Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sacramento Bee invites readers to report "improper watering"... Bee asks for photos, street addresses

The Sacramento Bee is asking readers to report neighbors who water their lawn excessively. They call it a "community reporting project."

The Bee is launching a community reporting project to find Sacramento's water wasters and we need your help. Look for improper watering - such as sprinklers going after 10 a.m. and before 6 p.m. - particularly when the water flows onto nearby pavement. Take a digital picture - we took ours with a cellphone and you can too - and upload here. Include a brief description of the date and time the photo was taken and where it was taken, including street address and nearest cross street.

A "community reporting project"? That's right out of Castro's Cuba.

What is it with lefties asking citizens to turn in their neighbors?

Just this week the Obama administration set up an email address ( for Americans to snitch on citizens who report "disinformation" about Obama care. I don't think this the Hope and Change people voted for.

Update: The Bee has morphed into the Water Police.



Dave D. said...

..Since the Commie Bastards at the Bee aren't any good at putting out a paper, they decided to morph into the Water Police. What next ...folks smoking in parks ?

Anonymous said...

Of course you should report your neighbor if you notice parts of a dead tree that has been used as a print medium laying in their driveway also. Trees are a valuable asset to this planet and help stop global warming.

Greedy corporations that are cutting down our precious trees to print words on are destroying our planet and using up natural resources that take generations to replace.

Help stop the dead tree media. Save a tree, use an electron.

McClatchy Watch said...

8:08 heh

Anonymous said...

8:08- Brilliant, damn I seriously wished I had thought of that. That is funny.

Anonymous said...

It's not just the dead trees consumed by the newspapers, it's all those carbon emissions in harvesting, processing, transporting, producing, and recycle of said dead trees.

Be Green. Save the planet. Conserve mother earth.

Stop printing Newspapers.

Anonymous said...

Sac Bee is the biggest joke in the city. Everybody knows it except Bee editors, which is why they're in intensive care.

Anonymous said...

If somebody else had proposed turning in your overwatering neighbor, the Bee editors would have called it a rightwing Facist movement.

Anonymous said...

I see this as a perfect way for vendetta people to cause trouble for someone they hate. This snitch thing is getting out of hand. Obama has opened a can of worms with his White House healthcare fishy information crap. I think all his information is fishy. Should I turn him in?

Anonymous said...

Dear Sacramento Bee:

I must toilet has a drip, drip, drip. I am sorry I am wasting water. Where is the hanging stock I am to report to? Please tell my family I am gone.

Thank you for making me confess. I will go to my grave knowing you and with a heavy heart. I am GUILTY.

Please continue your excellent reporting.