Thursday, August 20, 2009

Star-Telegram hiring part-time, on-call press operators

The Star Telegram is looking for on-call, part-time press operators. The announcement:

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram has immediate openings for On Call – Part Time Press Operators Experienced on Double Wide Web Press

The following are special requirements and skills:

Must be able to work shifts as needed by the S-T
Position is part time, on call
Current phone number
Work a flexible schedule including nights, weekends, holidays
Follow all oral and written instructions
Be attentive to detail and quality
Have the ability to push, pull and lift heavy parts and equipment

Pay $16 per hour

More info here. Hat tip: comments


Anonymous said...

Damn, they paid better than that in the 1970's.

Kevin Gregory said...

2:59 -- newspaper ad revenue is at 1965 levels, so it makes sense.

Anonymous said...

3:23 PM

Not really, they were paying less than they were in the 70's during their revenue boom (thanks to SCAB's like the Guild), but your point is well taken.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like another underhanded move by that weasel publisher Gary Wortel. Cut a bunch of skilled, well-paying pressman jobs held by older workers, then offer to take them back but without benefits, lower pay and on-call. Hmm, sounds like an age-discrimination suit in the making. Hey Wort, don't call us, we'll call you. Better yet, our attorneys and the EEOC will call you.

Anonymous said...

Why even bother hiring more part-timers. The ones we have either can't come to work because they have another job, or they just don't want to work graveyard shift. Besides, TC doesn't even call them in when we really need them because "we can do it boss, we sho can, I'm saving yous lots of bling, bling boss". Sure, a $16/hr part time job is hard to find, but I consider it a slap on the face to anyone better qualified than some of the clowns that still work in this pressroom. "woo-hoo!"