Thursday, August 27, 2009

Nick Sloan to Kansas State fans: "Stop complaining about McClatchy, it's time to find alternate media" (updated)

Last week I told you that K-State sports fans were irate when they learned McClatchy had hired a pro-KU blogger for the K-State beat at the Wichita Eagle (and the KC Star).

It didn't help when word got out that the former KU blogger used to have a blog called "The Jayhawk Lounge" -- but had deleted it, which gave the appearance he was trying to hide his prejudices.

At any rate, sports reporter Nick Sloan has some advice for K-State fans.

Instead of complaining extensively about McClatchy's hire, Kansas State fans from here on out should maybe start exploring other media or newspapers to read or visit online. My fellow Missouri fans have griped for years about The Star and St. Louis Post-Dispatch – my response has been to follow The Columbia Daily Tribune and other smaller newspapers in the state. Perhaps Kansas State fans should visit Manhattan's hometown newspaper, listen to 810 WHBKSU games), follow blogs or find any other source of alternate media.

Not bad advice.

But hey, I see a business opportunity here -- a few K-State fans with writing ability and Internet savvy could band together and start a K-State fan-oriented blog, and reach out to the K-State fans looking for a new home.

To paraphrase a wise man, "If you build a good K-State site, they will come."

Update: Tom Shine from the Wichita Eagle explains the hire here.


Anonymous said...

Good local blogs with commenting abilities could really take traffic away from McClatchy online sites. Also radio and TV stations really drop the ball by not emphasizing forum comments. Look for those outlets to catch on to what draws traffic and time spent on sites!

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