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Anonymous said...

Stunner... Pelosi's Supporters and Allies Created Bush-Hitler Ads During 2004 Election

When she's not out lying about the CIA shameless Speaker Nancy Pelosi spends her time buying new jets and slandering conservatives.

This past week Pelosi compared Tea Party taxpayers to Nazis and slandered these ordinary Americans saying they were carrying swastikas at their rallies.

Pelosi and her clan don't appreciate that there are American citizens who disapprove of her party's historic spending, historic deficits, historic debt and takeover of the private sector.

What is even more outrageous is that it was Speaker Pelosi's supporters who marched the streets for 8 years with manufactured Bush=Hitler signs.

Pelosi teamed up with one of these groups- to get Iraq surrender legislation passed in the House in 2007.

Nancy Pelosi and are so close she even gave an introduction to's book on finding your political voice:

Of course, is the same group that created Bush is Hitler ads during the 2004 election:

For some strange reason these Bush=Hitler ads did not seem to bother Nancy Pelosi.

Anonymous said...

Why are the Dems language loaded with opposites, and the irony so shocking. They support a bill that opens the door to eugenics, but when we protest, we’re the Nazis?

Then they pound a man of color, or shout him down because they hate his speech. How can a body of politicians and thugs, so quickly 'see' race, not be racist.

Anonymous said...


Politics-- Chicago Style...
Outside the Russ Carnahan town hall meeting on Thursday August 6, 2009, a SEIU Carnahan supporter smashed a woman tea party protester in the face with her camera. The woman was filming the assault by SEIU members on black conservative Kenneth Gladney.

Obama's Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius told SEIU supporters on Friday to "keep doing what you're doing."

Anonymous said...

Those SEIU thugs are truly violent. I am scared about this country. Just think what these people will do if they lose an election.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, after seeing Obama and his regime unleash his union and community organization thugs and the way most of the media hasn't even covered it, it’s obvious that they will not be backing down any time soon.

Anonymous said...

Grassroots vs. Astroturf (The American Spectator)

Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and the White House have called opposition to Democratic health care plans "Astroturf," while organizing their own "authentic" pro-Obamacare rallies at the same time. But there's one important question I have, checking out these protest photos from Denver, taken by Looking at the Left (link via Holy Coast).

If opponents of Obamacare are Astroturf, then how come all of their signs are homemade, with all sorts of different shapes and sizes and colors and stuff...

And how come all of the pro-Obamacare demonstrators have official-looking and uniform, pre-printed, signs?

Anonymous said...

Q: If opponents of Obamacare are Astroturf, then how come all of their signs are homemade, with all sorts of different shapes and sizes and colors and stuff...

A:Because they had to dig in their kids' marker box and rummage around for posterboard...

Q:And how come all of the pro-Obamacare demonstrators have official-looking and uniform, pre-printed, signs?

A: Because they got 8.5 Billion in stimulus money through ACORN yo buy slick signs.

Anonymous said...

Obama Daughters Featured in Controversial Food Ad

A controversial ad campaign featured in the Washington, D.C., metro area is comparing public school lunches across the country to what President Obama's daughters eat at their elite private school. reports that the ad, sponsored by Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine, shows an eight-year-old girl speaking about the "healthy" vegetarian lunch choices Sasha and Malia Obama have at Sidwell Friends -- a Quaker private school in Northwest Washington, D.C.

The girl then asks, "Why don't I?"

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Obama's job was being an anti-community organizer.

Anonymous said...

Reid plans town hall meeting over telephone (Las Vegas Sun)

A day after holding up a square of Astroturf to denounce the orchestrated attacks on Democratic town hall meetings on health care, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's office said he would be talking with his Nevada constituents this month over the phone lines (While hiding under his desk).

Reid’s office is scheduling a telephone town hall meeting for August, opting to avoid the shouting matches and microphone speeches that have erupted at events across the country. (While hiding under his desk).

“It’s a forum that obviously lets us reach more people, but also provides a more respectful environment that allows all sides to be heard,” said Reid spokesman Jon Summers. (While hiding under his desk).

“It’s more the dialogue that town halls were meant to be, as opposed to the organized disruption we’re seeing in other town halls,” Summers said. “This is so Nevadans who want to be heard can voice their concern, support and their opinions.” (While hiding under his desk).

Anonymous said...

It’s more of a forum where his union mobster goon technicians can control not only who can ask questions, but what questions are allowed to be asked. Reid is a despicable coward.

Anonymous said...

New York Hot Dog Vendor Evicted for $310,000 in Overdue Rent (AP)

A New York City hot dog vendor has been evicted from his prize spot outside the Metropolitan Museum of Art because he couldn't pay a whopping rent bill of nearly $54,000 a month.

Snack cart owner Pasang Sherpa of Queens had a deal with the city's parks department that required him to pay almost $643,000 per year for the vending rights near the museum steps.

He says he was $310,000 behind on his payments when he was evicted.

Anonymous said...

Tinseltown loses its lustre as films find new location (Telegraph U.K.)

Hollywood is being crippled by the recession and competition from less glamorous cities offering better value for money

For film fans looking to recreate the feel of the big screen in their own home, it is a great chance to pick up a bargain. There is the massive chandelier last seen swinging from in first-class lounge in Titanic, a life-size alien from a morgue in The X-Files, a space pod from Austin Powers, and any number of ready-wrapped Egyptian mummies.

Yet as Hollywood firm 20th Century Props puts up its 93.000 plus items for a closing-down auction, it is not just the backdrops to 70 years of films and TV shows that is going, going gone.

The demise of one of Los Angeles's biggest prop companies is also a sign of how Tinseltown itself is shrinking – hit not just by the recession, but by other US states keen to promote themselves as film locations.

"This whole town is on its knees," moaned 20th Century's despondent owner Harvey Schwartz, 66.

Anonymous said...

Labor unions drop appeal of Vallejo bankruptcy (SF Chronicle)

VALLEJO -- After almost a year of legal wrangling, Vallejo's labor unions have dropped their appeal of the city's bankruptcy filing, removing one of the final obstacles to the North Bay city's financial restructuring.

The city's fire and electrical workers' unions withdrew their appeal to the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco late Thursday.

The unions had challenged the city's accounting, saying that money was shifted from the general fund into other accounts to give a false appearance of financial ruin and as a means to scrap its labor contracts.

Union officials did not return phone calls today.

Anonymous said...

Dissent is patriotic - not

Imagine it's four years ago and an aide to President George W. Bush posted a blog on the Web site that bemoaned Internet criticism of the Iraq war, then continued: "These rumors often travel just below the surface via chain e-mails or through casual conversations.

Since we can't keep track of all of them here at the White House, we're asking for your help. If you get an e-mail or see something on the Web about anti-war protests that seem fishy, send it to"

Substitute the words "health insurance reform" for "anti-war protests," and you get the exact wording of a blog posted by Macon Phillips, the White House director of new media, on Tuesday.

"I can only imagine the level of justifiable outrage had your predecessor asked Americans to forward e-mails critical of his politics to the White House," Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, wrote in a letter to President Obama. "I suspect that you would have been leading the charge in condemning such a program."

Kevin Gregory said...

Video of SEIU thug smashing video camera into female protester's face is here.

Anonymous said...

Obama Must Condemn NY Times Race-Baiting Tactics, Black Group Says
Canada Free Press

Obama Must Condemn NY Times Race-Baiting Tactics, Black Group Says Washington D.C. — The Project 21 black leadership network is condemning New York Times liberal columnist Paul Krugman for scurrilously pinning racist motives on critics of President Obama’s health care proposals.

The group is calling upon President Obama to condemn all efforts to derail legitimate public debate, specifically including this effort to stifle debate with race-baiting tactics.

Anonymous said...

Libertarians To Democrats: Call Off The Thugs (It Appears That Democrats Are Causing Violence

WASHINGTON - America's third largets party Friday called on Democrats to end what appears to be a budding campaign of union violence targeted at citizens who dissent with the White House at town hall meetings across the country.

Libertarians oppose not only the White Houses's plan for government-run medicine, but the use of violence to achieve polirtical or social goals.

Anonymous said...

Democrats are using the tools they have. The facts around healthcare didn't work. Neither did screaming "racist". They tried telling us that healthcare reform was about cost savings till the CBO called foul. Now it's about insurance.
Union goons beating up taxpayers is the best tool in the democrat tool bag

Anonymous said...

EDITORIAL: Killing it softly
Washington Times

President Obama has promised repeatedly that he won't "mess with" private insurance for those who are happy with their current health care coverage.

When challenged with evidence that his health care plan would gradually destroy private plans, Mr. Obama dismisses the argument as mere "scare tactics and fear-mongering." But fear of nationalized health care is justified.


Reading the fine print in the Democratic health care plans shows that the days of private health insurance are numbered if any of the proposals pass and government's role is expanded.

One scheme is to increase cost-shifting by lowering reimbursement rates to hospitals and doctors by Medicare and Medicaid; this subsidizes some patients at the expense of others.

Other initiatives propose below-cost pricing for government insurance and prevent private insurance companies from treating patients with pre-existing conditions differently from healthy individuals. Any of these mandates would kill private insurance by making it impossible to make a profit in the business.

Anonymous said...

The guy who doesn't want the government to take over health care, is that same guy who didn't want to run a car company -- right before he fired the CEO of one.

Anonymous said...

California Won't Accept Its Own IOUs (Courthouse News)

SAN FRANCISCO (CN) - Small businesses that received $682 million in IOUs from the state say California expects them to pay taxes on the worthless scraps of paper, but refuses to accept its own IOUs to pay debts or taxes.

The vendors' federal class action claims the state is trying to balance its budget on their backs.

Lead plaintiff Nancy Baird filled her contract with California to provide embroidered polo shirts to a youth camp run by the National Guard, but never was paid the $27,000 she was owed.

She says California "paid" her with an IOU that two banks refused to accept - yet she had to pay California sales tax on the so-called "sale" of the uniforms.

They say California has used them as "suckers" as it looks for a way to bankroll its operations while avoiding its own financial obligations.

Anonymous said...

Badly burned 1-year-old denied ambulance (The Local)

Swedish emergency services are to launch an internal investigation after a one-year-old boy who received second degree burns was denied an ambulance, reported Aftonbladet newspaper.


“What has happened is extremely unfortunate. It appears that we should have sent an ambulance. But I want to review the conversation before I say anything more,” Britt StÃ¥lhandske, deputy director of operations at SOS Alarm in Stockholm, told Aftonbladet.

Anonymous said...

Did the hospital reach their quota of calls for the day. And did they offer him the Red or Green pain pill?

Anonymous said...

The portable Castro: Cuba issues Fidel dictionary (Mao's little red, Obama's little blue, book) AP

Cubans accustomed to hour-long speeches, thousand-word essays and lengthy interviews can now get Fidel Castro at a glance, thanks to a new dictionary of El Comandante's teachings.

"Unemployment" and "History" are among the myriad words for which the 339-page paperback provides definitions — based on snippets of speeches, columns and statements dispensed by Castro during the 49 years he governed the communist-run island.

The publication, which the government says is meant to provide guidance to Cuban thinkers, calls to mind the "Little Red Book" of the late Chinese communist leader, Chairman Mao Zedong.

Note: "Pocket Obama" is apparently no longer available at the History Company's website.

Anonymous said...

Remember Obama’s Little Blue Book and the Egg of Power?

The Little Blue Book of Obama sayings, from the History Company, are selling them in 10-packs for $49.50 — and yes, the resemblance to Mao’s Little Red Book is striking. Weirdly,

“Pocket Obama” has a plain blank cover and smacks of a gag — especially the last line

"Printed in a size that easily fits into pocket or purse, this book is an anthology of quotations borrowed from Barack Obama’s speeches and writings.

POCKET OBAMA serves as a reminder of the amazing power of oratory and the remarkable ability of this man to move people with his words. His superb and captivating oratory style has earned comparisons to John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King, and this historic collection presents words that catapulted his remarkable rise to the American Presidency. It is an unofficial requirement for every citizen to own, to read, and to carry this book at all times-The History.

Anonymous said...

For all the talk of "soaring rhetoric" can anyone remember anything Obama said? For someone so praise as a orator the man has virtually nothing in the public memory.

Anonymous said...

///If opponents of Obamacare are Astroturf, then how come all of their signs are homemade, with all sorts of different shapes and sizes and colors and stuff///

Because that's how the lobbying organization that organized and financed them tries to make it look grass-roots, you idiot.

Anonymous said...

...A (health reform) bill will pass in a Democrat-controlled Congress. What matters is what’s in it. The final result will be a CAT scan of those powerful Washington interests (Obama) campaigned against, revealing which have been removed from the body politic (or at least reduced) and which continue to metastasize. The Wall Street regulatory reform package Obama pushes through, or doesn’t, may render even more of a verdict on his success in changing the system he sought the White House to reform.

The best political news for the president remains the Republicans. It’s a measure of how out of touch G.O.P. leaders like Mitch McConnell and John Boehner are that they keep trying to scare voters by calling Obama a socialist. They have it backward. The larger fear is that Obama might be just another corporatist, punking voters much as the Republicans do when they claim to be all for the common guy. If anything, the most unexpected — and challenging — event that could rock the White House this August would be if the opposition actually woke up.

Anonymous said...


Criminal investigation into CIA treatment of detainees by Eric Holder is expected

So Dear Leader orders a diversion in a sad attempt to distract Americans from his plummeting poll numbers against independents, whites and the elderly.

Anonymous said...

So dismiss the case on the New Black Panthers and Philly voter intimidation, yet investigate the CIA.

Dear Leader’s own Secretary of State said it best.

Show trials signal the country is "afraid of its own people."
--Hillary Clinton

Anonymous said...

If The Failed Obama Administration was serious about reforming the CIA they would do it quietly from within.

This grand standing is putting assets at risk and is making us look like idiots around the globe.

Putin is pleased today!

Anonymous said...

Eric H. Holder Jr. repeatedly pushed some of his subordinates at the Clinton Justice Department to drop their opposition to a controversial 1999 grant of clemency to 16 members of two violent Puerto Rican nationalist organizations, according to interviews and documents.

Anonymous said...

The Titanic is sinking..... but hey, look over there! That band is playing such a lovely tune! Listen! Listen!

Anonymous said...

Appearance fees are evaporating for once well-paid talking heads
(Broadcasting & Cable)

There was a time, not long ago, when on-air contributors with expertise on a particular topic would command lucrative contracts from networks, sometimes earning as much as $5,000 for one appearance on a network morning show.

But the financial contraction has choked off many of these deals. Now, networks pony up very little or, in most cases, nothing at all for talking heads.

“It's a legitimate sign of the times,” says Hayden Meyer, who runs the alternative television department at APA.

And in today's cacophonous media universe, where airtime on a national program like NBC's Today or ABC's Good Morning America is like oxygen for would-be contributors working to build their brand and launch a media career, they do it for free.

“The days where we could get significant deals are pretty much over,” says Babette Perry, VP of Broadcast/West Coast for IMG. “Frankly, as an agent—and you don't like to hear agents tell you this—the truth of the matter is the networks are correct in that these contributors need the networks more than the networks need them.”

Contributor deals have ranged from $25,000 to $100,000 per year for a few dozen appearances, say agents and network executives, or $500 to $1,000 per appearance for an average contract.

The most lucrative deals were multi-year contracts worth north of six figures. But those, always rare, are now all but extinct.

Anonymous said...


When the nation's economy was spinning out of control, folks wanted action -- and they wanted it now. The president, Congress, state legislators and governors responded with stimulus plans.

Government money -- taxpayer dollars -- was spent on programs aimed at putting people to work. Did the stimulus plans succeed?

Well, that depends on who you ask or how you define success?

Unfortunately, some government officials have twisted the numbers more artfully than a clown making balloon animals.

Oregon's clowns -- er, government officials -- claim that state's $176 million stimulus program has created 3,236 new jobs in the program's first three months.

But those jobs lasted an average of just 35 hours, or about one work week, reports Ryan Kost of The Associated Press. After that, those workers were effectively unemployed again, according to an Associated Press analysis of state spending and hiring data.

Anonymous said...

Massive Medicare Cuts Await Elderly Says New Ad From Seniors Group (

The 60 Plus Association, a 17-year-old nonpartisan senior citizens advocacy group often referred to as the “conservative alternative to the AARP” today released a TV ad warning the elderly that the healthcare proposal touted by the Obama Administration “means massive Medicare cuts in order to pay for healthcare ‘reform’.” See the ad at

“This strikes at the heart of the debate over the value of our seniors’ lives versus the cost of expensive treatments they need to stay healthy or get better,” said Jim Martin, President of 60 Plus.

Entitled “Sacrifice,” the ad states that seniors today, The Greatest Generation, have spent their lives sacrificing to protect freedom and strengthen our nation. From landing at Normandy, to raising strong families and building successful businesses, these men and women have remained dedicated to their country. Now, in seniors’ most vulnerable stage of life, President Obama and Congress are asking them to sacrifice even more by cutting Medicare to pay for healthcare reform, meaning long waits for care and even possible denial of care.

Anonymous said...

CNN Uses Pro-Communist American to Tout Cuban Health Care (Rich Noyes)

There’s something deeply wrong with journalism that scrutinizes and criticizes the institutions of free and successful nations, but produces puff pieces on the supposed achievements of totalitarian dictatorships. On Thursday, CNN aired a piece of Communist Party propaganda about how Cuba could serve as “a model for health care reform” in the United States, complete with an authoritative sound bite from an American medical expert, identified only as someone “who’s lived and worked in Cuba for decades.”

But the expert, Gail Reed, is a longtime admirer of the Cuban revolution, married to the Cuban official who served as ambassador to Grenada in the early 1980s when U.S. troops liberated the island from hardline communists who had executed the leftist Prime Minister Maurice Bishop. She's also worked at Granma, Cuba’s official communist party newspaper.

Anonymous said...

Those SEIU thugs are truly violent.


Exactly who does SEIU represent? Are those the people who represent hotel maids, janitors, bus boys and casino workers?

Anonymous said...


Helen Thomas: Not Even Nixon Tried to Control the Media Like Obama

Following a testy exchange during Wednesday’s briefing with White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, veteran White House correspondent Helen Thomas told that not even Richard Nixon tried to control the press the way President Obama is trying to control the press.

“Nixon didn’t try to do that,” Thomas said. “They couldn’t control (the media). They didn’t try.

“What the hell do they think we are, puppets?” Thomas said. “They’re supposed to stay out of our business. They are our public servants. We pay them.”

Thomas said she was especially concerned about the arrangement between the Obama Administration and a writer from the liberal Huffington Post Web site. The writer was invited by the White House to President Obama’s press conference last week on the understanding that he would ask Obama a question about Iran from among questions that had been sent to him by people in Iran.

“When you call the reporter the night before you know damn well what they are going to ask to control you,” Thomas said.

Anonymous said...


Helen Thomas, the most liberal journalist EVER, the same idiot who called terrorists “Supposed terrorists” is turning on Obama?

The Helen Thomas?

OMG Someone call the Media!

Anonymous said...

At 89, Helen knows a tinpot wannabe dictator when she sees one.

Anonymous said...

I'm still a bit groggy on this post. So Helen Thomas thinks the Obama administration is more secretive than even Nixon’s, Reagan’s, or George W. Bush’s? Oh my. This can’t be good for Obama.

Anonymous said...

Everyday the Lord humbles me just a little bit more. Today, he makes me praise Helen Thomas.

Anonymous said...

Now that Helen Thomas is out of her 50 year coma, how will Dear Leader and Gibbs do an Alinsky on her?

I know, they’ll pass DeathCare, give her expedited end of life counseling, and then whisk her away

Anonymous said...

I have to admit that I admire her for not being so up his rear that she lets the White House bully her around.

Guess what NEW JOURNALISTS!! Helen Thomas might be a lefty B*tch, but she IS a journalist, (at least this week.)

Anonymous said...

Yes, SEIU is a pack of illiterate former hotel maids and gardeners who the Dems unionized as fund-raisers and hell-raisers. If they want to cha-cha, there's 100 of us for every one of their sorry asses.

Anonymous said...

Up until now the most critical discussion by the main stream knee pad journalists about Obama has been whether his seman tastes too salty.

Anonymous said...

"They tipped their hand too soon" Tea Party vs. SEIU makes front page in St. Louis (St. Louis Post Dispatch)

By now you know of the atrocity committed by SEIU union thugs against Kenneth Gladney, a slight, mild-mannered man who sold pins and flags at Russ Canahan's August 6th healthcare town hall in St. Louis.

The St. Louis Tea Party immediately organized a demonstration against the St. Louis offices of SEIU, placing the blame for Gladney's injuries exactly where they belonged -- on the head's of Barack Obama and his union goons.


See the extended reporting on the St. Louis Tea Party here:

Anonymous said...

Democrats: Anything to Avoid Meeting With Voters

After four decades of urging students, hippies, communists, and agitators to come out en masse to protest the U.S. government, protests that commonly turned to violence, Democrats are at last finding a protest they don’t like because, with the healthcare debate, this time it is a protest of them and not by them.

Amazingly, Democrats have suddenly discovered that government should be meekly accepted, wholly given in to, obeyed without question and a lap dog Old Media has seemingly agreed. Any of you that heard only as little as a year ago that “protest was patriotic,” or that “dissent was the highest form of patriotism” are now gravely informed that to say a cross word against the Obammessiah makes one “dangerous.”

And now, Democrat Party bigwigs are passing down the directives to their Congressional membership that townhalls are verboten from this point forward. Congressmen returning to their districts are being told to find ways to avoid their voters as much as possible.

Instead of holding large meetings, now Democrats returning back home are trying to corral voters into small gatherings, one-on-one meetings, phone calls, or simply not meeting with them at all. These cowards realize that their efforts to back Obama’s socialist take over of nearly 20% of the American economy is anathema to a large portion of the electorate and they don’t want to hear about it. These elected officials’ minds are made up and what the voters want is immaterial.

Anonymous said...

Obama and Hitler Compared

Democrats manufactured the story that protestors at town hall meetings were carrying Nazi flags. Obama policies seem to be more closely aligned with the policies of Nazism, so a comparison of the two is necessary.

Among the key elements of Nazism were Racism, Eugenics, leader principle, Government control of the industry, and of course moral relativism.

Those are also the principles of Obama's plan for a "better America."

The shared connection of racism speaks for itself. Both megalomaniacs, Hitler and Obama, are racists. Hitler, (who possibly was Jewish) hated Jews. Obama who clearly is partially white expressed his personal dislike of whites when, lacking any facts other then race, labeled a white police officer doing his job as "acting stupidly".

Race was the only basis for that judgment, making Obama a racist. Furthermore both dictators use race as a basis for policy decisions. Hitler designed the Final Solution to further a policies of eliminating Jews as a race.

Obama appointed a Supreme Court Justice who has demonstrated that she uses race as a criteria for judgment rather than the Constitution.

Eugenics, the elimination of the non-useful members of society, is another key feature of the policy of both dictators. Again Hitler used concentration camps See the rest at

Anonymous said...

Didn't Hitler also nationalized Volkswagon (GM) and “suggested” the kinds of cars he wanted built.

Didn't Hitler(Ayers) write an autobiography before he was relevant.

Anonymous said...

Very few people know the NAZIs were one of the first green parties as well.

Anonymous said...

Fight the Status Quo! $400-$600 Per Week (Minneapolis, MN)(Libs getting paid to AstroTurf on


Fight the Status Quo! $400-$600 Per Week (Minneapolis, MN) Date: 2009-07-27, 12:12PM CDT Reply to: see below

You can help leading organizations win historic changes on issues that you care about and that are important to America.

Build support for health care reform with U.S. PIRG. Mobilize activists to cut the cost of health care, expand coverage, and stop sick from getting dropped by insurance companies. Go out in your community and make change happen. Make friends and money along the way.

Earn $400-$600 per week. To apply for a job, call Chris at 612-331-1434.

The Fund for the Public Interest has been working for over 25 years with organizations such as Sierra Club, Environment America, Human Rights Campaign, Progressive Future and U.S. PIRG to win concrete victories for the public interest.

We are the nation's premier nonprofit for raising money, building membership and winning grassroots campaigns.

Anonymous said...

Obviously acceptable by the media when liberals do it.

And McClacthy's too busy with what comic strip to dump!

Anonymous said...

Congressional Budget Expert Says Preventive Care Will Raise Costs (ABC News)

In yet more disappointing news for Democrats pushing for health care reform, Douglas W. Elmendorf, director of the Congressional Budget Office, offered a skeptical view Friday of the cost savings that could result from preventive care -- an area that President Obama and congressional Democrats repeatedly had emphasized as a way health care reform would be less expensive in the long term.

Obviously successful preventive care can make Americans healthier and save lives. But, Elmendorf wrote, it may not save money as Democrats had been arguing.

Anonymous said...

CBO puts another dent in Dear Leader's DeathCare armor.

This is one of the Dems big selling points - "preventative" care. It seems it's nothing but more Sham-Wow

Anonymous said...

This is one of the Dems big selling points - "preventative" care. It seems it's nothing but more Sham-Wow


Just ask the British about "Preventative Care" That was the ticket that allowed government into their living rooms, fridge, their cars, the pub and replaced mom and dad, as Mom and Dad.

Oh yeah, and the latest. Doctors are to now list underlying causes as the cause of death on death certificates, "If it is for the Social Good"

Translation: If you die of a heart attack, they can say you died of smoking if it is for the social good. Welcome to 1984. Coming to a State near you. SOON!

Anonymous said...

///Just ask the British about "Preventative Care"///

And while you are at it, check Britain's health statistics (or Canada's, or any western European country's) compared to ours. Easy to find: Google "world health statistics"

Anonymous said...

Unreal!... SEIU Thugs Who Beat a Black Conservative & Smashed a Woman In Her Face Now Claim They Were the Real Victims

Who are you going to believe?... The SEIU thugs or your lying eyes?

It's like the videos of these Obama-supporting union thugs stomping on an innocent black conservative and smashing a female tea party protester in the face were never posted.

Despite the fact that there are several videos showing SEIU thug violence on Thursday night this dangerous groups claims their members (who were dragged to jail) were the real victims.

The SEIU thugs claim they were the victims.

From the SEIU blog: Last night in St. Louis, a Reverend and SEIU member was assaulted at a town hall dedicated to discussing our national healthcare crisis. The incident is being spun by GOP operatives as SEIU thug violence--which couldn't be further from the truth.

The SEIU Missouri State Council released a statement from Executive Director Brandon Davis today:

[...] The Reverend, a St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter, and others who attended in hopes of a peaceful dialogue about our nation's healthcare crisis, endured the latest attempt by right-wing fringe groups to hijack the democratic process through violence if necessary.

Last night, the Teabaggers' violent tactics broke and dislocated the shoulder of the Reverend.

"Let's be clear: These groups, backed by insurance companies and corporate front groups, want nothing more than to preserve the status quo system of rationing, where HMOs choose doctors, and insurance companies deny us the care we need. Their dearest hope is that by resorting to outrageous charges of Nazism and euthanasia, they can make the American public too afraid to support real reform.

"But SEIU and hardworking women and men all over this country are standing up to their bullying tactics. We deserve a national conversation about how we will fix our failing healthcare system and help make this an economy that works for everyone."

Unbelievable. Three SEIU members were arrested for bashing tea party protesters last Thursday in St. Louis.

Anonymous said...

DRUDGE: Pelosi/Hoyer op-ed in Monday USATODAY calls townhall protesters 'un-American'

Translation: Stalinist Marxists call countryman Un-American. Stasi Show Trials to follow

Anonymous said...

I thought dissent was patriotic?

Anonymous said...

Death Drugs Cause Uproar in Oregon (DeathCare) ABC News

The news from Barbara Wagner's doctor was bad, but the rejection letter from her insurance company was crushing.

The 64-year-old Oregon woman, whose lung cancer had been in remission, learned the disease had returned and would likely kill her. Her last hope was a $4,000-a-month drug that her doctor prescribed for her, but the insurance company refused to pay.

What the Oregon Health Plan did agree to cover, however, were drugs for a physician-assisted death. Those drugs would cost about $50.

"It was horrible," Wagner told "I got a letter in the mail that basically said if you want to take the pills, we will help you get that from the doctor and we will stand there and watch you die. But we won't give you the medication to live."

Anonymous said...

I thought dissent was patriotic?

Ahem, January 20 memo slo ride. Dissent is out. Ohms are in.

Anonymous said...

COLUMBIA, S.C. – South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford used state aircraft for personal and political trips, often bringing along his wife and children — contrary to state law regarding official use, an Associated Press investigation has found.

Records reviewed by the AP show that since he took office in 2003, the two-term Republican has taken trips on state aircraft to locations of his children's sporting events, hair and dentist appointments, political party gatherings and a birthday party for a campaign donor.

What's Sanford's take on this whole healthcare issue? I'm thinking that he should seek the advice from a proctologist since he seems to have his head up his ass and it's chronically lodged up there.

Anonymous said...

Anyone checked Britain's health statistics (or Canada's, or any western European country's) compared to ours? Easy to find: Google "world health statistics"