Thursday, August 6, 2009

"Minnesota Daily" goes bi-weekly... time to change the name of the paper?

Click here for the story.


Anonymous said...

Minnesota-BI does have a truthful unbiased ring to it, huh Sweetie?

Anonymous said...


CBS 2Q net profit slumps 96 percent (Yahoo Biz)

CBS Corp. says its second-quarter net profit fell 96 percent as softness in the advertising market continued.

Net profit in April-June quarter dropped to $15 million, or 2 cents per share, from $408 million, or 61cents per share, a year earlier.

Adjusted earnings fell to 8 cents per share. Revenue dropped 11 percent to $3.01billion from $3.39 billion.

Analysts polled by Thomson Reuters expected adjusted earnings of 7 cents per share on revenue of $3.03billion.

CBS shares were down 32 cents, or 3.6 percent, at $8.54 before the earnings were released.

Anonymous said...

Wow, way to not actually read your own link.

The name of the paper in question is the Red Wing (Minn.) Republican Eagle. "Minnesota Daily," without quote marks, was part of E&P's headline on the story.

Anonymous said...

Amen, 6:54.

Bushies (Rushies?) can't read, so would you have expected them NOT to screw up the headline? Oh, wait ... the newspaper is called the REPUBLICAN Eagle - maybe that would have brought them out of their Limbaugh-induced, right-arm-raising, stupor to realize the paper isn't the "Daily."

By the way - only one Minnesota daily newspaper is called the "Daily" - it's the University of Minnesota's student-operated newspaper.