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Anonymous said...

MSNBC: Saying "Socialist" Is Racist. But Leftist Thugs Attacking a Black Man, calling him the N-Word & Stomping His Face, Not Newsworthy

MSNBC anchor Carlos Watson reported today that using the word "socialist" was just like using the n-word:

Sadly, MSNBC forgot to report on how a black man in St. Louis was beaten by Leftist thugs, called n*gger and stomped on.

If MSNBC really wanted to report on racism you'd think they might want to mention that story.

As Mark Steyn said: "Gotta love this ‘post-racial America’: Democrat union heavies can beat up a black guy using racial epithets and leave him in a wheelchair unable to speak – and happily (unlike, say, a black Harvard professor being asked for picture ID) it’s not ’symbolic’ of anything at all. Not a Sharpton in sight to speak up for Mr Gladney’s, whose only shot at fame is an entry in The Guinness Book Of Records under ‘Least Famous Black Hate-Crime Victim In America’."

Anonymous said...

What Democrat-Media Complex?

Bill Ayers- Respected Professor of Education, according to the media. And Domestic Terrorist, Obama Pal, HuffPo Blogger and Accused Cop Killer.

Tea Party Protester-Un-American Nazi Mobster

Anonymous said...

FACT vs FICTION: Kenneth Gladney Corrects the Leftist Lies About the SEIU Attack That Put Him In the Hospital

False-- Kenneth was hired by conservatives to stir up the violent attack that put him in the hospital. Kenneth was there to hand out and sell merchandise.

False-- Kenneth was recently laid off. Kenneth was unemployed.

False-- Kenneth does not have medical insurance. He is covered under his wife's plan.

False-- Kenneth started the violence. SEIU Public Service Director of Local 2000 Elston McGowan who claims he was the victim is twice Kenneth's size.

True-- SEIU members attacked him. At least 3 members attacked Kenneth and 1 member smashed a woman in the face.

True-- Kenneth was hurt and spent the night in the hospital.

97.1 FM Radio Host Dana Loesch interviewed Kenneth Gladney and his lawyer Dave Brown on her Sunday radio show. Kenneth and David set the record straight for the Leftists lying about Kenneths situation:

For some reason Kenneth's insurance situation (he is covered under his wife's insurance plan) has dominated the Far Left blogs... The fact that Kenneth was beaten, kicked and called a n*gger by Obama-supporting SEIU members does not faze them a bit.

Anonymous said...

White House 'Reality Check’ Web Site Claims Health Care Reform ‘Would Not Add One Penny to Deficit’ cnsnews.com (Now Scrubbed of claim)

CNSNews.com) – A new Web site launched Monday by the Obama administration to rebut alleged disinformation about the administration's efforts to reform the health care system claims that reform “would not add one penny to the deficit"--despite the fact that the two health care reform bills that have been analyzed by the Congressional Budget Office are predicted by the CBO to increase the national debt by $239 billion and $1.042 trillion respectively.

The administration, meanwhile, has not produced any health-care reform legislation that has been independently determined to be deficit-neutral.

Appearing on CNN yesterday, Linda Douglass, communications director for the White House Office of Health Reform, said that the new Web site that premiered today has been designed to defeat disinformation and make sure people "can get the facts" about health care reform.

Anonymous said...


Somali Islamists pull out gold teeth of 'sinners' (Times of India)

MOGADISHU: Residents of a coastal town in southern Somalia are living by the skin of their teeth, quite literally. Somali Islamist group al Shabaab is forcibly removing gold and silver teeth from residents in southern Somalia because it says they contravene the strict law of Islam, residents said on Monday.

Residents in Marka say al Shabaab has been rounding up anyone seen with a silver or gold tooth and taking them to a masked man who then rips them out using basic tools. "I never thought al Shabaab would see my denture as a sin. They took me to their station and removed my silver tooth," resident Bashir said.

Anonymous said...

Trinkets that stick it to Obama start to sell (Washington times)
[McClatchy on wrong side of fence]

In the political paraphernalia department, "Yes, we can" is becoming "No, he can't."

Anti-Obama memorabilia -- from T-shirts to bumper stickers to buttons -- is increasingly emerging in the marketplace as the president's economic and health care policies polarize supporters and detractors.

While "Mama for Obama" was a popular slogan during the 2008 election cycle, that design has been retooled with angry and fickle disenchantment: "To the Mama for Obama -- thanks for the tax hike." The "Audacity of Hope," the title of Mr. Obama's popular book, has been replaced by the "Audacity of Hype."

Anonymous said...

N.Korea Boasts "We Made US President Cross Pacific & Apologize To Us"; Awards Medal to Kim Jong Un (Yomiuri News) WHERE’S "I'M THE SECRETARY OF STATE NOT MY HUSBAND" HILLARY?

North Korea's Kim Jong Il awarded his son, Kim Jong Un, a special commendation for his direct handling of the 2 captured Americans and Pres. Clinton recently.

Internal speech was made by the Domestic Security Bureau, which said "Comrade Kim Jong En in his brilliance is to be awarded for excellent work. He dealt skillfully with the (2 US journalist) spy incident, and even was able to force a former US President to come all the way over the Pacific Ocean to apologize to us."

Anonymous said...

Will Obama pay the price for cutting Medicare? Washington Examiner)

In the health care debate, Barack Obama is getting away with the rhetorical equivalent of murder.
To pay for the bulk of his proposed remake of the health care system, the president has a two-part plan. Half the money would come from tax increases, and the other half from reduced spending on Medicare.

Obama proposes to come up with improvements in the vast Medicare system that will allow him to extend health care coverage to millions of currently uncovered people, make no cuts in existing Medicare benefits, and save money in the process.

"We will find the money through savings and efficiencies within the health care system," Obama said at his July 23 news conference.

Anonymous said...

'No He Can't!' Anti-Obama Trinkets Explode in Sales...

Headlined @ The Drudge Report means millions will see it.
This is the first Obama trinket I might buy. I wonder if McClatchy will add this sticker to their line of fraud paraphernalia.

Anonymous said...

House Lawmakers' Plan for $500 M for Jets - Just Scrapped! (FOX)
"Pelosi in Botox hissy-fit as cockroaches scramble in light, McClatchy in heavy spin mode for DNC masters"

Just Announced on Greta's Show on FOX. The word has been received by FOX from the Wall Street Journal that Congress has scrapped the plans to purchase the eight new jets.

Greta congratulated the American Public and the politicians who opposed this spending.

The original request was "...for $220 million to buy four passenger jets, including two that are currently being leased by the Air Force, to replace a fleet of older planes. The article continues: "

Before leaving town for the August break, House lawmakers doubled the aircraft order to eight, at a total cost of $550 million."

Anonymous said...

Arizona’s Budget Breakthrough (An alternative to California’s tax and spend model)WSJ

Perhaps states are starting to learn the right fiscal lessons from the red-ink blowouts in high-tax California and New York.

Today, the legislature in Arizona will vote on a tax reform designed to entice more employers and high-income taxpayers to the state.

Sponsored by Republican Governor Jan Brewer, the plan would cut state property taxes, the corporate tax and personal income taxes, in exchange for a temporary rise in the sales tax.

Anonymous said...

Nancy’s payoff for playing Bad Cop, five Gulfstream 550s.

President Obama distances himself from Nancy Pelosi (Politico)

Ahead of his own town hall Tuesday, President Barack Obama sought to distance himself from charges by Democratic congressional leaders that boisterous health care dissent is "un-American," with his spokesman saying that the protests are a part of American life.

Anonymous said...

Seniors hold ‘Cut up your AARP Card’ meetings. The brass at AARP look scared. The taxpayers will probably pay something to AARP for their traitorous services to Obama. Maybe the ‘Great Pretender’ will take AARP over along with GM to add to his private Monopoly Game.

Anonymous said...

'Obama’s Mother of All Political Lies and the Town Hall Mayhem It Caused’ (Breitbart)

"But what we will do is, we'll have the negotiations televised on C-SPAN, so that people can see who is making arguments on behalf of their constituents, and who are making arguments on behalf of the drug companies or the insurance companies."

-Barack Obama

Anonymous said...

Soros Pledges $5 Million for Obama Healtcare Marketing Push (Economic Policy Journal)

Oligarch George Soros is sending a $5 million check to Health Care For America Now, the leading coalition of pro-reform groups, unions and providers, reports Greg Sargent.

Among the 21 members of HCAN's steering committee are ACORN, MoveOn.org, the Center for American Progress and the Campaign for America’s Future (CAF).

CAF is another institution that has received funding from Soros and the Rockefeller Family Fund. (The Rockefellers have always been major investors in the pharmaceutical industry, and have always been instrumental in directing legislation in a direction that benefits there pharma investments.)

CAF also pushes for national health care as one means to transform the United States into a European social welfare state. Co-founder Robert Borosage previously served as director of the overtly Marxist Institute for Policy Studies, while co-founder Roger Hickey also co-founded the Economic Policy Institute.

Other CAF co-founders include socialist columnist Harold Meyerson, Sixties radical Tom Hayden, socialist feminist Barbara Ehrenreich, Service Employees International Union president Andrew Stern, AFL-CIO president John J. Sweeney, Jesse Jackson, and Julian Bond, Sargent reports.

Anonymous said...

The Real AstroTurf (IBD)

Free Speech: The White House and Congress claim the anti-ObamaCare uprising is artificially organized.

But the violent — even racist — union counterattacks, urged on by Democrats, are the real Rent-a-Mobs.


Newsweek columnist and TV pundit Eleanor Clift last week gave her Democratic friends a warning:

"Unless Obama and his surrogates find the language to reassure the majority of Americans with health insurance that they will be better off under his reform plan, the AstroTurf opposition we see playing out now on our TV screens could morph into the real thing."

Anonymous said...

Schultz: Town Hall Protesters 'Dumber Than Joe The Plumber' (Mark Finkelstein)

When it comes to insulting people opposed to ObamaCare, you might say Ed Schultz has plumbed new depths . . .

On his MSNBC show this evening, Schultz branded people turning up at town halls as "dumber than Joe the Plumber."

For good measure, he added a variation on the Washington Post's old canard about certain conservatives being "poor, undereducated, and easy to command."

Anonymous said...

Re: Nancy’s payoff for playing Bad Cop, five Gulfstream 550s.

A liberal guest on Fox Business News said he did not foresee the request going forward now that it has made the news because these things were usually kept secret until after they had passed. Right, hurry legislation through before anyone can learn the truth about it. That’s our present elected official’s plans in a nutshell, emphasis on the nut.

Anonymous said...

Why Most Journalists Are Democrats: A View from the Soviet Socialist Trenches Pychologytoday.com

(SNIP) As it turns out, the preponderance of journalists are Democrats.

And socialism, with its idyllic, “progressive” programs, has formed an increasingly important role in Democratic policies.

Who wants to investigate a possible dark side of your own party’s plank?


Unsurprisingly, self-selection plays an important role in choosing a job.

People choosing to do work related to prisons, for example, commonly show quite different characteristics than those who volunteer for work in helping disadvantaged youths.

Academicians have very different characteristics than CEOs—or politicians, for that matter.

Harry Stein, former ethics editor of Esquire, once said: "Journalism, like social work, tends to attract individuals with a keen interest in bettering the world.” In other words, journalists self-select based on a desire to help others. Socialism, with its “spread the wealth” mentality intended to help society’s underdogs, sounds ideal. (SNIP)

Anonymous said...

‘Impeach Obama’- Another trinket bumper sticker coming on a car near you.

Get right on this hot sales item McClatchy, you want to appear nonpartisan don’t you?


Anonymous said...

'Most In Media Think They're Right Down The Middle'

On today's Morning Joe, host Joe Scarborough was shocked to hear from Mark Halperin of Time and co-host Mika Brzezinski that most people in the MSM don't admit that the press is biased, and to the contrary most in the MSM see themselves as "right down the middle."

JOE SCARBOROUGH: So you're saying that most people in the mainstream media don't admit that the press is biased?

MARK HALPERIN: I don't think so. You take a survey around the news room --

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: No, they don't admit it: I agree that.

Anonymous said...

Yup - the middle of the far left lane!

Anonymous said...

Dog refuses treat from Obama

STORY: Something we have always known, animals are smarter than people.

MCDNC SPIN: That dog is a racist Nazi tool of talk radio and the RNC.

Anonymous said...

Breaking-- Kenneth Gladney Files Hate Crime Charges Against Leftist Thug Attackers

Anonymous said...

Obama Brings Chicago-Style Intimidation
"We are seeing a coordinated smear on those who oppose socialized medicine"
Lucianne.com has several remarks like the one above today. They tell it like it really is.

Anonymous said...

New Poster Reveals the Ugly Face of Racism (Real Clear Politics)

Don't be misled. These new posters featuring Barack Obama's face imposed over the likeness of Tinky Winky (dressed in SEIU Purple) may appear benign, but they're not.

Their intent is far deeper and insidious: to stir ugly racist thoughts in America's subconscious.

"Yup, obviously, it’s racist. Bush as a toad, monkey, Hitler, that was all fine."

Anonymous said...

Media, SEIU and Dear Leader's rules for race relations:

Rule #1: Black people can say anything they want (Unless you name is Glandy). If you don’t like it, you’re a racist.

Rule #2: Black people can do anything they want (Unless you name is Glandy). If you don’t like it, you’re a racist.

Rule #3: You’re a racist (Unless you name is Glandy).

Anonymous said...

House jettisoned line item to purchase 5 Gulfstream jets.

Pelosi’s cracked face not available for comment.

Anonymous said...

The leftist media nutcases that hawked for Obama, are back out hawking for the socialized medicine takeover. I don’t think they will sneak their in-the-tank crap past anyone except their sorriest liberals. Obama is a Chicago thug, and everyday more people see it.

Anonymous said...

How come the union thugs can say the ‘N’ word without comment from the corrupt media? Where is the phony outrage?

Anonymous said...

How come the union thugs can say the ‘N’ word without comment from the corrupt media?

Because socialist is another term for black?

Anonymous said...

Be afraid, be very afraid!
Dirty Secret No. 1 in Obamacare

Town Hall | Chuck Norris
Dirty secret No. 1 in Obamacare is about the government's coming into homes and usurping parental rights over child care and development. It's outlined in sections 440 and 1904 of the House bill (Page 838), under the heading "home visitation programs for families with young children and families expecting children." The programs (provided via grants to states) would educate parents on child behavior and parenting skills. The bill says that the government agents, "well-trained and competent staff," would "provide parents with knowledge of age-appropriate child development in cognitive, language, social, emotional, and motor domains ... modeling, consulting, and coaching on...

Anonymous said...

One of the easy answers to cease all this socialist takeover is simple:

These old duffers have to be removed from office.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Breaking-- Kenneth Gladney Files Hate Crime Charges Against Leftist Thug Attackers

August 11, 2009 6:09 AM

This is stupid. 2 of the "attackers" were black.

Silly teabaggers. Keep going to your town hall meetings and screaming like a bunch of looney tunes. I'd like to know how many of these screamers actually read the proposal or are just whining because that's what they're being told to do.

Anonymous said...

7:39 AM -The union thugs screaming and fighting at the townhall meeting probably DID read the proposal. No one is telling them what to do, right? Surely even the lowest forms of life see what the unions are doing.

Anonymous said...

Simple, the media shills, while the DNC takes care of the UAW and SEIU

Anonymous said...

New AARP chief gave big to Obama
(The Hill)

Incoming AARP CEO A. Barry Rand (The man behind AARP's AFROTURF campaign, who is now selling out seniors to DeathCare) contributed $8,900 to President Obama's campaign committees, federal records show.

Rand, a retired senior executive at Xerox Corp., Avis Group and Equitant Inc. and the current chairman of Howard University's board of trustees, gave the maximum $4,600 to Obama's election campaign and an additional $4,300 to the Obama Victory Fund, a joint fundraising entity of Obama and the Democratic National Committee.

Anonymous said...

Fox News just showed the Arlen Specter townhall meeting live. There was no screaming, but there were very upset citizens. Arlen is looking a little green around the gills. I guess a turncoat with a yellow belly, and bluenose, naturally morph into green around the gills. Arlen is toast, neither party should want an old liar that changes parties thinking he might fool the Democrats this time.

Anonymous said...

EXCLUSIVE: Panel sees race bias in health care bill (The Washington Times)

The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights says some little-noticed provisions in the House health care bill are racially discriminatory, and it intends to ask President Obama and Congress to rewrite sections that factor in race when awarding billions in contracts, scholarships and grants.

Anonymous said...

Now Read This -- Magazines aren't dead ... at least not all of them. A look at a few page turners.

This has been a plague year for magazines. Several periodicals have closed: Conde Nast Portfolio, Domino, Blender. McGraw-Hill has put BusinessWeekup for sale. As we speak, McKinsey & Co. consultants are prowling the halls of glossy and glamorous high-brow publisher Conde Nast (Vogue, Vanity Fair, TheNew Yorker) in search of cost cuts.

Early targets include newspaper subscriptions and chauffeured cars. The remaining magazines have gone on a diet. Among the 243 magazines tracked by the Publishers Information Bureau, ad pages plunged 28 percent in the first half of 2009 from the first half of 2008.

This week, industry forecaster Veronis Suhler Stevenson predicted the magazine industry's revenues will decline at a 6.6 percent for the years 2008 through 2013.

But it wasn't all doom and gloom. According to PIB, 12 magazines managed to attract more ad pages in this year's first six months than they did in the first half of 2008. Which publications are among the fortunate dozen? And how did they manage to do it?

Among the titles worth noting: Fitness, Cooking With Paula Deen, The Week, OK!, Family Circle, Scholastic Parent & Child, Organic Gardening, Sports Illustrated for Kids, Country Weekly, and Muscle & Fitness.

Anonymous said...

The new AARP CEO is a black activist who loves Obama. AARP and SEIU have greatly tarnished their images and organizations with ignorant meddling. Burn your AARP cards, drop your membership!

Anonymous said...

SEIU needs a good ass whipping and the public is just about reading to begin the butt-whipping.

Anonymous said...


President Obama, attending a North American summit with the leaders of Mexico and Canada, vowed to pursue comprehensive U.S. immigration reform later this year with a view to enacting legislation in 2010 that would provide a "pathway to citizenship" for the 12 to 32 million illegal immigrants now in the United States.

In a joint news conference in Guadalajara with Mexican President Felipe CalderĂ³n and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Mr. Obama said he regards immigration reform as being in the long-term interest of the United States. "We have a broken immigration system," he told the press. "Nobody denies it."

Anonymous said...

By immigration reform he means signing up 20 million new votes for the Dems. The bad news is that once the latinos settle in, they often turn more conservative. Obama can't even get people to sign on to his health care reform, how is he going to get immigration reform through?

Anonymous said...

He's going to need a lot more tax-paying drones to pay for his programs. Welcome to Estados Unidos!

Anonymous said...

With the problems facing us, the vindictive Obama chases a lost cause that will bring more ridicule to the USA.
The Democrats wants us to forget 9/11 ever happened.
Impeach Obama! ‘Change you can believe in’
Holder Opts For a Witch Hunt
New York Post, by Editorial

Attorney General Eric Holder reportedly will appoint a special prosecutor to bring cases against low-level CIA officers and contractors who questioned post-9/11 terrorist suspects. It's a move he'll likely regret. Not least because such cases may lead agents to be overly soft on future suspects, out of fear of prosecution. That could lead to missed chances to get potentially life-saving information…
Via: Lucianne.com

Anonymous said...

SEIU goons stack the deck on Sac Bee's forum comments, too. They do a swarm email and make sure union views are the "most recommended" comment for all to see. Anything liberal, union-lackey Darrell Steinberg supports in the legislature is an SEIU email swarm vote. SEIU is a pack of dumb-ass vultures waiting to pick our tax-paying bones.

Anonymous said...

“The Oregon "Death Panel" graciously offered suicide pills.”

Does everyone know what the ‘Oregon Death Panel’ is? Perhaps Obama will ‘splain’ it to us? Not very likely, he wanted the bill pushed through before anyone could ask questions.
I used to feel sorry for people that lived in communist countries, and now it is obvious that we live a country where our own Pravda suppressed information to elect a fraudulent Chicago thug.

Where are the government watchdogs? When the media joined in with the thugs, our free country started coming to an end. The leftist loons that have taken over the Democrats with the help of the MSM will not stand much longer. The people of the USA have a way of making things right.
Vote the bums OUT!

Anonymous said...

Bombs away: ABC's 'Shark Tank' tanks. First show of the new season pulls a 1.3 in 18-49s (Media Life TV)

There’s still more than a month until the new television season officially kicks off, but already there’s a contender for first bomb: ABC’s “Shark Tank.”

The new reality show, about a slew of entrepreneurs competing for backing from a group of investors, tanked on Sunday, becoming one of the lowest-rated premieres of the summer and putting its survival until September in doubt.

“Shark” averaged a 1.3 adults 18-49 rating Sunday, according to Nielsen overnights, just 0.2 ahead of the premiere of the disappointing “Defying Gravity” the previous week.

The premiere did air against some tougher-than-usual Sunday competition, including the first preseason NFL game of the season on NBC, which was up compared to the previous year, and the premiere of CBS’s “There Goes the Neighborhood,” which averaged a 1.5

Anonymous said...


Consumers will Pay for "Indispensible" Online Content, TIME.com Managing Editor

While the monetization models for online news are emerging, there will an upside for highly valued, niche content, says Josh Tyrangiel, Managing editor of TIME.com

Subscribers will pay for "indispensable" information, he says.

The paid model for news content is emerging on many front, notably in the U.K. with developments at the Financial Times and the News Corp papers. Robert Andrews, a paidContent staffer in the U.K., explores this topic in a story published in Monday's Guardian newspaper.

Anonymous said...

Why is McClatchy stock taking a big dump today? Down to $2.04 a share and dropping like a rock.

Anonymous said...

Orlando imam lies about Islam in Ohio custody case

Last month, 17-year old Rafiq Bary disappeared from her New Albany, Ohio home. Now she has reappeared and stated in a Florida court yesterday that she is in fear for her life.

Her crime? Converting from Islam to Christianity. Having taken shelter in Orlando with a Christian couple she met online, she's now at the center of a custody battle.

Other sites are ably covering this story, but what struck me was this quote that appears in today's Orlando Sentinel:

Imam Hatim Hamidullah, with the Islamic Society of Central Florida, said the Muslim faith does not call for a father to hurt his child, should she convert to another religion.

"It is not Islam for the father to bring harm upon his blood daughter or any other human being because of anger," he said. "Our position is to exhaust all measures that would bring peace and harmony back to the family," Hamidullah said. "Being angry and threatening the life of someone is not one of those methods."
The imam, of course, is lying through his teeth. In virtually every school of Islamic law (shariah), her death is DEMANDED for apostasy from Islam. She has every reason to be in fear for her life.

Anonymous said...

"Congress drops plan to spend $550 million on new private jets; Members blame Pentagon..."
-@ Drudge Report

The elected creeps have no shame. They need to go down in defeat, all of them!

Anonymous said...

Obama has lied, and reneged on almost everything he has said to get elected. Why would anyone believe him about his socialist healthcare plan? Union thugs don’t care if he lies or not. They are so stupid, they don’t realize if they lose their job to another country, it is not coming back. Just ask the steelworkers, or sewing industry.

Anonymous said...

Chevrolet Volt in Doubt

Recently, there have been "news" reports touting the marvelousness of the soon-to-be-introduced Chevrolet Volt.

However, a General Motors report indicates that the Volt's range-extender technology won't meet the November 2010 launch date. Furthermore, even when it's made available, sales of the Volt are not expected to cover costs. That's right, plans are to sell the Volt at a loss.

The advance publicity is obviously based on hopes that the technology of the Volt will work. Also obvious is lack of good business sense in manufacturing a product that is expected to lose money

Anonymous said...

I will never buy a GM product, NEVER! The socialist Obama can stick his death trap Volt up his Audacity.

Anonymous said...

Kenneth Gladney will become the new ‘Joe the Plumber’ the corrupt media must destroy. It is a little inconvenient that he is black, but that won’t stop the closet bigots from spinning this story to glorify the union thugs.

Anonymous said...

Elective surgeries to be cut by 35 per cent during Olympics [Canada]
Times Colonist

METRO VANCOUVER - Upwards of 2,500 patients waiting for surgery for everything from blocked arteries to cancer to hernias will find their elective surgeries postponed during the 2010 Winter Olympics.

In a pair of decisions just now becoming public, the Vancouver Coastal and Fraser Health Authorities say they have decided to cut by 35 per cent the number of elective surgeries performed over a one-month period in February and March, 2010.

Most of the surgeries - 2,000 in all - were supposed to take place in the busy Fraser region that stretches from Burnaby to Hope. Another 450 or more were scheduled for the Vancouver Coastal authority, not including the Providence Health system that covers St. Paul's Hospital in Vancouver.

The decisions also come as the provincial health minister, Kevin Falcon, told the province's six health regions they are expected to cut $360 million from their operating budgets next year and hold the line on costs.

Anonymous said...

CNN Bans Talk Radio Show Hosts
Noel Sheppard

Has CNN banned talk radio show hosts from its on air programming?

Such was reported by TVNewser a few hours ago (h/t Steve Malzberg):

Exclusive: TVNewser has learned, and a CNN spokesperson confirms, that in his morning editorial meeting today, CNN/U.S. president Jon Klein asked his show producers to avoid booking talk radio hosts

Anonymous said...

Re: Oregon Death Plan called physician-assisted death. I spent three months in Oregon and several people told me the death culture in Oregon was more about saving the liberals state healthcare plan than sympathy for patients. I was told older people are regularly reminded what a drag they are on their families, and state finances. The part of Obama’s plan that would require death counseling every five years is just a precursor to a state legally killing off old, costly, undesirables. They legally kill of the unborn, and now Oregon legally kills off the old and sick. There was a steady lobby for the so-called death with dignity. Watch for it, these people are in the wings, ready to offer assistance with their expertise at convincing people to off themselves. The fact that they make sick people feel it is their obligation to off themselves is kept under the radar. MOO

Anonymous said...

CNN is banning talk show hosts? Who would notice - nobody watches CNN anymore.

Anonymous said...

"I've got a busy life, and I've tried as best I can — within the context of the current mess-up, that has been more than well-chronicled, and more than well talked about — to be a reasonable father, while at the same time, being a good governor," Sanford said in response to questions from reporters after a Cabinet meeting. "I can't tell you the number of sporting events I've missed, of theirs."

Nice to see that the king of the scumbags is still at it. This guy is a total joke and I hope that he stays in office. By doing so he just goes to prove that the repukelican party is no better than the dems. The faith and values party my ass.

Anonymous said...

Obamacare is in the ditch. The american people are rising in horror at the actions of a runaway liberal trainwreck...better talk about a lame duck governor from a small state. Maybe no one will notice the meltdown in Washington.

Anonymous said...

Democrat senator from Michigan says she can feel global warming when she flies.
I think that might be Dumbocrat.

How did this mouth breathing moron get elected?