Thursday, August 20, 2009

McClatchy cartoonist Joel Pett: Obama Care protesters are tools of the insurance industry

Above cartoon is by Joel Pett at the Lexington Herald Leader. Too bad the McClatchy cartoonists have no respect for opponents of Obama Care, the overwhelming majority of whom are decent people with good reasons to oppose the government's health care proposal.  To see the full series of McClatchy Tea Party cartoons, click here and keep scrolling.

Ironic that the Dem/Media complex repeatedly portrays Obama Care opponents as crazies, thugs, racists, and tools of the insurance industry -- then whines about the lack of civility in the health care debate.



Anonymous said...

...with good reasons to oppose the government's health care proposal...

And those reasons are (after the opponents' lies and distortions are stripped away) . . .?

Anonymous said...

Is it a portrayal to see, on camera, a loonie with a sidearm allowed into a meeting with the President of the U.S., whoever he is. Is a portrayal to film mobs of people (not one deranged person) waving pictures of the prez defaced to look like Hitler. I surely to believe Americans should be allowed to say whatever their consciences tell them is right, but to suggest that the media are PORTRAYING these people as loonies and racists is incorrect. They BEHAVED like loonies and racists and were captured on film doing so. I do believe there's a difference.

Anonymous said...

So then...all the people who carried Bush= Hitler signs are loony racists?

Anonymous said...

Protest that must follow polite norms is not protest at all. What you fail to understand is the depth of fury that many Americans feel as they are denied a voice and told that any opposition is racist and crazy. They feel their liberties draining away, they know the Democrat congress is incurring a crippling debt load. We are bailing out the guilty and rewarding the democrat faithful calling it stimulus.
Now they go to tell their representative about their health care concerns and they are called crazy and racist. Their congressman can't be bothered to read the legislation he supports. The town hall is packed with union sympathizers who got preferential seating. Questions are responded to with condescending anger ( see Barney Frank and David Scott).
Yep they are angry. Likely to get more so. I would not want to be a democrat in a swing district.

Anonymous said...

Let's see the reasons to oppose health care...
1. My congressman did not read the bill and does not know what is in it.
2. it will cost far more than the rosy projections promise.
3. It will diminish the quality of care for many Americans.
4. It will reduce choice.
5. It will give the federal government another bureaucracy to screw up like it did Medicare, Medicaid, the post office and social security.'s a massive change and the democrats are afraid to slow down and let people consider it's long term impacts first.
7. It's a way to publically fund abortions.
8. It paves the way to government sponsored death care.
9. Most Americans are happy with their health care today.
10 We ( that is our children's children) can't afford it.

Anonymous said...

Let's see the reasons to oppose health care...

I only need one reason. The people proposing this plan are the same people who voted down an amendment that subjected themselves and their families to the very same treatment that they want for me and mine.

After that, the 40 or 50 different reasons I could add really do not even matter. They told absolutely everyone with a grain of brain matter exactly what they think of their proposal.

Anonymous said...

9:54, although your reasons 1 and 2may be legitimate concerns (for you), the rest are assumptions or untrue. Ask just about anyone with Medicare (a true single-payer system, which this should be but won't be) how they like it. And ask almost anyone in Germany (which our reformed plan likely will be similar to, using private insurance companies heavily regulated) how they like their plan. Contrary to the lies you've been fed, German citizens overwhelmingly like their system, as do Canadians, French, and citizens of other industrialized countries. Most important, check international health statistics and you'll see how far down the list our health outcomes are and how far up the list our per-capita health expenses are.

Anonymous said...

In the house the democrats have a substantial majority. In the senate they have a filibuster proof majority. They own the White House. They can do anything they want. Republicans can not stop them.

So, what's the problem?

Anonymous said...

This whole thing has nothing to do with health care and everything to do with power and the acquisition of power.

Anonymous said...

10:12 AM You're so full of shit it is laughable. The only lies being spouted are by you.

I've been to the places you site and they hate government health care unless you're living on the dole. Far more Americans approve of their heath care than do their counterparts living under La Socialista.

Anonymous said...

10:57: I don't know who you talked to, but I worked and lived in Germany for two years. But don't take the word of most of the Germans I knew and worked with. Check public opinion polls. Easy with Google.

Anonymous said...

11:48 AM 52% higher mortality rate for cancer dude. Of course they love it. Those who wouldn't die.

Anonymous said...


DNC: White House did Collect Data Via PATTERICO

Erick Erickson at RedState says the DNC admits Barack Obama was collecting information on people via

“Trying to deflect attention from the White House invading people’s privacy, the Democratic National Committee is making real news by admitting was used to collect data on people being turned in by third parties.”

The problem isn’t that the White House was collecting data on people who knowingly leave their names and contact information, typically because they want to be contacted. Most websites do that and anyone who leaves personal information is aware of it. The problem is that the White House was collecting information about people who, without their knowledge, were being reported by someone else.

Kevin Gregory said...

3:55 I'm sure McClatchy is working on their blockbuster expose, just wait.

Anonymous said...

I don't know who you talked to, but I worked and lived in Germany for two years.

And you probably flew both ways on an airplane, but that does not make you an aviation expert.

Two whole years. Wow. And I am sure you spent at least 16 hours a day contacting German citizens asking them how they liked their health care.

Of course the nice thing about the German system is if you feel you need care the state run health care program will not provide you can simply cross the border to Switzerland and pay for whatever care you want and can afford.

We are not going to have that easy option. Once all of the doctors are government employees and all of the hospitals are owned by the government you will live and die by their decisions.

Unless, of course, you want to hire a reverse coyote and swim the Rio Grande and become an undocumented alien in Mexico in order to get your medical care.

Anonymous said...

Vague assances of what someone thinks is "likely" is a moronic reason to support a wholesale change in our healthcare system. This is not about what we have been told, but about our deep concerns and beliefs. Healthcare is being jammed down our throats by liberal congressmen who won't even read the legislation.
Look at the town halls. Liberals show up in buses with printed signs all with the same message. The protesters some in groups of two and three, families with hand painted signs.
Guess who is being fed their ideas?

Anonymous said...

Look at the town halls. Liberals show up in buses with printed signs all with the same message.

It's worse than that. Obama is actually flying them in from across the country on your dime to attend his rallys.

Anonymous said...

6:06, he/she didn't claim to be an expert on the German health system. He/she simply related how the Germans he/she knew while working there felt about it. (And Switzerland's health care system is just as controlled by its government as Germany's is.)
Next time, think before you post something that makes you look like an idiot.

Anonymous said...

8:28 PM The only one that looks like an idiot is you, every single time you get your ass handed to you and pretend to be someone else defending your garbage.

Don't you know we have your number yet?

Anonymous said...

No, dear 8:28... you can pay for and get just about any health care in Switzerland you wish.

Besides, you are making the point, that if you were correct (which you are not), if the state controls the health care you must live and die by their decisions.

And you think I am an idiot?