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Saturday August 1 -- Got news or an update?

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Anonymous said...

CBS Buries Democrat Label in Chris Dodd/Kent Conrad Countrywide Scandal Story (Typical MSM Media)

On Friday’s CBS Evening News, correspondent Sharyl Attkisson filed a report recounting mortgage company Countrywide Financial’s history of offering special deals on loans to government officials – including figures with connections to President Clinton, President Bush, and President Obama. But, while the two most prominent figures currently still in government who are implicated in the scandal are Democratic Senators Christopher Dodd and Kent Conrad, neither Senator was identified by Attkisson as a Democrat.

Even while soundbites of the two Senators were shown, there was not even an on-screen label showing the party of either Senator. Until the end of the story, the only clue viewers had as to either Senator’s party was when Attkisson identified Dodd as being the "head" of a Senate committee.

But later, the CBS correspondent did more directly link one other figure to Republican members of Congress as she read documentation citing Countrywide’s interest in a former House committee counsel, Clinton Jones. Quoting an "internal Countrywide email," Attkisson described him as "‘an advisor to ranking Republican members of Congress responsible for legislation of interest [to Countrywide].’"

It was not until the end of the report, after a soundbite of Republican Congressman Darrell Issa – whose party was labeled on screen – complaining about Countrywide’s actions, that Attkisson finally hinted that Democrats may have more to fear from the scandal as she relayed that "Democrats are blocking a Republican effort to subpoena Countrywide documents."

Anonymous said...

So now I have to get my less bias news from the Brits?

The Barack Backlash: How Obama's Presidency Has Gone From Deity To Doubtful (London Times)

On Thursday night, the most powerful man on earth spent 55 minutes of his priceless time simply sharing a beer with a police officer from Cambridge, Massachusetts, and a Harvard professor.

This minutely orchestrated media event was designed to rescue Barack Obama from the most idiotic, yet nonetheless damaging, row of his presidency.

The American people are convulsed, not with laughter, because the story touches the obsessive issue of racism. It began a fortnight ago, when Professor Louis Gates locked himself out of his own house and set about breaking in.

Anonymous said...

Obama’s Pledge to Tax Only the Rich Can’t Pay for Everything, Analysts Say (NY Times JACKIE CALMES, not the commie idiot krugman)

WASHINGTON — Behind Democrats’ struggle to pay the $1 trillion 10-year cost of President Obama’s promise to overhaul the health care system is their collision with another of his well-known pledges: that 95 percent of Americans “will not see their taxes increase by a single dime” during his term....
That position, analysts predict, cannot hold over time.

“There is no way we can pay for health care and the rest of the Obama agenda, plus get our long-term deficits under control, simply by raising taxes on the wealthy,” said Isabel V. Sawhill, a former Clinton administration budget official. “The middle class is going to have to contribute as well.”

Anonymous said...


Venezuela orders closure of 34 radio stations (AFP)

The Venezuelan government has ordered the closure of 34 radio stations, the head of national telecommunications regulator Conatel said Friday, in the latest bid to rein in the country's media.

"They will have to cease transmission once they have received the order from Conatel," said Diosdado Cabello, who is also minister of public works in President Hugo Chavez's leftist government.

Cabello said the closures were due to the stations' failures to meet legal operating requirements, and warned that more closures may follow.

"These are the first 34 decisions that we have taken," he said.

The stations broadcast in Caracas and various cities in the country's interior.

Among the best known is CNB, which airs in Caracas and nearby Valencia, and is part of national network that has been critical of the Venezuelan president.

Kevin Gregory said...

Looks like the Dems are setting the table to raise taxes on the middle class, despite obama's pre-election pledge not to.

“There is no way we can pay for health care and the rest of the Obama agenda, plus get our long-term deficits under control, simply by raising taxes on the wealthy,” said Isabel V. Sawhill, a former Clinton administration budget official. “The middle class is going to have to contribute as well.”

New York Times

Anonymous said...

Ahead of Friday’s announcement Chavez came under fire from Human Rights Watch, a pressure group, for “censorship” and “abuse of power.

But not a word from his amigo Dear Leader or the feckless media

Anonymous said...

Oakland Dems admit letters were falsified (The Macomb Daily)

An Oakland County Democratic Party official used interns to send falsified letters to Republican county commissioners in order to persuade them to vote for a health care resolution, according to a commissioner who received one of the letters....

Oakland County Democratic Party Chairman Mike McGuinness issued an apology to the Republican Caucus in an e-mail on July 21.

Anonymous said...

Engagement policy all set to backfire (Washington Post)

The Obama administration lacks a foreign policy ideology as a matter of ideology. Speaking recently at the Council on Foreign Relations, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton asserted, “Rigid ideologies and old formulas don’t apply.”

The defining principle of President Barack Obama’s foreign policy is engagement with adversaries -- expressing respect for legitimate grievances, apologizing for past wrongs and offering dialogue without preconditions.

Six months on, how fares the Obama doctrine? Concerning North Korea and Iran, the doctrine is on its deathbed.

North Korea responded to administration outreach by testing a nuclear weapon, firing missiles toward allies, resuming plutonium reprocessing and threatening the U.S. with a “shower of nuclear retaliation.”

The Iranian reaction to engagement was to cut the ribbon on a nuclear enrichment facility, add centrifuges, conduct a fraudulent election and kill and imprison a variety of political opponents.

The Obama foreign policy team has argued that the reason for tension and conflict with nations such as North Korea and Iran is a lack of adequate American engagement — which is absurd, and has raised absurdly high expectations.

Anonymous said...

"Some say I lack executive experience, and it may be true. However, as you know, Obama also does, but he is the President of United States."

S. Korea: German-Born TV Celebrity to Head Tourism Organization (Chosun Ilbo)

German-Born TV Celebrity to Head Tourism OrganizationA Korean public corporation will for the first time in history be headed by a foreign-born naturalized Korean.

Lee Cham (55), the German-born media celebrity, was appointed CEO of the Korea Tourism Organization on Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

(NY Post)

EVERYTHING you need to know about false Hope and Change can be found in one picture: the image of President Obama embracing embattled Sen. Chris Dodd.

The troubled Democrat is in deep over his sweetheart Countrywide home-loan deals, corporate bailout cash and crony associations. New revelations by Countrywide whistleblower Robert Feinberg confirm what more and more of Dodd's Connecticut constituents are coming to realize: He's a lying weasel.

Anonymous said...

Now I understand why McClatchy had us vote on which comics we didn't want to read, and then did nothing!

Liberalism and the Dumbing Down of America (The American Thinker)

"I'd rather entrust the government of the United States to the first 400 people listed in the Boston telephone directory than to the faculty of Harvard University." - William F. Buckley, Jr., Great American Thinker As Barack Obama spends day after day touring the world (how many days has he spent in the Oval Office?), trashing America and taking the country on a trip to hell in a hand basket, the liberal electorate and fawning media for the most part remain completely enthralled by the One.

Although his poll numbers have dropped considerably, liberals have yet to abandon ship as they remain strong supporters of the Dictator-in-Chief despite his anti-American agenda.

Anonymous said...

Venezuela debates law against freedom of the press

CARACAS [AFP]. The attorney general of Venezuela, Luisa Ortega Díaz, presented yesterday to the National Assembly (parliament) a proposed law on “media crimes” which would provide jail terms for information professionals and businessmen.

In her speech before the deputies, Díaz asked that the State regulate freedom of expression and the behavior of the communications media. According to the proposed law, violators could receive up to four years in jail.

The draft of the law explains that a person who divulges information considered false, manipulated or twisted, which causes harm to the interests of the State or public moral or menatl health has committed a media crime and could be punished with up to four years in prison.

Anonymous said...

Seniors – Beware the AARP’s Support of ObamaCare (Family Security Matters)

Seniors beware! The AARP, claiming to represent you, is supporting the Obama Health Reform bill which is financed on your back.

Obama maintains that overall the changes in health-care are helpful to seniors and will save them thousands of dollars. Not so. Seniors are the big losers under ObamaCare according to Betsy McCaughey, the expert who has studied all the congressional bills. In an attempt to make the cost deficit-neutral, which Obama declares is the goal, $500-$550 billion is to be taken away from Medicare spending, this at a time when approximately 75,000,000 Americans will be added to Medicare rosters as the baby boom generation ages.

Anonymous said...

If the [fawning media] told the truth, the [Dictator-in-Chief's]
poll numbers would be completely down in the dumps.
-Liberalism and the Dumbing Down of America-
American Thinker
by Lori B. Regan

As Barack Obama spends day after day touring the world (how many days has he spent in the Oval Office?), trashing America and taking the country on a trip to hell in a hand basket, the liberal electorate and [fawning media] for the most part remain completely enthralled by the One. Although his poll numbers have dropped considerably, liberals have yet to abandon ship as they remain strong supporters of the [Dictator-in-Chief]....

Anonymous said...

“Sen. Al Franken (D-ACORN)”

Written as a joke, but it isn’t one bit funny, it is the truth. Franken is another beneficiary of the corrupt media. He is a disgusting person that the media chose not to ask pertinent questions.
-Sounds far too familiar-

Anonymous said...

Re: Seniors – Beware the AARP’s Support of ObamaCare (Family Security Matters)
AARP is nothing more than an insurance company with a bunch of liberals at the top. They have been running a seniors’ scam, IMO. If they continue to support ObamaScare, they may be sorry. One has to wonder how blind these liberals are. Watching the media commit suicide to elect Obama has been wonder enough, but now AARP is willing to go down with the ship, instead of bringing the truth to their so-called members.

Anonymous said...

"Liberals ruin everything they touch." Old line, still true.
Cash for Clunkers May Cost
Up to $45,354 Per Vehicle

by Avery Goodman

[I]f all buyers have qualified for the higher $4,500 rebate, the "cash for clunkers" program will mean a marginal increase in car sales of 22,000 this quarter. $1 billion divided by 22,000 means a net cost to the government of $45,354 per car.

Anonymous said...

“Obama Agenda Tanks, Stock Market Soars”

So, the tanking of Obama’s socialism plans is why MNI stock price is up.


Anonymous said...

The corrupt unions meet a corrupt press, and the illegal informants are lawyers? Gasp! Now what we gonna do bout this?

Players Union Accuses 'NYT' Of Criminal Action in Steroid Reporting

"The leaking of information under a court seal is a crime," the Major League Baseball Players Association claims in a statement about the latest New York Times steroid disclosures. "The active pursuit of information that may not lawfully be disclosed because it is under court seal is a crime. That its informants, according to the Times, are lawyers is both shocking and sad."

Anonymous said...

Even on Saturday, the right-wing haters are out in force. Really, guys/girls. Don't you have families or at least one friend to do something with today so you can get away from echoing each other on the Internet?

Anonymous said...

Flags ditched to save money
The St. Petersburg Times (McCLATCHY CELEBRATES)

CLEARWATER — Here's probably the most bizarre casualty of shrinking government budgets you'll hear.

The city of Clearwater can no longer afford to fly the American flag.

Clearwater's parks and recreation director ordered the removal of 13 flagpoles from across the city this week saying budget cuts have made it impossible to properly care for the flags.

"Over the last three years, the parks and recreation staff has been reduced by 25 percent,'' explained director Kevin Dunbar. "When you have a flagpole, you have certain responsibilities. The flag has to be lit at night, if a flag has a rip in it, it has (to be removed). We don't have the staff to monitor these things anymore.''

So this week, Dunbar had city workers pull the poles out of the ground. The last flagpoles were removed Friday. It appears to be the first time the American flag has been yanked from a government facility because of budget problems, according to a search of U.S. newspaper reports.

The distinction was almost immediately loathed by city residents, veterans and even elected members of the City Council.

Anonymous said...

We don't have the staff to monitor these things anymore.''

Bullshit. Every single building has someone who can be tasked to turn on or off the lights, take it down or raise it in the morning. Even grade school children do this. Bullshit, Bullshit, Bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Even on Saturday, the right-wing haters are out in force.

Sucks having to be exposed even on the weekend with articles we've ignored all week. Doesn't it?

It's getting so bad we might as well report it with our own slant rather than try to hide it all together.

Damn right wingers. We had a great deal until your military jerks unleashed the internet. Hell, we can't even get away with pretending Father Algore invented it.

Anonymous said...

The best laugh of the day is our leftist troll coming here to tell everyone else to get a life. A leftist with nothing to do but visit a conservative blog to snipe, must be the loneliest person on this earth. McC W should get paid for being his therapist.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:22 and on: Amen Brothers!

Anonymous said...

Muslims Riot, Murder Christians Over Non-Existent Koran Desecration
AFP: (And McClatchy continues to report only on poor Palestinians)

An angry mob of Muslims on Saturday killed six Christians and wounded dozens after burning 40 houses and a church over the alleged desecration of the Koran in a remote Pakistani town, officials said...

Six Christians including a child were killed and more than a dozen were injured in this sad incident," Shahbaz Bhatti, federal minister of minorities told AFP by telephone, saying they were attacked by "a group of people.

"Some people blamed the Christians for the desecration of the holy Koran," he said adding that the accusations were "baseless".

Anonymous said...

Re: Removing the flag.
I am betting many a veteran would volunteer to take proper care of our American flag for this sorry city. We probably could track more money in waste on the first page of their budget than they would care to admit. Who are they trying to fool? Oh wait, the people that voted for Obama might go for it?

Anonymous said...

6:20 PM Can't very well ask for volunteers to help out when you're looting the remainder of your budget to stage a protest over budget cuts.

This man should be arrested for vandalism and sued to replace the flagpoles out of his own pocket.

Anonymous said...

Chavez Closes Down Broadcasters in War Against Venezuela Media
(Latin American Herald)

"What we are witnessing is the most comprehensive assault on free speech in Venezuela since Chavez came to power," said Jose Miguel Vivanco, Americas director at Human Rights Watch. "With the exception of Cuba, Venezuela is the only country in the region that shows such flagrant disregard for universal standards of freedom of expression."

CARACAS – Any doubts that the government was determined to crack the whip and gain the upper hand in its war with the more independently-minded private media were dispelled by an abrupt order from Infrastructure and Housing Minister Diosdado Cabello on Friday evening.

Cabello announced that 34 broadcasting stations, mainly radio but also a few television transmission centers, were to be shut down because President Hugo Chávez’s government was revoking their licences.

Anonymous said...

Paging Danny Glover, Sean Penn, Spike Lee! Your dictator El Puerco de Venezuela needs you now!

Anonymous said...

Obama Joker Poster Popping Up In Los Angeles

Have you seen the poster?

Apparently, it's beginning to appear in odd places in Los Angeles, but nobody seems to know who's responsible for it.

A poster of Barack Obama in Heath Ledger-style Joker make-up with the legend 'Socialism' beneath it has been popping up recently on surfaces around L.A. It does not appear to be in the same category as the many benign take-offs on the Shepard Fairey 'Hope' poster, such as the one by Australian James Lillis (more of a straightforward spoof that merely substituted a Shepardized image of Heath Ledger as Joker on the Obama poster).

Anonymous said...

HUH? AP says1% GDP Decline Good for Obama, 0.4% Drop Bad for Bush

In today's "How's That Voodoonomics Working Out For You" segment, despite considering a 0.4 percent decline in the nation's Gross Domestic Product a calamity when George W. Bush was President, America's media applauded Friday's announcement that the GDP in the second quarter declined by one percent.

Of course, this is not at all surprising, for many of these same outlets cheered when businesses ONLY cut payrolls by 539,000 in April.

As an example of the merriment, here's how the Associated Press's Jeannine Aversa reported the news in her glass is half full piece entitled "US Economy Appears Poised to Start Growing Again":

Anonymous said...

CNN Rumors Busted - Low Rent Obama Momma photos posing posing for Communist baby raper released!

No wonder she went low rent. Ugly, bucktoothed, no hipped trashy bitch.

Anonymous said...

Re:Al Franken and the rest of the R.W. Libs and their unclear agenda...

(Thanks to Creedence Clearwater Revival: Ramble Tamble:)

They're selling independence,
Actors in the White House,
Acid in digestion,
Mortgage on my life,
Mortgage on my life.