give Americans access to quality care, which the Democrat worked toward for 46 years, the senator is sidelined with brain cancer, but not out of the game.

This elitist moron murderer! He knows under Dear Leader’s DeathCare, all he would get was Death Counseling, prodded into refraining from any life saving and expensive procedures, like oxygen, hydration or food, and only afforded a morphine drip to ease his pathetic death.

The better ending would be like the movie “Brave Heart” where the King on his deathbed gets the bad news about his Heir?

But in this case, the last words that teddy hears are...the bill has failed to pass!

TruthHurts001 said...

"Unless you are black, you really wouldn't know, would you?"


So only black people know how to play the race card??


TruthHurts001 said...

"Don't you guys ever get tired of echoing each others' far-right racist hatred?"

If this bothers you so much...

WHY do you continue coming here and whining about it??

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:11 Although you are right, "Sweetie" has to be here. It's her job.

Because the media is all that matters to her!

Anonymous said...

Is Gates another of Dear Leaders pals like Kevin Johnson.

A Gatesgate At Henry "Gates' "Bogus" Charity?

Henry Louis Gates, Jr controls a tax-exempt, non-profit charity, Inkwell Foundation, Inc, that managed to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars in direct support in one year, yet only gave out $27,500 in grants, the bulk of which went to Gates' employees and Harvard colleagues.

Also, as recently as September 2008, the Boston Globe reported that Gates' charity was not in compliance with the law for failing to register the proper paperwork, despite the charity existing since 2005. The charge at the time was that it was "bogus," as you'll see below. In fact, the state Attorney General's office told the Globe the charity was likely either inactive, or dissolved. Yet, documents below show the charity is healthy, wealthy and active.

Is it possible that Henry Louis Gates, Jr. was acting strange when law enforcement showed up at his door because he didn't want the story below to come out? It may take a tax lawyer to answer that question, but based on this research, it can't be ruled out.

We know the press has questioned Gates about the charity in the past and gotten no response.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:05 Suck on this! You call the SF Chronicle "Far-right racist hatred?" Get back Poof, huh!
Don't you guys ever get tired of echoing each others' far-right racist hatred?
Obama shoots from the lip, misses in Gates flap (SF Chronicle)

America got a good look at the Chicago side of Barack Obama last week, and boy did it set off fireworks.

Obama was outraged that Gates was treated as a suspected criminal at his own home, and diplomacy went right out the window.

Anonymous said...

(So if Bush did this during a recession, what woud the media say?)

The Obamas will rent the stunning 29-acre Blue Heron Farm, on Martha's Vineyard, Chilmark, a glamorous spread featuring spectacular views, the Vineyard Gazette reported.

Features a Victorian farmhouse, 5-bedroom "guest house," reconstructed Pennsylvania barn and NH shed.... owned by Mississippi timber magnate William Van Devender and wife Mollie.....had $20 million pricetag in 2005. Prior owners hosted the Clintons in 1998.

The Obamas can stroll to a private saltwater pond or take a dip in the Atlantic from a private beach. Other features: a private dock with a Boston Whaler, a catamaran and several kayaks, a pool, and a hot tub overlooking the water w/ "total privacy," a vegetable garden, a miniature boathouse on the water with a loft for sleepovers.

Obama was due the last week of August and was expected to pay the rental out of his own pocket. Similar luxury rentals rent between $35,000-50,000 per week.

Anonymous said...

Don't know about the press, but as a typical cracker southerner, it's amusing how the democrat president, workin’ for po’ folks on the democrat plantation, have to head out to be with the ultra rich that they despise.

Anonymous said...

DNC shill ABC lied and said that the Obama’s have to rent a vacation one like the Bushes did.

WRONG ... the Bushes owned a primary home in Crawford ... not a vacation home in Crawford.

They did not have a vacation home. The Obama’s own a home in Chicago. They do not have to rent a vacation home.

I know, I know CRICKETS from the left wing media

Anonymous said...

As unemployment passes 10% and average Americans struggle to make ends meet, Obama goes on vacation at a $50k per week rental. A real man of the people.

Have you ever seen a Marxist who wasn’t pure hypocrite?

Anonymous said...

Obama looks to rebound from tough week (Reuters)

WASHINGTON Barack Obama will look to rebound from one of the most difficult weeks of his six-month presidency, one in which his legislative priority, healthcare, stumbled and he got caught up in a racial controversy.


"The Gaffer-in-Chief, will look to rebound from one of the most difficult weeks of his six-month presidency, one in which his legislative priority, health care, was uncovered for what it was at the same time his pal Skip Gates created a racial controversy and the Gaffer poured fuel on it and lit the match on prime time TV. A burned-out shell, rather than a rebound, is the more likely outcome."

Anonymous said...

Obama Official Admits: Stimulus Projects Not Chosen for Job Creation (Federal Review)

SYRACUSE NY--President Barack Obama claims that the federal stimulus program is designed to create or save jobs. But at least one government official now says that's not how projects are chosen.....

Sally Rockey, an acting deputy director at the National Institutes of Health, has admitted that the agency does not choose projects based on the jobs they would create:

They looked for projects that could be done in two years, with no special emphasis on job creation and no requirement that the scientists buy equipment made in America. Locally, the federally-funded projects...include the sort of projects typically labeled as "pork," including:

*$162,000 for a study that sends college students into the wild to collect ticks and plant them on lab mice.

*$783,000 for a study that invites 100 malt liquor and marijuana users in Buffalo to call in and punch numbers on the telephone to record their habits each day.

*$109,000 to study schizophrenia on the Pacific Island of Palau.

*$3 million in equipment -- all manufactured in Germany and Japan--for Cornell University.

[T]he scientists receiving the grants were reluctant to discuss specifics and money regarding their projects, and at least one was "defensive about explaining how his grant ... would stimulate the economy."

Anonymous said...

What on this thread is racist? Are you one of those weak minded liberals who things that yelling racist at everyone who disagrees with you is somehow effective.
It seems to me that the President and Professor Gates have reacted in a way that was racist but the writers on this thread only pointed that fact out. Reasonable people may disagree but it's not racist to believe that Obama has behaved badly or even that he is a failed President.
In fact, the scoundrel who plays the race card at every turn, seeing all opposition through the lens of race is the bigot.
Far too often in political discourse in America, using racist as a general ephithet, outside the context of a specific action is only evidence of the intellectual bankruptcy of the left.

Anonymous said...

Why do I have to be black to know that reacting to a police officer as if he is a racist leave me the prisioner of my own hate and anger? Why do I have to be black to know that shouting to a crowd of officers that "you have know idea of who you are dealing with? is a bad idea? Why do you have to be black to know that filing a claim of racial discrimination when there is none is a bad idea?
Sounds to me that this argument is like the left saying that Cindy Shehan's ( remember that crack pot) perspective may not be criticized or evaluated. As usual, the left, when confronted tries to make the topic somehow off limits to inquiry.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't 911 caller recognize Gates in broad daylight? (She works with him!)

At around 12:45 p.m. on Wednesday, a woman named Lucia Whalen called the police to report two African- American men wearing backpacks attempting to break into Gates' house on tree-lined Ware St. in Cambridge, Mass.

Whalen, it turns out, works as circulation and fundraising manager at the Harvard Magazine. The publication's offices are located a few doors from Gates' home.

Whalen did not immediately return WND's queries regarding how she failed to recognize in broad daylight one of Harvard's most distinguished professors.

Also, questions remained about whether her 911 call marked the first time she ever saw Gates outside his home.

According to a police report, Whalen told a police officer when he arrived that "her suspicions were aroused when she observed one of the men wedging his shoulder into the door as if he was trying to force entry."

Anonymous said...


Pelosi Says Health Care Bill is ‘Stimulus Package’ (CNN)

“I do think the health care bill is a stimulus package. I do believe the energy bill was, (with the) creation of new green jobs, a jump start."

Anonymous said...


"The proposed health-insurance bill from the House of Representatives refers to mentally disabled people as "retarded" -- a term advocates, relatives and physicians find outdated and offensive.

The bill refers to: "A hospital or a nursing facility or intermediate-care facility for the mentally retarded . . ."

The phrase could cause more problems with groups for the developmentally disabled, who were angered when President Obama referred to his poor bowling skills on "The Tonight Show" as "like the Special Olympics." Obama later apologized."

Anonymous said...

The Corner: Robert Gibbs on FNC
The Corner on National Review

"On today’s Fox News Sunday, presidential press secretary Robert Gibbs admitted President Obama had been prepared to answer questions about the Henry Louis Gates arrest at his press conference last week. Bret Baier, filling in for regular host Chris Wallace, asked Gibbs, “Before Wednesday’s news conference, did you prepare [the president] for a question about Henry Gates’s arrest in Cambridge?”

Anonymous said...

Gibbs answer douldn’t surprise me a bit. His whole administration, with the enabling press, is staged.

All his news conferences with the lapdog press that attend his barbeques are set up.

Because he can’t hide his hatred of both law enforcement and Whitey, somehow his inner rage popped out and he gave his “own” answer to the question, instead of the answer he was prepped with.

Anonymous said...

WaPo Shocker: President Is Hiding Costs of Obamacare (DeathCare)

What was a terrible week for Barack Obama likely worsened Sunday when the Washington Post editorial board accused the President of withholding from the public the true costs of the healthcare reform he so eagerly seeks.

Makes one wonder if the White House will view the Post's criticisms much as former President Lyndon Johnson did Walter Cronkite's 1968 declaration that the Vietnam War was a stalement.

With as much as Obama has on the line with this agenda item, these words [1] from the Post have to hurt (h/t Jake Tapper):

PRESIDENT OBAMA sometimes presents health-care reform as a pain-free proposition, as simple as choosing the red pill over the blue -- one that's no more effective but costs twice as much...

...This all-gain-no-pain stance may be politically advisable; people are increasingly edgy about how reform will affect their own health care.

A new poll [2] by the Kaiser Family Foundation shows that that the percentage of those who believe they will be worse off if reform passes (21 percent) has doubled since February.

Anonymous said...

Obama has set race relations back 20 years by opening his big mouth and letting a lot of stupid come out. So much for the great uniter. He's done nothing but stir anger since elected.

Anonymous said...

For the first time in recent history, a president has acknowledged that he made a mistake. And has invited both antagonists to meet in a calmer atmosphere to see each other as reasonable people. How refreshing it would be if some of MW's full-time right-wing haters could bring themselves to do the same.

Anonymous said...

How refreshing it would be if some of MW's full-time right-wing haters could bring themselves to do the same.

Not a chance. You'd be doing good if you could convince them you don't need to be rolled in salt after being skinned alive.

Right wingers hate traitors.

Anonymous said...

Kevin, why do you even call this "McClatchy Watch" anymore? "Obama Watch" would be more accurate.

Anonymous said...

Yes Kevin, it isn't nice of you to allow people to expose the failings of Dear Leader. You should be tolerant and not allow anyone to speak of such things.

Anonymous said...

The word "hater" describes Obama and how he embarrassed and disgraced himself during the ill-fated press conference. The country saw the real Obama sprew his poison into their living rooms. It wasn't a pretty sight and won't be forgotten no matter how many luke-warm "apologies" or phony beer socials.

Anonymous said...

That wasn't an apology of any kind. This cop is a fool if he allows himself to be used in this way.

Anonymous said...

I did not hear an apology from either the President or from Professor Gates. Obama blamed our responses for the issue. He is sorry that his racist insertion is getting so much attention. But as for "I jumped to conclusions and supported a friend without knowing the facts maligned an honorable police officer" no, I don't think we have heard that