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Tuesday August 25 -- Got news or an update?

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Anonymous said...

Dr. Obama and the Hypocrite's Oath
(The American Thinker)

President Obama's preferred method of implementing his leftist agenda is to rush emergency, must-sign-yesterday bills through Congress. Forget about reading the legislation. Just trust Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Schumer and Barney Frank with the details.

The problem with this method is that when the details finally come out, it's too late for the people to do anything about it. President Obama's preferred method naturally fosters frustration and anger.

Due to the economic "crisis," Obama and the far left element of the Democrat Party had to pass an emergency stimulus spending plan before anyone had time to read it. Afterwards, the public learned that the bulk of the emergency bill to save the economy in 2009 would not be implemented until 2010and beyond.

As the public learns of the legislation's massive waste and cronyism it is becoming apparent that the so-called stimulus was more about stimulating the power of the left than the economy.

Anonymous said...

The Senior citizens are already turning on the ONE. Wait until they see their Social Security Checks go down while this Jerk Is flying around on Air Force One to Marthas Vineyard, The Grand Canyon, Flies his wife to Paris and New York,His wife has 26 Assistants that Cost a Million and a Half Dollars and He hands out 5 to 8 Billion dollars to ACORN !AND that is only for starters

Anonymous said...


Fidel Castro says racist right-wingers fight Obama (Reuters)

HAVANA (Reuters) - President Barack Obama is trying to make positive changes in the United States, but is being fought at every turn by right-wingers who hate him because he is black, former Cuban leader Fidel Castro said on Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

Let’s see, Dear Leader appoints a known communist, Van Jones, to his Czar Cabinet, Castro is a devout communist….any of you McClatchy lefties, (Not the hard corp. Miami Herald Marxists) see a pattern here?

Anonymous said...


Governor David Paterson struck another round of controversial chords Monday over what he says is the media's ongoing bias towards him. NY1's Rita Nissan filed the following report.

Governor Paterson is at it again, fanning the flames and making more racially charged comments.

In an interview published Monday, Paterson told blogger and NY1 commentator Gerson Borrero that some people are uncomfortable with too many powerful African-Americans.

Anonymous said...

Holder's CIA move could imperil Obama agenda (Wash Examiner)

Attorney General Eric Holder's decision to put a federal prosecutor on the CIA interrogation case is a game-changing move that could upend President Barack Obama's broader agenda.

Holder on Monday asked Assistant U.S. Attorney John Durham, who has been investigating the destruction of CIA interrogation tapes, to look into whether the agency's methods for questioning detainees were illegal.

Approved by Obama, the new scope of the investigation threatens to enflame still-raw tensions on both sides of a long-unresolved national security debate.

Anonymous said...

Their DeathCare plan is in tatters, so this CIA prosecuting bidness is some red meat for their America-hating moonbats, who are very very upset that Othuggo and Rahm-it-up, with full majorities in the Congress, can’t Rahm thru Deathcare.

The Leftist moonbats love to hate America more than they love to get sum Deathcare happenin’, Othuggo is jus feedin the hungry wackos, trying to distract them from their rage that he hasn’t already passed and signed Deathcare.

Anonymous said...

Foreign GPs Who Commute To Britain: £100-An-Hour Poles And Lithuanians Fly In For Shifts. (Daily Mail U.K.) UNDER U.S. DEATHCARE CUBAN DOCTORS GET TO MURDER GRANNY

The huge extent to which the NHS needs foreign doctors to treat patients out of hours is revealed today. A third of primary care trusts are flying in GPs from as far away as Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Hungary, Italy and Switzerland because of a shortage of doctors in Britain willing to work in the evenings and at weekends.


It raises fresh concerns that British patients are being treated by exhausted doctors without a perfect command of English.

Yesterday the Royal College of GPs and the General Medical Council called for a 'radical review' of out-of-hours care so that the NHS no longer has to rely on help from abroad.

The figures come months after an investigation was launched into the conduct of a German doctor after two patients died on his first shift in Britain.

Daniel Ubani had just three hours sleep after travelling from Germany before he went on duty in Cambridgeshire.

The Nigerian-born doctor injected 70-year-old kidney patient David Gray with ten times the maximum recommended dose of morphine, and an 86-year-old woman died of a heart attack after Ubani failed to send her to hospital

Anonymous said...

Former CBO director doubts new deficit numbers (Wash Examiner)

Former Congressional Budget Office Director Douglas Holtz-Eakin says the Obama administration's claim that the Obama's updated figures on the deficit that will be released Tuesday are "spin and nothing more."

Holtz-Eakin, who was a top advisor to the presidential campaign of Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., sent a memo Monday to House Minority Leader John Boehner, R-Ohio, accusing Obama of manipulating the numbers about future bailout costs in making the claim that the deficit will shrink by more than $260 billion from what was predicted three months ago.

"Bottom line, the budget outlook is worse, and dangerous," Holtz-Eakin writes to Boehner.

Anonymous said...

Rep. Maxine Waters: Senators That Oppose Public Option Are "Neanderthals"

CNN: The longtime congresswoman, whose district includes much of Los Angeles, also described some senators who are opposed to the health care reform bill as "Neanderthals."

"Not only are we going to do everything we can to organize and put pressure on the senators — some of whom are Neanderthals — we're going to say to the president, 'We want you to use every weapon in your basket in order to get those senators to do what they should be doing,'" Rep. Maxine Waters said.

Anonymous said...

Leaked Email Reveals Dem Astro-Turf Operation [WA] (NW Digest)

A leaked email originating from Congressman Jay Inslee’s office may reveal a widespread astroturfing effort on behalf of Washington Democrats and liberal interest groups to pack town halls with “grassroots supporters” of government-run health care.

In stark contrast to a spontaneous grassroots groundswell against President Obama and Congressional Democrats’s government-run health plan, it appears both overt and covert efforts are underway to orchestrate support for the President’s agenda from the highest-levels of the political Left.

In the email which follows below the jump, Inslee’s official Congressional scheduler forwarded to State Democratic Chairman Dwight Pelz a list of upcoming town halls the Congressman has scheduled.

Pelz then forwarded the email with a note saying “Let’s keep turning people out for these!” to high-ranking Democrat and union organizers including: “progressive” political group FUSE Executive Director Aaron Ostrom, Organizing for America State Director Dustin Lambro (the President’s on-going campaign arm housed at the DNC), and Washington State Labor Council Political Director Benjamin Lawver (one of the state’s most powerful union committees).

Anonymous said...

Standard leftist operating procedure, which McClatchy does every day, is to accuse your enemies of doing what you’re doing.

Anonymous said...

Obama's Summer of Discontent

So we are to have a French health-care system without a French tradition of political protest. It is odd that American liberalism, in a veritable state of insurrection during the Bush presidency, now seeks political quiescence.

These "townhallers" who have come forth to challenge ObamaCare have been labeled "evil-mongers" (Harry Reid), "un-American" (Nancy Pelosi), agitators and rowdies and worse.

A political class, and a media elite, that glamorized the protest against the Iraq war, that branded the Bush presidency as a reign of usurpation, now wishes to be done with the tumult of political debate.

President Barack Obama himself, the community organizer par excellence, is full of lament that the "loudest voices" are running away with the national debate. Liberalism in righteous opposition, liberalism in power: The rules have changed.

Anonymous said...

BHO will be the remembered as the most failed Presidency in U.S. history.

Mainly due to his arrogant dismissal of what the great majority of Americans believe this country is about: Liberty and Freedom of Religion.

The facade is starting to crumble and there is no substance behind it.

Maybe this is the irony of the transparency he promised.

Anonymous said...

Social Security Payments to Shrink (Millions face shrinking Social Security checks next year) AOL

Millions of older people face shrinking Social Security checks next year, the first time in a generation that payments would not rise.

The trustees who oversee Social Security are projecting there won't be a cost of living adjustment (COLA) for the next two years.

That hasn't happened since automatic increases were adopted in 1975. By law, Social Security benefits cannot go down.

Nevertheless, monthly payments would drop for millions of people in the Medicare prescription drug program because the premiums, which often are deducted from Social Security payments, are scheduled to go up slightly.

Anonymous said...

Relax, Conservatives: Liberal Media is Doomed (North Star Writers Group)

If there is one constant among conservatives – from generation to generation – it is continued disgust with the liberal mainstream media.

This is for good reason, which has rarely been more evident than today, as institutions like the Associated Press, the New York Times and major television networks cheerlead shamelessly for President Obama and his left-wing agenda.

But conservatives should stop fretting. The liberal media is doomed.

The media’s liberal bias exists because the individual practitioners who join journalistic institutions are overwhelmingly liberal.

They decide to study journalism in college because they are idealistic and are intrigued by the notion of comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable.

They dream of filing Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reports that do just that.

You’ll find your odd conservative in a given newsroom, but the newsroom’s dominant culture will almost always lean left because the lifers who have worked their way through the ranks are the true believers, and they are liberal to the core.

The culture of these institutions will never change, and that frustrates conservatives to no end, but it doesn’t matter.

These institutions are dying – to be replaced by a more independent, entrepreneurial, small-d democratic model of journalism that is already emerging.

Anonymous said...


Newspapers are the first element of the mainstream media to begin dying, but they won’t be the last.

Newspapers are dying because their business model is preposterous, and they’re so steeped in self-important arrogance that they’ve been completely unwilling to change that model.

They lay off reporters by the dozen while continuing to operate the printing presses and distribution systems that are relics of yesteryear.

Most newspapers now have online editions, but few have figured out how to capitalize them – certainly not enough to fund the massive overhead that remains within their newspaper operations.

Anonymous said...

Within 10 years, most liberal journalists will be forced into other lines of work.

They will surely bemoan the loss of the institutions that once bankrolled their journalistic malpractice, but the rest of the nation will be better off for the change.

Anonymous said...

Oregon Offers Terminal Patients Doctor-Assisted Suicide Instead of Medical Care (Fox News)

PORTLAND, Ore. — Some terminally ill patients in Oregon who turned to their state for health care were denied treatment and offered doctor-assisted suicide instead, a proposal some experts have called a "chilling" corruption of medical ethics.

Since the spread of his prostate cancer, 53-year-old Randy Stroup of Dexter, Ore., has been in a fight for his life. Uninsured and unable to pay for expensive chemotherapy, he applied to Oregon's state-run health plan for help.

Lane Individual Practice Association (LIPA), which administers the Oregon Health Plan in Lane County, responded to Stroup's request with a letter saying the state would not cover Stroup's pricey treatment, but would pay for the cost of physician-assisted suicide.

"It dropped my chin to the floor," Stroup told FOX News. "[How could they] not pay for medication that would help my life, and yet offer to pay to end my life?"

Anonymous said...


Dr. Robert A. PEARLMAN wrote the book. He works for the VA and is well known as a supporter of Physician Assisted Suicide.

Pearlman's book for the VA specifically refers Veterans to an organization fronting for the HEMLOCK SOCIETY, which promotes suicide. While worming his way into the VA, Pearlman's writing is also cited prominently along with that of another supporter of

Physician Assisted Suicide: Ezekial Emmanuel, brother of Obama's chief of staff RAHM EMMANUEL.

Pearlman also touts his role as a "Faculty Scholar" in the "Project on Death in America." This project is funded by GEORGE SOROS.

Yes, THAT George Soros. And yes, the real name of the project he paid millions for is PROJECT ON DEATH IN AMERICA (think about the double-meaning).

Anonymous said...

Miami-Dade mayor feels backlash over raises (Of Course McClatchy never mentions he's a DEMOCRAT)Miami Herald

Several Miami-Dade commissioners are demanding drastic cuts to Mayor Carlos Alvarez's budget amid revelations he gave generous raises to favored staffers while pushing for unprecedented job and salary cuts throughout the rest of County Hall.

Anonymous said...

Oppose ObamaCare? You're 'Undermining The Country'
(Mark Finkelstein)

Latest dispatch from the "dissent is patriotic" front: if you oppose Pres. Obama in his health care initiative, you're "undermining the country."

None less than the great Howard Dean said so on this evening's Rachel Maddow show.

HOWARD DEAN: When I was growing up in this country, Republicans and Democrats could actually sit down and have a sane conversation.

You might not agree but you could get stuff done. This Republican party—this shrinking Republican party—is just determined to undermine President Obama.

And unfortunately, you have to undermine the country in order to undermine the president. I think that's too bad.

Will the MSM eventually get around to reporting the flaming hypocrisy of the dissent-is-patriotic crowd?

Anonymous said...

Another Ramadan present from Mr. Obama.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Obama administration on Monday released a detainee from the U.S. prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, to his home in Afghanistan, the latest departure from the controversial prison which is set to close in five months.

Mohammed Jawad was accused of throwing a grenade that injured two U.S. soldiers and their interpreter in Kabul in 2002. Jawad, one of the youngest prisoners held at the facility, was now with his family in Kabul, according to his lawyer Air Force Major David Frakt.

Anonymous said...

The Taliban Kept Women From Voting

KABUL – For women, Afghanistan’s recent elections appear to have been more of a setback than a step forward.

Early reports strongly suggest that voter turnout fell more sharply for women than for men in Thursday’s polls.

Election observers blame Taliban attacks, a dearth of female election workers and hundreds of closed women’s voting sites.

Some worry the result could be a new government that pays even less attention to women’s concerns in a country where cultural conservatism already restricts female participation in public life.

Anonymous said...

Wow. The far-right hatemongers are up early today.

Anonymous said...

The socialist Obama is going to send in his enforcers, ACORN & UNIONS, to town hall meetings to disrupt and counterattack our patriots. Obama is calling them pro health care, grassroots activists, yeah right. Of course his plan is George Soros driven, just like the rest of his agenda, and it is tantamount to turning out the dogs on American citizens.

Anonymous said...

Local Top DEMOCRAT Involved in St. Louis BOMBING

Following in the footsteps of Bill Ayers, Democratic strategist and bomber-- Milton H. "Skip" Ohlsen III.

A local top Democratic strategist was involved in a bombing last year that seriously injured a St. Louis attorney, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported:

A federal search warrant obtained by the Post-Dispatch connects a former Democratic campaign strategist to a Clayton bombing last year that seriously injured an attorney.

About two months after the October bombing, federal law enforcement officials searched the downtown loft of Milton H. "Skip" Ohlsen III, seeking "evidence related to the planning, execution, and/or cover-up of the bombing in Clayton, Missouri, on October 16, 2008."

Ohlsen in recent weeks has been at the center of a swirling political scandal that is threatening the political careers of at least two Missouri Democratic legislators.

The Clayton bombing injured attorney John L. Gillis of the Armstrong Teasdale firm. But investigators now believe Gillis was not the intended target of the bomb that exploded next to his car in the parking garage at 190 Carondelet Plaza.

Anonymous said...

DEMOCRAT Rep. Chaka Fattah will hold his health care town hall at the SEIU headquarters.

MEDIA ADVISORY: Coverage Invited TUESDAY Rep. Fattah Will Address Healthcare Forum

PHILADELPHIA — Congressman Chaka Fattah, a strong advocate for President Obama’s Healthcare Reform plan with a robust public insurance option, will address a healthcare forum tomorrow. Fattah last week called for a national March for Healthcare in Washington in September.


WHO: Congressman Chaka Fattah (D-PA)

WHAT: Alliance for Retired Americans Healthcare Forum

WHEN: Tuesday August 25, 2009 at 11 a.m.

WHERE: SEIU Local 1202 headquarters
455 N. 5th Street
Philadelphia PA

Anonymous said...

Glenn Beck is tracing the corrupt administration of Obama to several nefarious people and organizations this week. Catch his programs if you can. The first one was blood chilling. Just think of him as a modern day Paul Revere. The first program outed Van Jones, Obama's environmental czar that started the group targeting Beck’s sponsors. Jones was an admitted communist, a radical black activist, and has been jailed several times. Beck asked a guest how Jones could pass a background check, and be cleared by the FBI, with a radical past like that? The guest said Obama can wave FBI clearance. No wonder Van Jones didn’t want Beck to air this program. Jones is a THUG, a person that has no business near anyone making decisions for the people of the USA. Obama simply cannot leave his Chicago thuggery strategy, he still believes he can force his will on the people.

Anonymous said...

Our resident troll, 4:57 AM, is here. It is so heartening to know we have a born again conservative. He comes here for his daily truth fix. Our good work is evident, or he would not read this site, or add his cerebral thoughts. I feel like a evangelist that has won a convert, but we need more. Onward bros, onward.

Anonymous said...

For Obama, interrogation fight won't be welcome

Obama shoots off the toe that goes wee-wee-wee to distract from healthcare disaster.


Article @ Lucianne.com

Anonymous said...

Glenn Beck goes after Color of Change co-founder Van Jones
See Glenn Beck fight. See Glenn Beck win.
Van Jones co-founded an African American political advocacy group, Color of Change. Some of the sponsors of Beck’s program knuckled under to a small group of black radicals. I have had enough of this shit. What happened to the great unifier? What has happened, is that thug groups like Color of Change, do disgusting things, and then run behind the race card to hide. How can a man that tries to stifle free speech be an advisor to Obama? ACORN receives taxpayer’s funds under dozens of different names, and the media knows all about it, and reports nothing. I would like to know if Color of Change receives government funds? Corruption has taken over, the town hall patriots are our best hope of turning Obama and the Democrats out on their ears.

Anonymous said...

An AARP representative was on Fox News this morning. Talk about a talking head measuring his every word. His line of bullshit was so phony he was choking on his own lying words. You could say he was stepping on his own shtick.

Anonymous said...

VIDEO: Rep. Maxine Waters: Senators That Oppose Public Option Are "Neanderthals"
Real Clear Politics ^ | August 24, 2009 | Real Clear Politics

Last week Lee, this week Waters, anyone see a pattern? Anything for Obama type mentality?
Vote the bums out.

Anonymous said...

Van Jones co-founded an African American political advocacy group, Color of Change.

Love their motto: Changing the Color of Democracy

Racist on it's face.

Anonymous said...

The number one health care question: Who actually wrote this bill? How did a 1000+ page bill get into congress that they cannot, or will not read? Why did Obama try to shove this down our throats in jig time? What was the big rush?
10 Questions to Ask at Healthcare Town Hall Meetings

EconomicPolicyJournal.com -
Robert Wenzel

The following questions are all written by me(Robert Wenzel - the author). However, I couldn't have come up with them without the truly Herculean reading of the 1,000 plus page healthcare document by Peter Fleckstein, and also Russell Wilcox. When history books for this era are written, both these men's names should go down as heroes, for letting the public know what this so called, "healthcare" bill is really all about.
Question 1: Who actually wrote this bill? Congressman can you get us the names of the people that wrote this bill, so that we can understand their views on...

Anonymous said...

Obama surrounds himself with thugs. Who do you think the czars are, and how the Liar in Chief plans to use them?

Anonymous said...

Yes, I've got news. This daily update thread sucks on a daily basis. Do you get up in the morning ready to slam people with views other than your own?

Now I know you'll slam me, and that will really represent supporting free speech.

Anonymous said...

The number one health care question: Who actually wrote this bill? How did a 1000+ page bill get into congress that they cannot, or will not read?

It was written in part by the Apollo Alliance, the same people that gave you the cap and tax bill.

They are a steering committee that networks a host of hard core leftist special interests. If you drill down through their ranks, it would scare the holy shit out of you.

Anonymous said...

More and more talking heads are admitting the biasness of the media for Oboob. I even heard one comment about their in-the-tank writing was starting to change by necessity, because the people are no longer “buying it.” (small pun)

Plus, the administration is blaming the media for the health care fiasco. Oh my goodness, their messiah is pointing a nicotine stained finger at his loyal minions. The journalists that didn’t tell the truth about Obama before the election, look a little ridiculous as the truth comes out now. A cub reporter could have found out the truth in two phone calls.

Refresh me, why is it we are supposed to feel sorry for journalists losing their jobs? They lost their own jobs when they forgot their mission.
Don’t go blaming me, komrades!

Anonymous said...

Saw the first AARP pro-ObamaCare TV commercial last night. Did I mention I'm dropping my membership?

Anonymous said...

Yes, I've got news. This daily update thread sucks on a daily basis.

Actually I find it great! It is so nice to read all the news in one place that the so called "watchdogs" refuse to cover.

You know, the real news that you hate because it doesn't fit your vision.

Anonymous said...

We need to know a lot more about the Apollo Alliance.
The whole Obama administration is like something out of an unbelievably bad novel.

Anonymous said...

From the beach at Martha's Vineyard

**Late Breaking News!**

Obama Administration Predicts Unemployment and Deficits Far Worse Than Previously Stated

Anonymous said...

And the market goes up. Not a hint of distress.

Guess it's true you have to spend money for people to once again make money. After 8 years of Bush tax cuts and military spending, at least we're finally spending on things that help normal people.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:11 Thanks. Great read!

Anonymous said...

Obama caught in Pinocchio moment
Washington Examiner [DC]
by Barbara Hollingsworth

Last week, I wondered whether President Obama was telling a whopper during a conference call on August 19 when he dismissed as “fabrications” charges by the National Right to Life Committee and others that a White House-backed health reform bill contained government subsidies for abortion. According to the Annenberg Public Policy Center’s FactCheck.org, it was President Obama who was not telling the truth, the whole…

Wise article comment:
‘You know Obama is lying if his lips are moving, or the NYT prints it.’
That is seriously funny.

Anonymous said...

Is it a coincidence that Obama backer George Soros repositioned himself in Petrobras to get dividends just a few days before Obama committed $2 billion in loans and guarantees for Petrobras’ offshore operations?

Anonymous said...

I for one, welcome you here 4:57 and 8:00 AM. How can I convert you, if you don’t come to the well of truth? I love you like a bro, don’t ya know? Singing: We can over come, We can over come, sing it with me brother, loud and clear.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:22 "Sweetie" is just havin a bad week is all.

Good News: Anchorage Mayor Vetoes Gay-Rights Measure (citizenlink.org)

Anchorage, Alaska, Mayor Dan Sullivan vetoed a pro-gay measure Monday that likely would have threatened religious liberties.
The ordinance had been approved by the Anchorage Assembly, 7-4.

It was designed to prohibit discrimination in employment, housing, education and other areas.

Pro-family groups said it would have forced Christian ministries, churches and others in the faith community to hire people who don't share their religious beliefs.

Jim Minnery, president of the Alaska Family Council, said communities across the country have been negatively affected after sexual orientation measures were implemented.

"In each of those communities, there's been documented cases of Christian adoption agencies having to shut down, because they won't adopt out to same-sex couples," he said, "and photographers who've been taken to court because they refused to celebrate and affirm lesbian couples' commitment ceremonies. And on and on it goes."

Anonymous said...

Since JFK the federal government has been the literal enemy of decent White citizens. Every administration has been more hostile than the one before with the partial exception of Reagan (Don’t forget that Reagan signed a huge illegal alien amnesty and allowed the left-wing neocons to dominate him.)

With Obama we have reached the very bottom. He is a deeply stupid, corrupt, affirmative-action parasite who has nothing but contempt for Whites. Obama is a left-wing fascist who has already defined his domestic opponents as potential terrorists. Like Lenin and Stalin before him he elevates criminals like the Black Panthers, La Raza and ACORN to positions of respect and authority.

We are in the hands of an angry, overgrown adolescent who believes his every act of corruption and illegal abuse of power is an act of moral superiority. Obama is a traitor and the logical conclusion of the last 50 years of left-wing policies. When he lies, when he fails, when he destroys this country utterly he will blame us. He doesn’t even have the sense to hide his malignant, hostile intentions.

Anonymous said...

Every Critic a Racist
ABC ^ John Stossel

For instance, actress Janeane Garofalo summed up the tea parties thusly: “This is about hating a black man in the White House. This is racism straight up.”
How can anyone be this stupid?

Anonymous said...

Obama is losing the senior’s vote by the day, but an even larger worry is losing the baby boomers. AARP is also very aware of their upcoming insurance scam buyers. AARP still mouths the lie about making the insurance companies lower costs. Well, what the hell is AARP but an insurance company? Why doesn’t one journalist ask what AARP is doing to lower insurance costs?

Anonymous said...

Re:-Obama caught in Pinocchio moment-
I agee Obama is Pinocchio, and George Soros pulls his strings.
The question is, how long will Pinocchio's nose grow?
Look under the bus for clues?

John Altevogt said...

Has anyone anywhere seen their newspaper report on the union thugs and ACORN thugs being bussed in to these town halls to bully and intimidate the seniors in attendance? Whereas the seniors truly are grassroots, these thugs are nothing more than modern day brownshirts.

Also, has anyone written about AARP's conflict of interest in embracing Obama's Deathcare plan over the best interests of its members?

Anonymous said...

“The Debt President is sun tanning on the beaches of
Marxist’s Vineyard.”

Anonymous said...

AARP and the corrupt MSM duck away from divulging any numbers about the deluge of breakaway AARP members. Go seniors go, AARP was for the 'Death Panels' before they were against them!

Kevin Gregory said...

10:03 John, McClatchy sees SEIU and ACORN as grassroots.

Anonymous said...

They're more like assroots.

Anonymous said...

American Thinker, by Randall

"He who wishes to exert a useful influence must be careful to insult nothing." If Goethe was right, I guess we can give up on President Obama exerting a useful influence. By now he's insulted just about everything and everyone. I list some of his insults below, in alphabetical order by insultee....

Anonymous said...

The old rope-a-dope
Obama Attacks CIA to Quell
ObamaCare Protests and
Establish Secret Police

Canada Free Press, by Sher Zieve

Anonymous said...

...Since JFK the federal government has been the literal enemy of decent White citizens...

Ah, yes. The bottom line for all this fear and hate. Some people always have to find a scapegoat for their failures in life, instead of examining their own choices and (lack of) ability.

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes. The bottom line for all this fear and hate. Some people always have to find a scapegoat for their failures in life, instead of examining their own choices and (lack of) ability.

You sound like you are describing your typical affirmative action baby.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:22: "Marxist’s Vineyard.”

Very Good!!

Troll Hunter said...

4:57 and 8:00 AM We'll keep chummin' the waters and you just keep coming back to hear the real truth to power!
What was that old song? Oh Yeah...Ya ain't seen nothin' yet...

Anonymous said...

Please be advised that at the end of Ramadan, there will be a rush at the all-you-can-eat buffet type restaurants in the heavily Muslim populated regions. Please be advised to stay home to avoid the stampede when the fasting is over. Many of these establishments are already booked well in advance!

Anonymous said...

The Obama taxman cometh-
Whoops! Cash For Clunker Participants Don't Realize Their Rebates Get Taxed

The Business Insider
Some of the drivers that bought new cars through cash for clunkers are learning that it wasn't quite the deal they hoped…

Anonymous said...

California is having a huge garage sale. You can buy the liberal’s overspending trinkets for a bargain. Of course they had to hire more workers to handle the glut of items to inventory. Arnold autographed the car visors. I’m surprised CA didn’t try to cash in on the Cash for Clunkers program.
Why can't CA just get along? And, without money from other states!.

Anonymous said...

‘No Sheeples Here’ blog has the 9/11 photo of a USA citizen jumping from a twin tower building. This is the photo that was shown a day or two, and then removed from sight because it was just to horrific for us to view. Later the liberals tried to remove the horror of the attack from our minds so President Bush couldn’t receive any credit.

"Matthew Vadum has written a piece published at American Spectator that reveals a political effort to erase the meaning of September 11, 2001. He offers his conjecture that this Administration seeks to convert September 11th into a day of leftist celebration and statist idolatry and my outrage over this is volcanic."

Anonymous said...

TOTUS calls Obie the Big Guy, a good laugh or two.
Barack Obama's Teleprompter's Blog
Because There Is No POTUS Without TOTUS

Beach Bum
The plans for today are to do the Vineyard "Clinton-style ... but without the interns." Big Guy will play a round of golf, take the family down the road for ice cream, invite the press for a clam bake to hear James Taylor perform on the beach, and maybe we'll have Barbra Streisand drop by, too, for another photo op.

Oh, and he'll release his vacation reading list, which will have on it at least five books written by obscure African-American authors, one collection of poems written by a leftist Central American poet, and a book by a self-hating white lesbian economist, who wishes she were a self-hating, Harvard-tenured, African-American lesbian economist.

Anonymous said...

Rep. Maxine Waters: "Senators That Oppose Public Option Are 'Neanderthals'.."
And, she knows Neanderthals first hand, the Black Panthers, Unions, ACORN,...

Anonymous said...

Does it ever confuse normal people to see democrats snuggle up to the criminal element and make them wonder, WHY?

Here's Why! Because it run deep into their core.


Anonymous said...

Sophia Elena Reporting Healthcare Protest Part 2

Sophia is tearing them up again. Exposing the enlightened, "grass roots" Bwhahahhaa


Anonymous said...

"...invite the press for a clam bake to hear James Taylor perform on the beach, ..."

Well crap!!! Now I have to dump my J.T. collection...

You've got a friend...YEAH RIGHT! More like you've got a fiend.

Are they gonna hold hands and sing Kum-byah and make 'Smores?

Must be freakin' nice! $500,000 a week (o_o)

Anonymous said...

The Marxist's Vineyard reading list...WHAT! "No Roots"?

1. The Way Home by George Pelecanos (or The Happy Hollisters and the secret under the carpet.)

2. Hot, Flat and Crowded by Tom Friedman
along comes Thomas Friedman, resident of a positively obscene 11,400 square foot suburban Maryland mega-monstro-mansion and husband to the heir of one of the largest shopping-mall chains in the world, reinventing himself as an oracle of anti-consumerist conservationism.

3. Lush Life by Richard Price
"It was like reading the script of one of my favorite cops shows." You decide
4. Plainsong by Kent Haruf
From these unsettled lives emerges a vision of life, and of the town and landscape that bind them together -- their fates somehow overcoming the powerful circumstances of place and station...Prerequisite tear jerker

5. John Adams by David McCullough

"...when he realized the struggling colonies needed men of wisdom and dedication to guide the events that were unfolding, he became one of the most tenacious patriots of the Revolution."
John Adams quote: "Let us dare to read, think, speak, write...Let it be known that British liberties are not the grants of princes or parliaments...that many of our rights are inherent and essential..."

So will our Dear President take any John Adams' lessons to heart and really try to change America for the better, or will B.O. call John Adams a Colonial anarchist?

My Summer reading list...What Color is your Parachute...

Anonymous said...

Whoo Hooo! Teddie's Dead! I sure hope Mary Jo's on his sentencing committee.