Sunday, August 30, 2009

Biggest bully in the Senate?... Harry Reid browbeats newspaper ad director

Check out this stunning account of Harry Reid bullying a guy who was simply standing in line to shake Reid's hand at a chamber of commerce luncheon.

On Wednesday, before he addressed a Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce luncheon, Reid joined the chamber's board members for a meet-'n'-greet and a photo. One of the last in line was the Review-Journal's director of advertising, Bob Brown, a hard-working Nevadan who toils every day on behalf of advertisers. He has nothing to do with news coverage or the opinion pages of the Review-Journal.

Yet, as Bob shook hands with our senior U.S. senator in what should have been nothing but a gracious business setting, Reid said: "I hope you go out of business."

Later, in his public speech, Reid said he wanted to let everyone know that he wants the Review-Journal to continue selling advertising because the Las Vegas Sun is delivered inside the Review-Journal.

Such behavior cannot go unchallenged.

You could call Reid's remark ugly and be right. It certainly was boorish. Asinine? That goes without saying.

But to fully capture the magnitude of Reid's remark (and to stop him from doing the same thing to others) it must be called what it was -- a full-on threat perpetrated by a bully who has forgotten that he was elected to office to protect Nevadans, not sound like he's shaking them down.

No citizen should expect this kind of behavior from a U.S. senator. It is certainly not becoming of a man who is the majority leader in the U.S. Senate. And it absolutely is not what anyone would expect from a man who now asks Nevadans to send him back to the Senate for a fifth term.

Here's a tip on how to get rid of the bully: $10 for Tark.

Hat tip: Doug Ross


Anonymous said...

This one didn't take long. did it?

Hatch, Dodd: Vicki Kennedy Would Be "Great" Replacement For Husband

Same crooks, different coast.

And McClatchy? CRICKETS

Anonymous said...

Three Degrees of Sirhan Sirhan

Barack Obama's close family friend Bill Ayers dedicated his 1960's communist manifesto Prairie Fire to Robert F. Kennedy's killer Sirhan Sirhan:

Ayers mentions Obama by name in a book he wrote in 1997, and mentions that the two are very close neighbors.

Obama gave a short glowing review of that same Ayers book for the Chicago Tribune.

Ironically, Obama gave a eulogy for Ted Kennedy when Obama's friend, Bill Ayers, dedicated his book to Sirhan Sirhan, the murderer of Bobby Kennedy.

Yeah. Kinda strange isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Let's compare Reid's remark with Dick Cheney telling a senator to "go f*** yourself." Kinda sums up the difference between Democrats and Republicans, doesn't it?

John Altevogt said...

Yes, Cheney had the balls to confront someone with equal (or greater) power and Reid browbeat some poor guy who had no power even to address Reid's concerns. So you're right, Republicans are courageous and Democrats are cowardly bullies who oppress the poor and downtroddem

Anonymous said...


Huh? Where?

Anonymous said...


Paper Owner Freedom (OC Register) Plans to File For Chapter 11 (WSJ)

Freedom Communications Inc., the owner of the Orange County Register, is expected to declare bankruptcy this week, according to people familiar with the situation, the latest in a string of Chapter 11 filings in the battered newspaper business.

The company, majority owned for more than 70 years by the Hoiles family, has reached agreements with its lenders to restructure its debts, according to these people.

With annual revenue of about $700 million, Freedom owns the Register and more than 30 other daily papers and eight TV stations. Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization -- a popular measurement for leveraged companies -- have declined about 75% over the past five years to about $50 million.

Freedom was founded in the 1930s by R. C. Hoiles, a former printer's apprentice who used his publications in part to spread his libertarian views. The Orange County Register continues the libertarian approach but, like other newspapers across the country, has had to confront the question of its survival.

"We are continuing to work with our lenders to address our balance sheet," said a Freedom spokesman.

Freedom's lenders, which hold roughly $770 million in debt, are expected to take control of the company as it operates under bankruptcy protection. They include J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., SunTrust Banks and Union Bank of California.

The filing is a blow to private-equity firms Blackstone Group and Providence Equity Partners, which acquired a 40% equity stake in the company in 2004 for about $460 million. The deal, which used a relatively small amount of debt compared to later deals in the buyout boom, already has been written down to zero by both firms.

The Hoiles family has been divided for years about what to do with the Irvine, Calif., company.

Anonymous said...

Yet the brainless followers will elect him yet again..and again..and again.

Anonymous said...

The mob will always choose Barabbas.