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Anonymous said...

Chuck Norris is a syndicated columnist. Norris’ commentaries have become so widely read that he was signed recently by Los Angeles-based Creators Syndicate to market his column to newspapers across the country.

I wonder, I just wonder if McClatchy will pick him up? I'm sure it would boost sales!

Oh DANG...too conservative!

You can read his commentaries at

Anonymous said...

When Democrats were pushing a vote on the health care bill when no one had read, it or knew anything about it, illegal aliens may have been one aspect of the program’s expenses they hoped to dodge in any discussion. Let the real debate begin! What a bunch of crooks these socialists are.
Illegal Immigration Enters
the Health-Care Debate
Wall Street Journal, by Miriam Jordan

VALLEJO, Calif. -- A health clinic in this blue-collar city north of Oakland, partly funded by the county, is saving local hospitals thousands of dollars in emergency-room visits by treating uninsured patients who suffer only non-urgent ailments. A watchdog group is now calling on county officials to cut funding for clinic patients who can't prove they are in the U.S. legally, a debate certain to surface in the national health-care overhaul.

Anonymous said...

Obama kills the American dream already. This is what he really meant by Change. Environmentalists have been striving to confine people into cities in row houses using urban boundaries for years.

The Sierra Club gets its payback from the Democrats. Their urban sprawl campaign will huddle people in tiny apartments, just like Europe has. Want to live in a 600 sq. foot apartment? Remember, you will happy, and Mother Earth will be saved for? Well, saved for? Well, saved for? Algore!
President shifts focus to
renting, not owning
Boston Globe
by Joseph Williams

WASHINGTON - The Obama administration, in a major shift on housing policy, is abandoning George W. Bush’s vision of creating an “ownership society’’ and instead plans to pump $4.25 billion of economic stimulus money into creating tens of thousands of federally subsidized rental units in American cities. The idea is to pay for the construction of low-rise rental apartment buildings and town houses, as well as the purchase of foreclosed homes…

Anonymous said...

The socialists are backing off their Soylent Green Health Bill, but only a fool would think it won’t be back. This article is a good read. What have the voters done to America? "Overwhelm government with demands for services…" was the plan. We have to spread the real truth the media will not.

-Manufactured Healthcare Crisis-
American Thinker
by James Simpson

These are perilous times. Last November's election of Barack Obama and a veto-proof majority of Democrats in both houses allowed a virulent cabal to capture our nation's seat of power. As with the Democrat takeover of Congress in 2006, it was a disaster of epic proportions. (Snip) the Crisis Strategy was the brainchild of two radical socialist college professors, Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven. The idea was to overwhelm government with demands for services…

Anonymous said...

About Axelrod sending those unsolicited E-mails?
Zero is a spammer, so what’s new?

Anonymous said...

Comrade Specter may have to face the fact that the Democrat’s lied about letting him keep his seniority. Of course he knew that deep down inside his RINO, socialist body, that Democrats lie. He has been lying to the GOP for years. I hope he loses his Dem primary just like he would have on the GOP side. I truly enjoyed watching our patriots nail his mangy hide to the wall.

Pittsburgh - Progressive online activists prefer Rep. Joe Sestak (D-Pa.) over Sen. Arlen Specter (D-Pa.) by a landslide margin, according to results of a Netroots Nation straw poll released Saturday…

Anonymous said...

This is how Democrats run things. This is what everyone can expect if Obama moves his agendas forward. Why can’t Chicago pay its bills? They have the highest sales tax in the country. I wonder if the people that were so happy they help elect Obama, they had tears running down their faces, are so happy now? They were probably either state workers or welfare recipients. Someone forgot to tell them that someone has to earn real money to pay their salaries. The media couldn’t show enough photos of these happy, happy folks. I wonder if the media can muster up a few photos of Chicago as it becomes Cuba/Chicago - Northern compound? Shhh, don’t tell them about the TP shortage, it would make tears run down their faces!
The Drudge Report has the headline story.

Anonymous said...

I think the Debt President has found himself a new title:
Spammer in Chief.

Anonymous said...

Spamming for reform? The White House occupant continues his unethical practices, which surprises no one keeping up with his loony tunes administration.
Impeach Obama

Anonymous said...

Utah Paper Rejects Same-Sex Wedding Announcement

By E&P Staff

The Spectrum of St. George, Utah has rejected a wedding announcement submitted by a same-sex couple because the marriage was not legal under Utah law.

Anonymous said...

"Steal-O-Meter"- a gauge that will determine when another Web site is borrowing too heavily from the original source.

Anonymous said...

Obama's Grandma Comment at Town Hall Was Pure Hypocrisy

Its incredible how President Obama uses his Grandmother as a prop. It was very convenient for Obama to throw his Grandma under the bus during the campaign:
I can no more disown him [Rev. Wright] than I can my white grandmother ….

That is just what I thought too. Of course the liberal media showed photos of the farce with little crocodile tears in his eyes. Geeez, More about the showboat at:

Anonymous said...

Me-too McCaskill, an old out-of-touch- hagbag asks, “Don’t you trust me” and then acts surprised to hear, NO! Then the dingbat asks, “Do you want me to go home?” Someone this stupid needs to stuff sausage, not legislate.
Throw the bum out!

You don’t trust me? ^ | Paul Jacob
At her recent town hall meeting, U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill discovered that, in addition to the rapidly growing budget deficit, there exists an even greater trust deficit. Flustered by a crowd that was clearly not buying into the Democratic Congress’s attempts to greatly expand the federal government’s role in medical care, she asked a man, “Don’t you trust me?” Shouts of “No” pummeled her from throughout the auditorium.

Comment: “Now she knows that she has kicked a fresh horse turd on a hot day in her Sunday Go To Meeting Boots.”

Via FreeRepublic

Anonymous said...

Axelrod is using the White House
e-mail account to further the socialist health care plan. My code words for the
‘Canned Spam Act’ is,‘Stick it’
as in stick it up your ass, Axelrod.

Anonymous said...

The rumor is, Barry is serving Spam at his Wednesday night parties instead of the $100 a pound Kobe beef of better days. It’s the recession and all, don’t you know? One must show the little people how much you care.
Party hardy, HopeyChangey, you'll soon be serving 'Lame Duck', a real delicacy.

Anonymous said...

6 reasons why ObamaCare(tm) is wrong.

--First, universal health care unwisely is being rushed.

--Second, universal health care clearly would drive our country deeper into debt, which is being progressively purchased by foreign powers without any concern by Washington to stop it.

--Third, universal health care would impersonalize health care and ration medical services.

--Fourth, universal health care ultimately would limit the competitive market of health care.

--Fifth, universal health care ultimately would transform legislators into quasi health care practitioners.

--Sixth, universal health care would increase big government, and America would continue on the slippery slope toward socialism.

Anonymous said...

The disgusting MSM had planned to photo Zero on the beach at Martha’s Vineyard, the perfect little family guy, his pectoral muscles glistening, but they are now questioning Oboob being at one of the most expensive places in the USA while his subjects suffer. His phony laugh, you know the one that made CBS's Kroft ask: 'Are You Punch-Drunk?' might just come off as arrogant, or something!

Anonymous said...

College economics professors are coming under fire for not coming clean on the real costs of Obama’s socialist health care plan, and what it will really do to the US economy. It seems they are placing their very credibility on the line to continue licking the feet of the false messiah.

Yeah right, as if they had any credibility in the first place. It is sort of like the credibility of the media being repaired. Way too little, too late, to save face. It’s over, turn off the lights, you’re wasting our precious energy.

Anonymous said...

Senators reel as America conducts furious debate over health care

It was a scene of breathtaking political theatre. Arlen Specter,the veteran Pennsylvania senator, stood in stony-faced shock as one of his constituents delivered a furious tirade just a few feet away.

"One day God is going to stand before you, and he's going to judge you and the rest of your damn cronies," bellowed the senator's grey-bearded adversary in an encounter replayed countless times on American television. "Then you will get your just desserts."

Minutes later, a woman prompted a standing ovation with her emotional outpouring. "I don't believe this is just health care.

This is about the systematic dismantling of this country," she said, her voice quaking. "I don't want this country turning into Russia, turning into a socialised country. What are you going to do to restore this country back to what our founders created, according to the Constitution?"

Anonymous said...

Lawmakers Complain Obama Organizers Set Up Constituent Meetings Without Telling Them
Fox News

Illinois Reps. Mark Kirk and Judy Biggert wrote in a letter Tuesday that their constituents had apparently scheduled meetings to discuss health care reform with them after receiving an Aug. 9 e-mail from urging them to do so.

Two Republican lawmakers complained in a letter to President Obama this week that Democratic organizers scheduled meetings between the two lawmakers and their constituents without ever notifying them.

Illinois Reps. Mark Kirk and Judy Biggert wrote in a letter Tuesday that their constituents had apparently signed up for meetings to discuss health care reform with them after receiving an Aug. 9 e-mail from urging them to do so.

"However, the names of our constituents and the times they wished to visit were never communicated to us," the letter said.

Anonymous said...

Rasmussen: New Strongly Disapprove high for Obama (41%)
(American Thinker)

Today, Rasmussen reports a new Strongly Disapprove high for President Obama, 41%, as his overall approval revisits his previous low of 47%.

Note the narrow gap between the two numbers: six points. Just as Republicans recently have begun to "think the unthinkable," could the day come when Obama's Strongly Disapprove exceeds his Total Approve?

Anonymous said...

There is some feeling already that the disappointment, and outright dislike of Obama, will surpass the media manufactured dislike of President Bush. The lying Democrats have become transparent, but not in their governing as promised, but transparency in their tactics, that they will do anything to win. People are starting to see through the corruption perpetrated by them, and for them by the media. With the money from Soros, the actions of ACORN, and a media so dishonest they must to be forced out of American life, they have taken control for now, but there will be hell to pay for their dishonesty.

Anonymous said...

President Shifts Focus To Renting, Not Owning Home (Boston Globe) HOUSING PROJECTS MY BROTHER

WASHINGTON - The Obama administration, in a major shift on housing policy, is abandoning George W. Bush’s vision of creating an “ownership society’’ and instead plans to pump $4.25 billion of economic stimulus money into creating tens of thousands of federally subsidized rental units in American cities.

The idea is to pay for the construction of low-rise rental apartment buildings and town houses, as well as the purchase of foreclosed homes that can be refurbished and rented to low- and moderate-income families at affordable rates.

Anonymous said...

Discovered: Blatant Obama lie in his editorial today in the NYT

In President Obama’s recent speeches and in his editorial in the New York Times today, he has continued to mention the sad case of a man who lost his health coverage during life saving chemotherapy and consequently died because he did not disclose a previous condition of gallstones.

Quoting his editorial in the New York Times, “A man lost his health coverage in the middle of chemotherapy because the insurance discovered that he had gallstones, which he hadn’t known about when he applied for his policy. Because his treatment was delayed, he died.”

Unfortunately for the president, the story is not true. The man received his life saving operation and lived an additional three years.

The man in question is Otto Radditz, an Illinois businessman. He became a central focus in a hearing on June 16th entitled “Terminations of Individual Health Policies by Insurance Companies” held by the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations in the Energy and Commerce committee.

His sister, Peggy Radditz, testified on his behalf. She testified that the insurance company Fortis dropped his coverage right before a life saving stem cell transplant because he failed to notify the company of pre-existing gallstones and an aneurysm.

Anonymous said...

Quote Of The Day: Obamacare And The Airplane Analogy

Can you imagine if Boeing, the very first time it flew the 747, didn't have just two test pilots in the cockpit, but a cabin filled with fare-paying passengers in the back!

Making 300 million Americans depend on the untested, risky Obamacare scheme, designed by politicians not doctors, for their critically important healthcare is like having a brand new type airliner, designed by whores amd horoscope writers, fly for the first time, not with just two test pilots, but with everyone in America on board!

Anonymous said...

Schumer and his protege Gillibrand disdain holding any townhall meetings (NY Daily News)

Itching to unload on Sens. Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand at a town hall meeting on health care reform?

You're out of luck.

Aides to the New York Democrats told the Daily News they won't be sponsoring any town hall meetings on health care. Instead, they will be touring the state and soliciting opinions in more informal settings. "During recess, as he does every year, Sen. Schumer will be in over 20 counties across New York City and state talking with thousands of constituents, discussing the issues that are important to them," Schumer spokesman Josh Vlasto said.

Glen Caplin, a spokesman for Gillibrand, said she will hold "Senate at your supermarket" events, a custom she began as an upstate congresswoman.

"Everyday citizens who might not attend traditional town hall meetings can talk with her in their local grocery store about the issues that are on their minds," said Caplin. He noted the senator is discussing the issue at all of her events. Other senators - notably Sen. Arlen Specter (D-Pa.), Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) and Ben Cardin (D-Md.) - have faced the wrath of health care skeptics at town hall meetings.

Anonymous said...

Another thought about The Fresh Prince of D.C.'s health care plan is that if it DOES pass and is an absolute money sucking failure, it will never go away. Many of the temporary Govt. programs that were started many years ago are actually permanent foundations pandering mostly to the lazy entitlement sucking on the Govt.'s hind tit low life parasites.
Once installed...Obama's death race 2009 will not go away!

Anonymous said...

Glen Caplin, a spokesman for Gillibrand, said she will hold "Senate at your supermarket"

Next she will be at your local Mall opening for Jewel!