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Anonymous said...

Palin Call out White House on Death Panels, Rahm Emanuel’s brother, Ezekial Emanuel lashes out at Sarah Palin Over "Death Panel" Accusations, New York Post reveals truth about Emanuel, Senate Finance Committee just dropped the death panels that Ezekial just said did not exist.


The New York Post reported this past weekend on what the elderly and non-contributing members of society can expect under the democrat's health care bill and it is quite shocking.

The article focused on Rahm Emanuel's brother Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel who was tapped as a White House Health Care policy adviser.

Emanuel wants doctors to look beyond the needs of their patients and consider social justice, such as whether the money could be better spent on somebody else.

Many doctors are horrified by this notion; they'll tell you that a doctor's job is to achieve social justice one patient at a time. Emanuel, however, believes that "communitarianism" should guide decisions on who gets care.

He says medical care should be reserved for the non-disabled, not given to those "who are irreversibly prevented from being or becoming participating citizens . . . An obvious example is not guaranteeing health services to patients with dementia" (Hastings Center Report, Nov.-Dec. '96).


Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, the health-policy adviser at the White House’s Office of Management and Budget -- who has been caricatured by conservatives as a “Dr. Death” seeking to pull the I.V.s out of your grandparents’ arms in the name of cost containment -- is not happy.

Asked by ABC News in an interview about President Obama’s “death panels” to deny medical treatments to seniors and the disabled, including her son Trig, Emanuel, brother of White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel, does not hold back.

“It’s an absolute outrage that you would take first of all a provision written in the bill,” Emanuel says, "A provision allowing for doctors to talk to patients about end of life care, and turn it into the suggestion that we’re going to have euthanasia boards -- that’s a complete misreading of what’s there. It’s just trying to scare people.”

Emanuel says as an oncologist he’s had hundreds of discussions with patients about what to do when treatment doesn’t work. “It’s wrenching,” he says.

Anonymous said...

Black Man Posing as White Supremist Enters Guilty Plea For Sending Death Threats to Black Students (Gateway Pundet)

So much for that post-racial America--He claimed to be a white supremist upset by the election of Barack Obama.

Dyron Hart, a former Nicholls State football player, faces 5 years in prison and a fine of $250,000.

A black man posing as a white supremist on the internet entered a guilty plea for communicating threats against black students after the election of Barack Obama.

U.S. Attorney Jim Letten says 20-year old Dyron Hart pled guilty in federal court to "communicating threats in interstate commerce."

"According to court documents, Hart... admitted that he created a fictitious name and used the photograph of a white supremacist to communicated a threat.

He then purported to be a person outraged by the election of President Barack Obama," Letten said in a news release. (SORT OF LIKE THE TROLLS ON THIS BOARD)

Letten says that Hart sent the threat to an African American student at Nicholls State University in Thibodaux "indicating he wanted to kill African American individuals because of the election of the President."

Hart now faces a maximum 5 years in prison and a fine of $250,0000.

(Who taught him how to astroturf?)

Anonymous said...

He must be one of those "right wing" extremist they warned us about. Oh wait.

Anonymous said...

Betsy Markey: You’re invited to a town hall meeting you refuse to hold (Michelle Malkin)

Reader Kelly e-mails that Colorado Democrat Rep. Betsy Markey is hiding from her constituents and refusing to hold a public forum during this long, hot congressional recess.

So Kelly has graciously taken the opportunity to convene a town hall for Rep. Markey — and extended an open invitation.

If the congresswoman doesn’t show, her voters will have a placeholder ready.

Anonymous said...

1,000 cancer patients 'refused treatment' (Telegraph (U.K.)

Charities warned that patients with less common forms of cancer were being discriminated against, while others condemned the system as a “scandal”.

Patients and their doctors can appeal for the NHS to pay for drugs not currently licensed for that type of the disease.

But one in three applications were turned down in the last three years, leaving patients having to pay up £20,000 for the medication themselves.

The Rarer Cancers Forum, who obtained the figures, said that patients in France were up to 55 per cent more likely to get so-called “near-label” treatment, drugs licensed for a similar disease, than those in Britain.

Rare cancers include pancreatic cancer, which Patrick Swayze is currently battling and which affects around 7,000 people in Britain every year.

“The NHS is forcing desperate patients into the cruel situation where the chances of their being given the treatment they need depend on where they live.

Anonymous said...

Just my prediction, with DeathCare, there will not only be rationing, there will be politically-correct rationing.

Are you a smoker or obese? Why, you should have taken better care of yourself.

Do you have HIV as a result of a risky sex life? Step to the front of the line.

Anonymous said...

James Clyburn (D) compares town hall protesters to thugs who attacked civil rights marchers

The number three Democrat in the House, behind only Pelosi and Hoyer, and a longtime practitioner of toxic race-bating on behalf of his party, Clyburn compares town hall protesters to thugs who attacked civil rights

Anonymous said...


THE best moment of almost every YouTube video of the raucous town-hall meetings on health care is the same: It's the nonplussed look on the face of the senators and congressmen who have rarely suffered such indignity.

Be assured: No one talks to them that way in the "members only" elevators in the US Capitol.

Nancy Pelosi and Co. insist that the town-hall protesters are the tools of special interests. Not likely. Almost all of the special interests have been enticed or bullied into cooperating with ObamaCare.

President Obama and the Democrats may still imagine themselves insurgents storming the gates, but that self-image should have expired last November. On health care, they have played a brilliant inside game.

They have used their sheer power to cut deals with craven lobbyists seeking to limit damage to their clients. Everything was set for a cram-down of sweeping legislation -- with special interests uttering hardly a peep -- before August in a well-executed power play.

Then, public opinion intervened.

Anonymous said...

Clinton ignores questions on Congo fuss (Agence France-Presse)

A close aide to Hillary Clinton has dismissed as "psychobabble" the fuss over the US secretary of state's barbed response to a questioner asking for her famous husband's opinion instead of her own.

Clinton ignored questions about the episode as she wound down a marathon African trip on Thursday.

Clinton had reacted strongly earlier this week when a Congolese student in Kinshasa asked her for the opinion of her husband, former President Bill Clinton, about an international economic issue.

"Wait. You want me to tell you what my husband thinks?" a wide-eyed Clinton asked on Tuesday in response. "My husband is not the secretary of state; I am. So you ask my opinion, I will tell you my opinion. I'm not going to be channelling my husband."

Asked on Thursday about the impact of the widely reported exchange, Clinton was silent, then quickly launched into a glowing assessment of her 10-day tour of seven African nations.

Holding up the front page of a local tabloid, The Analyst, Clinton pointed to a smiling photograph of herself and a headline, Hillary Arrives, Liberia Glees.

Anonymous said...

I thought that Mrs. Clinton was beyond PMS. She certainly is demonstrating that she is over her head as Secretary of State.

Anonymous said...

Obama Administration Redacts Contract Details for

Back in July, a software company named Smartronix [1] landed an $18 million contract to build a Web site where taxpayers could easily track billions in federal stimulus money. It was just another part of the Obama administration’s ongoing effort to bring transparency to stimulus spending, we were told.

But it seems the drive for transparency doesn’t cover the contract itself.

After weeks of prodding by ProPublica and other organizations, the General Services Administration released copies of the contract and related documents that are so heavily blacked out they are virtually worthless.

Anonymous said...

Online news venture says over 500 publications sign up. (AFP via Breitbart)

Journalism Online, a company which seeks to help news organizations make money on the Web, said Thursday that more than 500 newspapers and magazines have agreed to join the venture.

Journalism Online, launched in April by three veteran US media executives, said publishers representing 176 dailies, 330 non-dailies and "leading global news sites" have signed letters of intent to become its affiliates.

"The websites of these publishers have more than 90 million monthly visitors from around the world," the New York-based company said in a statement.

It said a payment platform would go online in the fall which would allow subscribers to access paid content at the websites of the affiliates using a universal Journalism Online account.

"Affiliates will select their own approach to offering paid access, based on their respective brands, content and online readership," it said.

Anonymous said...

Will They Still Love Him Tommorow?

President Everyman is starting to look like a salesman for the superstate.

.........But to an independent voter or moderates, Democrat, President Everyman is starting to look like a salesman for the superstate. One keeps waiting for the president to give this swath of his non-statist constituency something to hang onto. Instead, they see liberal Democrats pistol-whipping the Blue Dog dissenters with nary a peep of objection from the world's most reasonable man.

It's early. A lot of Mr. Obama's centrist admirers are no doubt willing to wait for their moderate man to emerge. I don't think that will ever happen.

The moderates have nearly no presence in the administration, its agenda, or the congressional leadership. Maybe Larry Summers, on paper. The president likes to talk to moderates, but he doesn't ask too many to work for him. The internal exile of Paul Volcker speaks volumes. Obama can't keep the moderate-man conceit going indefinitely.

Anonymous said...

VIDEO: Greta To Sheila Jackson-Lee: "You're Not Listening Again"
Real Clear Politics

Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee is interviewed by Greta Van Susteren and apparently has the same problem she had a few days ago when she exhibited what Greta called "profoundly rude" behavior, answering a cell phone while a constituent asks her a question.

"Here's the problem... Let me explain something to you... One of the problems is you're not listening, and that was sort of the criticism that you weren't listening, you're on the phone..."

In the end, the Congresswoman says, "I can certainly understand if offense was taken," and if she met the constituent she ignored, Tracy Miller, she would say, "Sorry, Tracy, we can work through this... Any offense taken, I did not intend it."

Anonymous said...


U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee on Thursday distanced herself from a University of Houston graduate student and Texas Obama delegate who falsely identified herself as a pediatric physician at the congresswoman's health care reform town hall meeting this week.

“I've never met her,” Jackson Lee said as she prepared to take questions from doctors and other health care workers in a session at St. Joseph Medical Center.

Roxana Mayer, who warmly embraced Jackson Lee at the close of Tuesday's session at a Fifth Ward community center, had spoken in favor of the president's health care package.

The Texas Medical Board, which oversees doctors in Texas, has no record of Mayer, 31, holding a physician's license.


Motor-mouth Sheila Jackson Lee' s intellectually facile explanation of her rude unconscionable behavior at a townhall---answering a cell phone while a cancer survivor was speaking----raises several questions. How did this rude, obnoxious woman ever get elected? Voter fraud comes to mind.

To add insult to injury she (1) first lied about her actions, (2) claimed the tape was "doctored," then, (3) told news organs she was talking to a healthcare hotline. I urge the Houston Chronicle to subpoena Lee's cell phone records to determine who exactly she was fielding phone calls from.

Anonymous said...

Democrats caught planting fake doctor at town hall meeting (media knew but kept quiet) OF COURSE I'LL SUSCRIBE TO YOUR UNBIASED PAPER

Not only was Mayer not a doctor, Roxana Mayer was an Obama delegate, as Patterico discovered with some digging. What’s more, the Houston Chronicle apparently knew this and failed to include it in its glowing coverage of Mayer’s appearance.

The reporter, Cindy Horswell, has admitted that she knew Mayer was an Obama delegate and that Mayer didn’t live in Jackson-Lee’s district when she wrote the Chronicle story.

After getting exposed, the Chronicle quietly changed the caption on the photo without issuing a correction, removing the reference to Mayer being a doctor.

Anonymous said...

Remember the good old days when the phony, libs were “outraged” because President Bush was tracking Islamofascist terrorists?

Now the government is tracking us!

Some agencies already track website visitors (The Hill)

Half a dozen federal agencies are paying a private company to track and analyze the behavior of visitors to their websites, taking advantage of technologies that could become more common on government sites if a White House proposal is approved.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), National Institutes of Health (NIH) and Department of Defense are among the agencies that already have contracts with ComScore, a Reston, Va.-based firm that analyzes Web traffic, to profile Web audiences.

Now the Obama administration is evaluating comments regarding its proposal to allow federal sites to use “cookies,” which collect data about how people use websites and which links they click.

The administration is considering the reversal of a nine-year-old policy banning the use of cookies on federal sites. The cookie ban does not apply to sites maintained by members of Congress.

Anonymous said...

Obama Official Linked to Racially Charged Boycott of Glenn Beck

A racially charged activist group called “Color of Change” founded by Van Jones, a special advisor to the Obama Administration, is trying to silence popular radio and Fox News personality Glenn Beck by calling for a boycott of Beck’s TV advertisers.

On July 28th, Beck made a comment on the Fox & Friends morning show about Obama’s reaction to the arrest of Dr. Henry Louis Gates Jr. During the discussion of “Professor-Gate,” Beck connected the President’s past association with Rev. Jeremiah Wright to Obama’s comment that Cambridge police officer, Sgt. James Crowley, acted stupidly. Though Beck acknowledged most of the Obama administration is in fact white, he concluded that the President’s world experience made him a “racist.”

Now “Color of Change” has bullied at least five of Beck’s big advertisers -- SC Johnson, Progressive Insurance, Geico, Procter & Gamble and Nexus Lexis -- to pull their ads from Beck’s national cable program. Jones, the founder of “Color of Change,” was named Special Advisor for Green Jobs at the White House Council on Environmental Quality -- a key administrative post -- this past March.

Putting tax-payer dollars to dubious use, the not-for-profit organization has hired well-heeled Hollywood publicist Ken Sunshine to further instigate the boycott.

Anonymous said...

Hitler quotes: This is a very long list, so I will post it in parts, but the quotes are so interesting to compare to our present culture war against the obvious oppression we see in our own government already.
SEE: #4 and think of the college student cult we saw assembled. I worry about the union, leftist school teachers, allowed to teach our youth. How about this one? “The day of individual happiness has passed”
1 “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it”
2 “How fortunate for leaders that men do not think.”
3 “All propaganda has to be popular and has to accommodate itself to the comprehension so the least intelligent of those whom it seeks to reach.”
4 “He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.”

Anonymous said...

Alleged Soles victim explains why he didn't come forward sooner [NC Sen. DEM accused of molestation]

Many people in the community have been telling us for months that the behavior with Senator Soles and various young men in Columbus County has been happening for a long time. Today, we are taking a look at why there is no official action has been taken to date.

"He did try to molest me when I was 15 years old,” said Soles’ client, Stacey Scott in August 2008.

Stacey Scott tells NewsChannel 3 there are a lot of reasons he has not come forward before now to talk to authorities about State Senator RC Soles. One of them is money.

“Would you refuse 3, 4 thousand dollars? He just hands it to me, hands it to me, and says, ‘don't tell nobody where you got this. You can get in a lot of trouble’,” Scott said.

Stacey Scott also said Senator Soles wields a lot of power in Columbus County. He said he did not know if anybody would do anything about it if he did come forward.

“He said, ‘I'll have you done away with and nobody will ever ask questions. Don't you know who I am? I'm a senator. I've been a senator for 40 years’," added Scott.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday there was a video on Fox News that showed two bus loads of ACORN workers with professional signs arriving at a town hall meeting in PA. All that was missing was the Black Panthers with big sticks. I don't think visuals like this will help Oboob very much. The ACORN people immediately started chanting, “Yes we will” and the other people came back with “No you won’t” Want to guess who the media and Democrats tried to paint as the out-of-control crazies?
Vote the Democrats out!

Anonymous said...

Vermont Senator Sanders (D) Rips Fox News, Demands Progressive TV Network

It's not enough that much of the mainstream media cheered on Barack Obama to the presidency in 2008 or browbeat former President George W. Bush on Iraq and Afghanistan to force Republicans from control of Congress.

No, it's time for a "progressive television network" and for left-wingers to support radio hosts that are sympathetic to liberal causes according to Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt.

You may have thought there already was a "progressive" cable network in MSNBC and left-wingers sort of had an opportunity to support Air America, but that didn't quite pan out as anticipated - though it's still hanging on.

Anonymous said...

John Edwards, the shame of it all

Former Sen. John Edwards (D) is expected to admit that he is the father of a child born by his former mistress. So ends one of the most shameful political story in recent memory, as it ends a career.

Edwards - who ran for president in 2004 and in 2008 (and was John Kerry's 2004 running mate) - was supposed to be the Democrat's best hope (before Barack Obama), in the model of Robert F. Kennedy.

However, as his wife battled inoperable breast cancer, stories began swirling during the 2008 campaign that the former Senator at a love-child with a former staffer. As in 2004, Edward's 2008 campaign unraveled, and the rumors of infidelity just hastened the campaign's end.

Not only did Edwards first deny the child, but also the affair despite verified information to the contrary. Even his wife, Elizabeth denied any sort of knowledge or validity of the rumor, as she pettled her biography following the 2008 campaign.

His expected announcement that he is the father is too-late, too-little to save this guy's reputation and political future.

Edwards was always in love more with himself than with anyone else and this latest revelation just certifies that fact.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin is being credited with backing old blue lips down on the death panel. Now you know more about why the media had to destroy her. The smut the media writes now will backfire on them, in fact it is already.

Anonymous said...

Obama Willing to Stake Presidency on Health Care Reform
Political Wire

Rep. Leonard Boswell (D-IA) claims that President Obama told him "he's willing to be a one-term president if that's what it takes to get health care and energy reform," reports Radio Iowa.

Said Boswell: "The president (said), 'I'm not going to kick the can down the road.' And he said that and I said, 'Well, that's something I'm kind of used to from southern Iowa, you know.

I know about kicking the can down the road.' And he said, 'No, if it makes me a one-term president, I'm going to, we're going to take it on because the country is in need of us taking this on.' I respected that very much."

Anonymous said...

I too saw the busloads of ACORN parasites bussed into the Pennsylvania townhall meeting yesterday. All black and all screaming. All on welfare and section 8 housing, too. Obama has killed any chance of uniting this country. It's as divided as I've ever seen it and getting moreso daily.

Anonymous said...

Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme, convicted of the attempted assassination of President Ford in '75, has been released from prison, a prison spokeswoman says.

"When asked, she refused comment on when her first day as Dept. Chair at the University of Chicago would be, and also declined to talk about a potential fellowship to a panel on keeping elected officials safe from right wing extremists."

Anonymous said...

Don't treat the old and unhealthy, say doctors (Telegraph U.K.)

"...The findings of a survey conducted by Doctor magazine sparked a fierce row last night, with the British Medical Association and campaign groups describing the recommendations from family and hospital doctors as "out­rageous" and "disgraceful".

About one in 10 hospitals already deny some surgery to obese patients and smokers, with restrictions most common in hospitals battling debt.

Managers defend the policies because of the higher risk of complications on the operating table for unfit patients. But critics believe that patients are being denied care simply to save money."

Anonymous said...

More Newsroom Cuts at 2 Wisconsin Papers (Editor and Publisher)

MADISON The publishers of the Wisconsin State Journal and The Capital Times will cut up to 15 newsroom jobs and consolidate some functions of the two newspapers.

The publishers announced the moves Thursday.

Staff members in both newsrooms were offered voluntary buyouts, but if not enough people take them there will be layoffs before the Sept. 30 end of Capital Newspapers' fiscal year.

Also, the two newsrooms will merge staff members into combined departments for features, sports, photography and multimedia to gain efficiencies.

The newspapers will continue to independently produce news and opinion on the Web and in print. Breaking news is already done in collaboration between the two newsrooms.

The publishers said the moves are in response to the recession.

Anonymous said...

Three most reviled acronyms today:

Anonymous said...

Stock is in the dumper again - $1.94 at the moment. Can Pruitt manipulate enough shares to keep it above $2 a share today?

Anonymous said...

“I draw great inspiration from [Franklin Roosevelt] because he was a disruptor, and I’m a fan of disruptors; people who make change.” — Nancy Pelosi, 2006

“These disruptions are occurring because opponents are afraid not just of differing views but of the facts themselves. Drowning out opposing views is simply un-American.” — Nancy Pelosi, 2009


“This is my brain.”

“This is my brain on botox”.

Anonymous said...

Damn! Even a dog doesn't want anything Obama has to offer! What a laugh.

Anonymous said...

Company stock still falling. Now it's $1.86!!!

Anonymous said...

NYTimes: Obama's Economic Ideas Great... Just Like Hitler's Were?
Warner Todd Huston

For The New York Times economic scene section for March 31, David Leonhardt came across with one of the most amazing admissions about Obama that I've ever seen in the Times.

Namely that Barack Obama is just like Hitler. Now, many of you may be solemnly shaking your head in agreement, but in so doing you would be missing why the Times was comparing Obama to Hitler. You see, Leonhardt didn't mean it as an insult. He was saying that it was a good thing that Barack was being like Hitler at least in an economic sense.

Anonymous said...

Bob Dylan frogmarched to collect ID after rookie policewoman fails to recognise scruffy music legend

Back in 1965 Bob Dylan sang: 'How does it feel to be on your own, with no direction home, like a complete unknown?'

Now, 44 years later, the world-famous musician got his answer when he was stopped by a police officer who didn't know who he was.

The 22-year-old officer asked the 'eccentric-looking old man' for identification papers after stopping him in the U.S. seaside town of Long Branch, New Jersey. Bob Dylan

Not recognising his name, the officer ordered him into the back of her police car, driving him back to his hotel to check his story.

Anonymous said...

NØbama is in Bozeman, Montana, better known as LaLa Land North. All the Ted Turner/leftists types are ruining Montana with their huge acreage second homes, just as their liberal lunacy ruined California. The MT natives hate the rich, elite buggers. The left coast liberals have used their massive incomes to give contributions to Democrats, and have changed the face of Montana. It has quickly become a state that is overrun with environmental whackos. The union miners are shocked that Obama’s plans would put their mines out of business. The weak Democrat governor is just perplexed at the Halfrican, just perplexed! Well, didn’t the Bam say he would put the coal mines out of business in PA? The liberals will make Montana a welfare state like CA has become, unless the people rise up soon.

Anonymous said...

The Heritage Foundation is an excellent source of sensible information.
Five Things Congress and the President Are Doing to Bring Back Sky-High Gas Prices

The Heritage Foundation
by Ben Lieberman

Gasoline prices are up since the start of the year, but the summer of 2009 has thus far been a bargain at the pump compared to a year ago when prices exceeded $4 a gallon. However, the respite from sky-high prices is likely temporary. A return to $4 a gallon gas--or higher--will be made even more certain if Congress and the President succeed in enacting a host of proposals to crack down on domestic energy supplies. Instead, the federal government should support several pending pro-domestic energy measures that would help meet the nation's growing demand in the years ahead.

Anonymous said...

Flashback to a WSJ article. What a line of bullshit the media has fed the people of the US from the first time Obama opened his blue nicotine stained mouth.

“Only last summer we were told that Barack Obama’s political appeal rested on his vision for a “post-partisan future.” The post-partisan future was one of the press corps’ favorite phrases. It served as shorthand for the candidate’s repeated references to “unity of purpose,” looking beyond a red or blue America, and so on. Six months into the president’s term, you don’t read much about this post-partisan future anymore."

Anonymous said...

Score One for Sarah Palin on the Healthcare Reform Death Panels

The only downside to the death of Death Panels means Helen Thomas may live through two more administrations.


Via -

Anonymous said...

Find the nearest Town Hall meeting and get out there.
We have nothing to lose but our freedom.

These are good lines under a picture of an eagle.

Anonymous said...

But wait, the media has started their drumbeat/echo that the recession is nearly over. They wouldn't lie to us, would they?
From Today's Numbers, A Recovery Is Hard to See

Seeking Alpha ^| Tom Lindmark

Another day of economic data that doesn’t spell raging recovery.

Anonymous said...

The skanky Maddow sinks to a new low. Is that even possible?

MSNBC Host's False Attack
Leads to Threats Against Conservative
NewsBusters, by Rich Noyes

On her MSNBC show last night, the left-wing Air America host Rachel Maddow took a swipe at the conservative Shirley & Banister Public Affairs firm, specifically President and CEO Craig Shirley. Maddow accused Shirley of being behind a grassroots Web site funded by the group, based on a research provided by the “independent watchdog group Public Citizen,” and she showed still images from an incendiary “Obama=Hitler” video …

Anonymous said...

Hitler Quotes continued:

5 “By the skillful and sustained use of propaganda, one can make a people see even heaven is hell or an extremely wretched life as paradise.”
6 “It is always more difficult to fight against faith than against knowledge.”
7 “The very first essential for success is a perpetually constant and regular employment of violence."
8 “It is not truth that matters, but victory”
9 “The victor will never be asked if he told the truth.”

Anonymous said...

I just realize that some of the angry taxpayers asking the slimy Specter questions, may have voted for him as a Republican. My first question of the sleazy jerk would be if he would return my contribution. Specter looks sickly, he better not vote for the death panel. Zap Arlen, Zap!

Specter in Pittsburgh: ‘I Put My Neck on the Line’

Philadelphia Inquirer |
Thomas Fitzgerald

Pennsylvania Sen. Arlen Specter (D., Pa.) told a wary audience today at the Netroots Nation convention of liberal bloggers and activists that he is the only Democrat vigorously defending President Obama's plans to overhaul the health care system before hostile crowds.

Anonymous said...

Police Arrest Journalist Who Allegedly Defaced Recall Petitions (Recall of gay Portland Mayor)
(Willamette Week)

Portland Police this morning arrested Lee Perlman, the reporter for the Hollywood Star News who allegedly defaced a petition to recall Mayor Sam Adams last week.

The charge Perlman faces is criminal mischief (PDF) in the third degree, a misdemeanor.

Reached by phone last week, Perlman offered no clear explanation for his actions, saying over and over again that he had “sloppy handwriting.” He did, however, offer a story about goats.

Anonymous said...

Why Are Leftist/Socialist/Communist Regime Prone To Violent Endings? (Vanity)

I have noticed that many leftist/socialist/communist regimes end in bloodshed. Well save a few, like Poland. Any reasons why that happens and why the end in bloodshed?

Nazis Germany-World War II Soviet Union-Christmas Day Coup Fascist Italy-World War II. Benito Mussolini was executed and hanged in public. Salvador Allende-September 11, 1973 Coup Communist Romania-Nicolae Ceauşescu got executed Baathist Iraq-America invaded Iraq in 2003

Anonymous said...

As the rosy promises of utopia evaporate and reality takes over, people have to be forced at gunpoint to work. It goes downhill from there.

Add to that the devaluation of human life. To 'progressives', communists, socialists and all totalitarians, people are things.

For all their ranting and raving about their 'concern for people', it's all in the abstract, and when push comes to shove, it's not an outright lie.

Anonymous said...

...I have noticed that many leftist/socialist/communist regimes end in bloodshed...

Most of western Europe has leftist/socialist governments, and the people seem to be relatively satisfied. (although U.S. right-wingers will do everything possible to distort this satisfaction)

Anonymous said...

Colorado Town Hall Meeting: The ‘Emperor Chimpatine’ continues the tour of his estates.

Anonymous said...

4:42 PM, Several European countries have elected conservative leaders, and are dumping socialism due to their stagnant economies and unemployment. Too bad you only read McClatchy news, or you would know that. It must be embarrassing to learn the truth about the real world after believing the lies of the MSM.

Anonymous said...

Obozo should enjoy the Colorado town hall, he’s used to being high.


Anonymous said...

Thanking Zero for breaking all his campaign promises is so rich. The advise to the GOP is just to stand back and watch the jerks self destruct.
A Thank-You Note to the President

American Thinker
Matthew S Harrison

Dear Mr. President, I thought it an opportune time to write you and say thanks! I am a conservative, voted for McCain, and have voted straight conservative since reaching voting age. You are probably thinking, "Why is a conservative thanking me?" Well, I'll tell you -- and I am sorry if I gush: First, thank-you for going back on every single campaign promise you made! Second…..

Anonymous said...

4:42 PM - Let me add the people of Cuba are so happy, so very, very, happy!

Anonymous said...

Hitler Quotes continued:
10 “I do not see why man should not be just as cruel as nature”
11 “The leader of genius must have the ability to make different opponents appear as if they belonged to one category”
12 “The day of individual happiness has passed”
13 “As soon as by one's own propaganda even a glimpse of right on the other side is admitted, the cause for doubting one's own right is laid.”
14 “Demoralize the enemy from within by surprise, terror, sabotage, assassination. This is the war of the future.”

Anonymous said...

How many more illegals will flock here for the freebies? How dumb can Obama be? He must be stopped.
Impeach Obama!
Speaking in Mexico, Obama Calls
American Opponents of Immigration
Amnesty ‘Demagogues’

Cybercast News Service
by Terrence P. Jeffrey

At a joint press conference with Mexican President Felipe Calderon and the Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper in Guadalajara, Mexico on Monday, President Barack Obama referred to American opponents of amnesty for illegal aliens as ''demagogues.'' (Snip) Obama gave a long answer indicating that he believed he could secure an immigration reform package that included a ''pathway to citizenship'' for illegal immigrants.

Anonymous said...

Congressman Tells O'Donnell
'You're Illustrating Why MSNBC's Viewership Is In the Tank'
NewsBusters, by Noel Sheppard

MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell for the second time in eight days bullied a guest he was interviewing, but this time the person on the receiving end really let him have it.As NewsBusters previously reported, O'Donnell last Thursday, while subbing for Ed Schultz on that evening's "The Ed Show," continually talked over his guest Peter Schiff and basically never let him answer any questions.(Snip)tried the same tactic with Rep. John Culberson (R-Tex.),

Anonymous said...

Now the Marxist-in-Chief calls people that oppose him "Demagogues", what hasn't he called the American people? One could wonder what happened to all his pre-election talk about unity. The USA is more divided than ever. The ACORN people have set back race relations for blacks, and the illegal aliens from Mexico are doing the same thing. Anyone that ever witnessed a protest by the illegals would not want these lawbreakers as our new citizens.

Anonymous said...

Get ready to have illegal aliens shoved down our throats, and it will be another of the Democrat’s one week bills, that has to get passed before we know about it.

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-NYT backs off of WashTimes charge- Politico

John Solomon, executive editor of The Washington Times, wrote in a staff-wide e-mail on Friday that The New York Times has backed off a charge that the Washington paper has been “decidedly opposed” to President Barack Obama. “I'm glad to report that the New York Times has formally called to apologize,” Solomon wrote. POLITICO has asked The New York Times for a comment and will add it when it arrives.