Friday, August 14, 2009

McClatchy hiring photojournalist -- $12 to $14 an hour

People applying for this job with The Northwest Guardian aren't in it for the money.


Create photos and stories and write captions for The Northwest Guardian, a weekly newspaper covering military stories in Pierce County. Work with other journalists to produce a visually exciting newspaper. Working knowledge of Macintosh computers and photo-related applications, especially Photoshop. Create community contacts and story ideas. Write stories to accompany photo spreads and to create photo stories. Must understand technical photographic process. Post photos on web. Other duties that may be assigned.


Successful candidate must have a solid working knowledge of newspaper photography and also have significant experience as an intern or staff photographer.

The ad says base pay is $12 to $14 an hour.

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Anonymous said...

Must have significant experience as an intern? Man, they must be scrapping the bottom of the barrel to consider interns. Last I heard those were people who were learning.

Anonymous said...

Not that unusual. Intern experience can range from none to vast. Just depends on the individual and their career path.

And everybody's still learning. If you're not God help you.

Anonymous said...

$12 to $14 Hell my experience is halfvast (say that real fast!)

Local food packaging plant in Cent. Calif. announced openings for general labor at Min. wage and got almost 600 lined up to do the dirty menial jobs. ('course most came up from south of the border with no docs.)