Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Idaho Statesman hiring switchboard operator -- $10 an hour

I didn't know switchboard operators were still in demand. Here is McClatchy's announcement:


The Idaho Statesman is currently hiring for a Switchboard Operator to work from 1:00pm-5:30pm Monday - Friday. This part-time position is responsible for servicing and handling all incoming telephone calls to the Idaho Statesman along with processing numerous reports / letters and passing out a variety of forms. Responsibilities also include processing and receiving overnight packages, providing unparalleled customer service and answering questions about the Idaho Statesman. Must be flexible to cover morning shift (8am-1pm) on occasion.


The qualified candidate will have a high school diploma or equivalent, excellent computer skills with knowledge of Microsoft Excel, and the ability to sit for long periods of time.

Successful candidates will be organized, have impeccable phone manners and two to three years of administrative experience. Newspaper experience a plus.

Pay is $10 an hour.

Click here for more info.

I can't let this opportunity pass without posting video from America's most famous switchboard operator:



Anonymous said...

With the McClacthy's utter failure to exploit the Internet, as exemplified with their inability to link basic stories, of course they still need a 1950’s style Switchboard Operator.

In fact, it looks as if they’ve kept the jobs salary the same since the 1950’s

Anonymous said...

Thank god for phone receptionists? Do you haters think it's a bad idea to have personalized service. Jesus, try phoning any newsroom these days (even before the cuts). You can't get through.

Anonymous said...

I'm the above "anonymous." The question mark after receptionists was unintended.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:43/5:44 To your comment "receptionist", of course every business needs one.

So then why does McClatchy still refer to them as “Switchboard Operator?”

My guess is that the position is not for a receptionist, and for a lack of creativity on their part, they still call them Switchboard Operator.

Hence my above comment referring to McClatchy as 1950's dinosaurs.

Anonymous said...

"Unparalleled customer service" LOL

The Idaho Statesman has no clue what that even means.