Saturday, August 15, 2009

Skilled at laying people off?... if so, the Kansas City Star has just the job for you

Weird. Having just announced it will offer voluntary buyouts to most regular employees, the Kansas City Star says it is looking for a Human Resources manager.


The Kansas City Star, a newspaper and Internet publisher located in Kansas City, Missouri, seeks a Manager of Human Resources. This position will provide multi-location support for The Star and its suburban publications to counsel on wage and hour, employee relations, compensation, disability, leave of absence and federal/state compliance issues. Responsibilities include developing and delivering employee/management training; conducting investigations; responding to employee complaints/administrative charges; and overseeing staff. The Star offers a competitive compensation/benefits package.


Qualified applicants will have a bachelor’s degree in business or HR management, at least 5 to 7 years of HR generalist experience, or an equivalent combination of education and experience, plus comprehensive knowledge of wage and hour and employment law. SPHR/PHR certification and at least 3 years of HR management experience preferred. Must have excellent oral/written communication skills. All offers of employment are contingent upon a post-offer physical and drug screen. EOE

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Anonymous said...

Wanted, One HR professional with experience and without integrity willing to work for a company that sees employees as a costs to be shed and people to be exploited.

Isn't this dangerously close to pandering.

Anonymous said...

They should just contract with Blackwater.

Anonymous said...

Maybe ACORN?

Anonymous said...

LOL was the HR hack one of the stealth layoffs that didn't exist?

Anonymous said...

No the HR hack got a real job being astroturf for Democrats at Town Hall meetings and quit.

Job security was about the same and the work was less demeaning.

Anonymous said...

He got hired by the Obama administration but they had to let him go when they discovered he was current on all of his tax obligations and had never cheated.

Anonymous said...

After working for the State for many years you're probably much closer to the truth than you know.

You can always tell that you have a decidedly leftist organization when people are arrested, indited or investigated for criminal and unethical acts and then promoted almost immediately.

I asked why this was after a series of such events and loose lipped administrator quite frankly explained the logic. Two reasons she said. 1) Because they now know how the system works and how to beat it and 2) Because we have something on them that allows use to shed them at will. It doesn't matter if they are affirmative action, a relative, friend of a friend, or the most popular hooker on the block. We own their soul.

So many things fell into place after hearing that.

Anonymous said...

Mark Zieman:" What! We laid off our HR director during the last cuts? OOPS!"

Anonymous said...

Amazing how folks comment on something they know so little about.

You have no idea what is true -- and what is not -- about this vacancy. The truth is, you just don't want to do the work to figure out the facts. Instead, you slip in a comment (doesn't matter if it's close to fact or almost fiction) and then you move on to the next blog post.

That's the "beauty" of the blog, I guess.

You folks are lazy ... and ignorant. You'll deny it, but it's true. You throw out words like "without integrity," "hack," "stealth layoffs." Very loaded and pejorative words. But the truth is, you have no clue what or who is involved in this little bit of news.

If you had any sense of integrity, you'd shut up until you discovered what was true about the vacancy. THEN you would comment. The problem is, that would require that you WORK to figure it out.

Work? Come on, guys, be a reporter! It’s easy … anyone can do it, right?

McClatchyWatch said...

11:04 -- A better idea: the Star should be transparent with their readers.

Anonymous said...

I worked for Pruitt and one of his hack job papers for nearly two decades. I started when it was a respectable place to work. When the McClatchy family let go of the reigns and let Howard and Gary run the ship, things started listing to the "port". I really don't know why the HR director isn't there anymore...perhaps he got fed up with the whole mess and was tired of having to hand out pink slips. I know the HR folks at the Hack job Bee where I worked were great people and I saw what a toll the massive layoff took on them. I still stop in to say hi and that there are no hard feeling towards them. They do look like they have aged a bit faster though. It's a tough job and what with union dealings and all I'd get out too. Not worth my health. It's just odd the timing of the layoffs and all.

So we come here to vent at the dirty rotten SOB who guided the SS McClatchy into the reef. Give us a break and let us vent. Sorry if we struck a nerve!