Tuesday, August 11, 2009

CareerBuilder, 14.4% McClatchy-owned, launches new web site for "environmentally conscious" job seekers

Here's the press release from CareerBuilder:

CareerBuilder now makes it easier for employers with green jobs to connect with environmentally conscious job seekers. The site, www.goinggreenjobs.com, will allow employers the ability to post their green, otherwise known as environmentally-focused positions, full-time and part-time jobs by skill sets, enhanced green job titles and categories, and geographic location.

Earlier this year the Obama administration marked more than $98 billion of the economic stimulus bill for energy and environmental projects. Many of these projects will encourage the creation of green jobs. According to the Pew Charitable Trusts, green jobs growth outpaced other job classifications by nearly 250 percent over the last decade, growing 9.1 percent between 1998 and 2007, versus 3.7 percent for the overall job market.

I look a look at the site and it will be the last.

One page at the site gives tips on what you can do at your workplace to reduce your carbon footprint "even if you don't have access to a worm habitat or a desk made of recyclable materials."

I don't know what a worm habitat is and I don't want to know. And I doubt I want to work at a place where there are worm habitats in a back room and where my desk is made out of recyclable materials.

(I'm guessing this employer won't be advertising on CareerBuilders green jobs site.)

If you want to look for a green job at the new site, go here.

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Anonymous said...


Still my favorite...although you would think this is some sort of spoof...but it is an actual CareerBuilder site.

Think they could do a www.whitecareers.com?