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Anonymous said...

AG Holder can’t wave his little wand and whitewash ACORN’s fraud and thuggery away. Holder is a fraud himself, and he is dishonest. His plans to embarrass the CIA thus the USA, will weaken us around the world, and enflame hatred against our troops. Obama and the radical Democrats are pitting one group against another, and hatred is the ’Change’ he is bringing to everyone.
Acorn In Retreat
American Spectator
by Matthew Vadum

While ACORN retreats across the nation, an upcoming voter registration fraud trial may reveal embarrassing information that hinders the ability of the embattled radical activist group to function. The testimony will come as soon as next month from former ACORN Las Vegas field director Christopher Edwards. Charged with election fraud by Nevada's Democratic attorney general, he cut a deal last week with prosecutors and has pleaded guilty to two counts of conspiracy..

Anonymous said...

"Let them eat cake!"
Memo from Martha's: Chief golfs with his chef

OAK BLUFFS, Mass. – A day after playing golf with the chairman of the UBS banking giant, President Barack Obama hit the links with an assistant White House chef during his Martha's Vineyard vacation. That's not to say Sam Kass is an ordinary cook. Kass is a former restaurant chef who has long cooked for the Obamas, preparing healthy meals for a busy family.

Anonymous said...

Senator Edward Kennedy has Died
of brain cancer
He was the poster boy for term limits.

Anonymous said...

More “Change you can believe in”
-House boosts benefit for top aides-
Washington Times
by Stephen Dinan

A month after they voted to punish some corporate executives for taking hefty bonus payouts, members of the House of Representatives quietly gave their own staffers a new potential bonus by making even their top-earning aides eligible for taxpayer dollars to repay their student loans. The change, which took effect in May, means House employees earning up to $168,411, or the top level, are now eligible for government-funded subsidies.

Anonymous said...

GM To Remove 'Mark Of Excellence'
Logo From Vehicles

Well, duh.

Anonymous said...

Busted!... Dem Headquarters Vandalized By SEIU Activist!!... Dems Blamed GOP (Gateway Pundit)

Sorry Dems-- What Looked Like a Partisan Attack Was an SEIU Setup

The Colorado Democratic Headquarters in Denver was vandalized this morning.
Eleven windows at the headquarters on Santa Fe Drive were shattered early this morning in a vandalism spree.

CDP Office Vandalism
The Dems blamed the vandalism on the health care rhetoric.

But, later in the day authorities arrested a 24 year-old Maurice Schwenkler on suspicion of smashing 11 windows at Colorado Democratic Party headquarters.

Shwenkler tried to conceal his identity while allegedly committing the crime, according to police descriptions.

But, the People's Press Collective did some investigating and found this on Shwenkler:

Schwenkler received a $500 payment by SEIU-related front-group Colorado Citizen Coalition?

SOS ID: 20085621714
Reporting Period: 10/23/2008 - 11/30/2008 Due: 12/04/2008

Date: 11/06/2008
1065 LIPAN
DENVER, CO 80204

Expenditure Type: Electioneering
Original Amount Reported: $0.00
Actual Amount: $500.00

And, then there is this on Schwenkler from the Denver Post:

While Schwenkler does not appear in the state’s voter registration database, a person by that name in November 2008 received $500 from a political 527 committee called Colorado Citizens Coalition for “communications,” according to campaign finance disclosuares.

The accountant for the 527 appears to be the same woman who handles the books for many other Democratic-leaning political committees.

The Peoples Press Collective has much more on this setup.

More... Moe Lane wants to know-- What did the Democratic Party Chairwoman know about this?

Anonymous said...

DNC Reichstag Fire

Anonymous said...

Obama Fundraiser Arrested in $74 million Citibank Fraud (The Bulletin)

Hassan Nemazee, chairman of Nemazee Capital Corp. and a fundraiser for President Obama and Hillary Clinton, was arrested on charges that he tricked Citigroup Inc. into lending him as much as $74 million using phony documents.

Nemazee got the loan by telling Citibank that he held accounts with hundreds of millions of dollars that could serve as collateral, U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said today in a statement. He used fake addresses and phone numbers controlled by him to mislead the bank, prosecutors said.

The accounts “either never existed or had been closed years before Nemazee submitted the documents referencing those accounts,” Bharara said in the statement.

Anonymous said...

US snubs Poland over WW II ceremony? (

Five days before the commemoration ceremony of the 70th anniversary of the outbreak of World War II in Poland, Washington has yet to announce who is going to represent the US administration.

Polish officials had been led to believe the US would be represented by Vice-President Joe Biden or Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

But Prime Minister Donald Tusk seems to have lost all hope that the Obama administration will be sending a high-level official to the ceremony - to be attended by Chancellor Merkel, Prime Minister Putin and other heads of government and state at Gdansk - on September 1.

Anonymous said...

Why is noone talking about the irony of ted kennedy's death?

He was an advocate for universal healthcare, yet had he been in the health care system he proposed, a man of his age and his illness would have been left to fend for himself as he would have been too much of a burden on the system.

Anonymous said...

Yes Wee-Wee Can't!
The White House has finally admitted that its original 10-year deficit projection was off by merely two trillion bucks -- revising it from a rosy, sunny, optimistic $7,100,000,000,000.00 to a reassuring $9,050,000,000,000.00, which more than doubles the national debt by FY 2019, making it three-quarters the size of the whole economy. On the bright side, the economy is expected to shrink, but 'only' by 2.8 percent this year.

In response, the Obama administration appoints a prosecutor to go after the CIA.

Anonymous said...

Five million have never had a job...(Dailymail U.K.)DEAR LEADER'S UTOPIA FOR AMERICA

At least five million people of working age have not done a day's work since Labour came to power, research suggests.

The figure, to be highlighted by the Tories tomorrow, will fuel fears that the Government has cultivated a 'Shameless' generation dependent on the state.

An analysis of official data shows that three million in England and Wales had no job between 1996 and 2001, while a further two million had never had a job.

Like the five million Britons who have never worked under Labour, characters such as alcoholic Frank Gallagher (David Threlfall) in Shameless live on long-term benefits

Anonymous said...

Kennedy betrays President Reagan:

May 14, 1983 document from the KGB archives reveals that Senator Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.) reached out to the General Secretary of the Soviet Union’s Communist Party, Yuri Andropov, to propose a kind of public relations strategy to counter President Reagan’s defense policy initiatives toward the Soviet Union, policies that Kennedy felt were too aggressive

Anonymous said...

It's official: Obamanomics has failed (American Thinker)

The Obama administration on Tuesday acknowledged that Obamanomics, the dismal science of spending other people's money as fast as possible, honed with ward bosses and union kingpins on Chicago's South Side, has failed.

They did so, not in so many words and probably without knowing it, while hammering Americans with a devastating and demoralizing one-two blow -- one a sucker punch, the other below the belt.

With the sycophants in the Obama press corps distracted while rubbing elbows with the Obamas and other rich folk on the Vineyard, the O Team threw their sucker punch:

officially announcing that the federal budget deficit next year will be nearly 20% more than in their first forecast made just last May, and over the next ten years will be two trillion dollars more than they had predicted.

Anonymous said...

I actually think Obama and many on the left appreciate that free market capitalism with low taxation and regulation is the best system for prosperity.

But prosperity is not their priority. "Equality", administered by the elite, is.

Anonymous said...

Obama's Worst Poll Number (Real Clear Politics)

Gallup's breakdown of Obama's job approval by age was illuminating.

First off, note Obama's drop-off among young people. Young people were supposed to be a critical component of the new Democratic majority.

Granted their approval is still slightly higher than the other groups, but it has far and away been the most volatile, dropping more than any other. This should not come as a huge surprise.

Baby Boomers were partial to McGovern in 1972, but swung around to Reagan in the 80s. Young people's political dispositions are still being formed.

Anonymous said...

Man collapses with ruptured appendix... three weeks after NHS doctors 'took it out' (Daily Mail UK)

After weeks of excruciating pain, Mark Wattson was understandably relieved to have his appendix taken out.

Doctors told him the operation was a success and he was sent home. But only a month later the 35-year-old collapsed in agony and had to be taken back to Great Western Hospital in Swindon by ambulance.

Anonymous said...

Why is he complaining? He got not one, but two free surgeries!

But my favorite part:

Paul Gearing, deputy general manager for general surgery at Great Western Hospital NHS Trust, said:

"We would like to apologise if Mr Wattson felt dissatisfied with the care he received at Great Western Hospital."

Anonymous said...

What Happens When the Cult Ends ?

Richard Cohen is disappointed. Obama isn’t making use of his “teachable” moments. What—the grand teacher, the magnificent orator, isn’t imparting wisdom to us or convincing us on racial-profiling or health care or much of anything else? Not really.

Cohen doesn’t say a lot about the content of Obama’s messages, but he sure has plenty to say about Obama himself—such as “his distinct coolness [and] an above-the-fray mien that does not communicate empathy.” I think he means Obama is a snob.

Anonymous said...

Let's be brutally honest and clear on one point.

The Obama Presidency is, and has always been, a creation of the Main Stream Media.

They wanted him for President so badly their legs tingled. They wanted him so badly for President that they willfully ignored and actively suppressed any fact that would in any way lessen his chances of election.

If they had given Obama 1% of the in-depth scrutiny they automatically apply to ANY Republican (providing the dared to publish the results), he would not only NOT be President, he would not have gotten the Democrat Party nomination.

He won because the Main Stream Media was willing to lie and cover up for him. But having gotten him into the White House, that same media could not teach him how to govern, and that is something he has never had to learn.

So he's screwing it up. As anyone with a half of brain could expect, and that same gaggle of MSM lying halfwits are running around with like chickens with their heads cut off wondering how to save their darling boy.

Anonymous said...


Bed shortage forces 4,000 mothers to give birth in lifts, offices and hospital toilets (

Thousands of women are having to give birth outside maternity wards because of a lack of midwives and hospital beds.

The lives of mothers and babies are being put at risk as births in locations ranging from lifts to toilets - even a caravan - went up 15 per cent last year to almost 4,000.

Health chiefs admit a lack of maternity beds is partly to blame for the crisis, with hundreds of women in labour being turned away from hospitals because they are full.

Latest figures show that over the past two years there were at least:

* 63 births in ambulances and 608 in transit to hospitals;

* 117 births in A&E departments, four in minor injury units and two in medical assessment areas;

* 115 births on other hospital wards and 36 in other unspecified areas including corridors;

* 399 in parts of maternity units other than labour beds, including postnatal and antenatal wards and reception areas.

Additionally, overstretched maternity units shut their doors to any more women in labour on 553 occasions last year.

Babies were born in offices, lifts, toilets and a caravan, according to the Freedom of Information data for 2007 and 2008 from 117 out of 147 trusts which provide maternity services.

One woman gave birth in a lift while being transferred to a labour ward from A&E while another gave birth in a corridor, said East Cheshire NHS Trust.

Anonymous said...

Re: Yes Wee-Wee Can't!
The Debt President is going to regret his little Wee-Weed joke. It makes him sound like a fool. Google has a half a million references to it already. One could say, the faux articulate one, showed his true colors.

Anonymous said...

Mo. legislators plead guilty (Jeff Smith(D), Steve Brown (D)
The St. Louis Post-Dispatch

ST. LOUIS -Missouri state Sen. Jeff Smith and Rep. Steve Brown today pleaded guilty to felony charges related to Smith's 2004 campaign for the U.S. Congress.

Anonymous said...

More guilty Democrats for McClatchy to ignore.

Maybe McClatchy can run some follow-up stories about Duke Cunningham or What-his-name Craig with the wide stance. That would be about par for their leftist course.

Anonymous said...

The Democrats will probably try to turn the Kennedy passing into another Wellstone media event. However, they won’t have the lying MSM coverage, without question, they used to have. Bloggers have changed all that. Trust the Dems to misjudge the peoples’ real opinion of Kennedy.

Anonymous said...

Obama allows access to kids when he’ll benefit. (The Boston Herald)

How much public privacy do presidential families deserve? Not as much as Barack Obama wants.

Earlier this month, according to the New York Post, Secret Service agents demanded that customers temporarily hand over cell phones in D.C.’s “Good Stuff Eatery,” where Michelle, Malia and Sasha were eating cheeseburgers, onion rings and fries.

Why? To prevent diners from snapping cell phone pictures of the first daughters.

Now on Martha’s Vineyard, Obama has issued strong media directives about photographing the girls when he’s not with them.

First, nobody should be confiscating anyone’s cell phone or camera. Second, there’s no evidence that paparazzi and/or TV and newspaper photographers stalk the Obama children.

Obama just can’t have it both ways. He exposed his kids when it suited him.

Recall last summer’s campaign interview with “Access Hollywood.” The Obama girls answered Maria Menounos’ very pleasant questions, such as, how much fun would it be to live in the White House? America was charmed.

Anonymous said...

O’Sunbather’s debt figgers, was off jest a widdle, why 20% off the trooth is nothin to a Chicagoite. In fact, it’s a must. Tony Rezko is in seclusion writing a book about it, he is naming names. Word is, there is a cement factory near him making too much noise, so his book may be delayed.
-It's official: Obamanomics has failed-
American Thinker
by William Tate
The Obama administration on Tuesday acknowledged that Obamanomics, the dismal science of spending other people's money as fast as possible, honed with ward bosses and union kingpins on Chicago's South Side, has failed.

Anonymous said...

Charlie Rangel discloses $660K more in assets (Politico )

New financial disclosure reports filed by Rep. Charlie Rangel (DEMOCRAT-N.Y.) show that the veteran lawmaker failed to report more than $660,000 in assets during 2007, a potential violation of House ethics rules.

Rangel, chairman of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee, also had previously stated that he sold a Florida condominium in 2007, but an amended report covering that year – filed in mid-August – now makes no mention of that transaction. It appears that Rangel no longer owns the condo as it is not listed on his 2008 financial report, filed last month.

The latest revelations on Rangel’s personal finances may prove problematic for the New York Democrat, who is already the target of a wide-ranging ethics investigation.

That probe, which Rangel and House Democratic leaders had hoped would last a few months, is now coming up on its one-year anniversary.

Anonymous said...

Payday For Unions (IBD)

Labor: If there's any question as to why union toughs turned up at recent health care town halls and got violent, consider what they were gooning for: a $10 billion bailout for their mismanaged pensions — at our expense.

Buried on page 65 of the 1,017 pages of HR 3200, the House's health care reform bill, and in a Senate bill as well, stands a $10 billion entitlement to keep pensions for unions like United Auto Workers as shiny and gold-plated as the day Detroit executives signed off on them.

Anonymous said...

A “Lost” Fact in the “Rathergate” Mess — Part 1 (Bush volunteered to go to Vietnam)

In 2007, Rather filed his $70 million lawsuit against his old company saying he wasn’t allowed to defend his story because the top management of CBS’ parent company, Viacom, wanted to appease the Bush Administration and protect its business interests.

Until now, the controversy over the Rather/Mapes story has centered almost entirely on one issue:

the legitimacy of the documents – a very important issue, indeed.

But it turns out that there was another very important issue, one that goes to the very heart of what the story was about – and one that has gone virtually unnoticed.

This is it: Mary Mapes knew before she put the story on the air that George W. Bush, the alleged slacker, had in fact volunteered to go to Vietnam.

Who says? The outside panel CBS brought into to get to the bottom of the so-called “Rathergate” mess says.

I recently re-examined the panel’s report after a source, Deep Throat style, told me to “Go to page 130.”

When I did, here’s the startling piece of information I found:

Mapes had information prior to the airing of the September 8 [2004] Segment that President Bush, while in the TexANG [Texas Air National Guard] did volunteer for service in Vietnam but was turned down in favor of more experienced pilots.

For example, a flight instructor who served in the TexANG with Lieutenant Bush advised Mapes in 1999 that Lieutenant Bush “did want to go to Vietnam but others went first.” Similarly, several others advised Mapes in 1999, and again in 2004 before September 8, that Lieutenant Bush had volunteered to go to Vietnam but did not have enough flight hours to qualify.

Anonymous said...

The frightened old hatemongers are out in force again this morning.

Anonymous said...

Mary Jo Kopechne - RIP

Anonymous said...

NY Gov. Paterson says race remarks misunderstood (Another, he said it but didn't mean it) AP

New York Gov. David Paterson says his comments last week suggesting some of his critics were motivated by racial bias have been misunderstood.

The state's first black governor said Tuesday at the State University at Stony Brook that he did talk about some negative racial stereotyping that has gone on from time to time but he didn't blame his problems on that.

Anonymous said...

One of Kennedy’s most memorable quotes came in a rare truthful moment during a discussion about socialism he said,

“[Socialism] hasn’t worked in 6,000 years of recorded history because it didn’t have me to run it.”

“Sir Edward’s family asks for donations to LaRaza or groups he loved so dearly.”

Anonymous said...

Matthews: Obama Not Getting Enough Love for Economic 'Comeback' (WTF?)

Try to keep a straight face when you hear this: President Barack Obama isn't getting enough media love.

That's the world view of MSNBC "Hardball" host Chris Matthews - at least when it comes to the economy.

Anonymous said...

I am thankful that I have never seen PMSNBC, suscribed to a McClacthy paper, much less Mr. pee on himself.

How does a fool like this live with himself?

"Paging Melanie Sill"

Anonymous said...




FOXNEWS BECK 2,810,000



FOXNEWS SHEP 1,860,000


CNN KING 1,063,000


CNN COOPER 827,000


Nuff Said...

Anonymous said...

6:12 Your post has made my day. That you have come to read the good words here again, gives me reason to rejoice. When former leftists come to the well of truth, it means a new day is near. Brothers and sisters, we have saved one lost soul today.
Welcome 6:12, welcome.

Anonymous said...

Kennedy divorced his wife, became a drunk, and from time to time was caught having fun with women who were the age of his children.

For the past decade, Kennedy's main push has been for universal health care, which if passed, he would have been excluded from, but which he had deemed appropriate for the masses.

No doubt Kennedy's death will give President Obama one last weapon in his push for ObamaCare.

Of course, only with Democratic presidents could one put forth the death of an old, rich, murdering Senator who sought private and experiential treatments to extend his life, and try to make that death a rallying cry for socialized medicine, which would have excluded the type of treatments that Kennedy's sought and received.

Anonymous said...

The rumor has it, President Golfer, stopped at the first tee for a moment of silent prayer for his moribund heath care reform.

Anonymous said...

Olbermann: Fox News Watchers Are Paranoids and Racists (NewsBusters)

Did you know that Keith Olbermann's "Countdown" on MSNBC is the highest rated news program on cable?

You didn't?

Well, it is according to Keith Olbermann.


Even worse, in his view, folks that watch Fox News are "tin foil hatters, conspiracy theorists, paranoids and racists."

Anonymous said...

Good leftist sales tactic.

“Come and watch our network you paranoid racists, ours is so much better. Hava a nice day you bigots”

Anonymous said...

'08 race worker held in damage to Colorado Democratic HQ (Denver Post via DRUDGE)

One of two people suspected of shattering 11 windows Tuesday morning at the state Democratic Party headquarters has an arrest record and a history of helping a Democratic political candidate, public records show.

Police said that about 2:20 a.m., 24-year-old Maurice Schwenkler, now in custody, and an at-large accomplice took a hammer to the picture windows displaying posters touting President Barack Obama and his health care reform efforts.

Early Tuesday, Democratic Party chairwoman Pat Waak said the damage to her building in Denver's art district was a consequence of "an effort on the other side to stir up hate."

She tempered her statement after Schwenkler's political history was revealed.

Anonymous said...

Union thugs are filling the town hall meetings so regular people cannot attend. The Democrats were just saying the other protesters were organized mobs, and their questions were contrived, and disrespectful. What do you call organized thugs taking over meetings, and silencing the opposition the old fashioned Chicago way? Obama is not only dishonest, he is a menace to society, IMHO.

Anonymous said...

Several journalist have written that AG Holder has started the CIA witch-hunt to take the heat off Obama and his health care debacle. The Kennedy carnival will also give Obama some space, but distractions will not end the distrust of the death panel legislation.

Anonymous said...

Glenn Beck is exposing Obama and more of his suspicious, and controversial cronies. We have a black radical as environmental czar advising the phony one.Glenn has fully documented facts. I expect Bill Ayers to appointed Bomb Czar anytime now. The Democrats had better wake up and distance themselves from these radicals before it is too late. There are already predictions that the voters will turn out 100 House Democrats in 2010.

Anonymous said...

Powerful Mullah Has Died From Cancer (Iran’s Press TV:)GOT CANCER TREATEMENT IN TEXAS.(PRE-DEATHCARE)

Abdulaziz Hakim dies in Tehran
Abdulaziz Hakim, the head of the Supreme Iraqi Islamic Council, has died at 60 of lung cancer in a hospital in Tehran.


The Shia political figure, who heads Iraq’s most powerful party, was diagnosed with lung cancer in a Texas hospital in the United States.

How odd it is that this rich and powerful man came to the US for treatment, and not say, CUBA?

Anonymous said...

ACORN in Retreat (The American Spectator)

While ACORN retreats across the nation, an upcoming voter registration fraud trial may reveal embarrassing information that hinders the ability of the embattled radical activist group to function.

The testimony will come as soon as next month from former ACORN Las Vegas field director Christopher Edwards. Charged with election fraud by Nevada's Democratic attorney general, he cut a deal last week with prosecutors and has pleaded guilty to two counts of conspiracy to commit the crime of compensation for registration of voters.

ACORN allegedly enforced voter registration quotas with its employees and offered bonuses for extra registrations. Nevada law forbids the use of such incentives on the theory it encourages canvassers to file fraudulent registrations. No wonder: ACORN registers "Mickey Mouse" and various celebrities, out-of-state residents, and dead people, every election cycle.

Anonymous said...

Hey, those Fox News viewership numbers should be broken out in a separate topic heading. BTW, Glenn Beck has been kicking serious ass since his Obama racist rant. Those ratings should have a load of new sponsors lining up soon!
PS - Olbermann's lunatic rating rant refers to viewers 34 and younger of which he draws a few hundred each night. They don't watch news programs. What a tool!

Anonymous said...

Makes my day to see that anus Chris Matthews being ignored by cable news viewers. He's almost as sickening as Olbermann. MSNBC might as well pull the lever and flush themselves before GE decides to pull the plug on that loser news channel.

Anonymous said...

Two of O'Reilly's shows last week made the Top 20 list of ALL cable TV shows. He's headed for more than 6 million viewers nightly (includes the rerun for the West Coast) on a regular basis.

Anonymous said...

The alphabet TV networks, and leftist newspapers, shunned the tea parties and first town hall meetings. It will be interesting to see if they suddenly become interested in reporting now. They can report that the union and ACORN thugs are just mainstream Americans asking their little questions. The Howard Dean town hall meeting, complete with plants, was such a joke. Of course he is a joke, so what else could you expect? A primal scream.

Anonymous said...

Obama‘s Death Panels -or-
How to Die Well in America

John Altevogt said...

ACORN will continue because liberals don't care about election fraud. ACORN, like most liberal groups has learned to loot the till and hence will continue. The government is, and has been, giving it millions of dollars. Other leftist foundations like the Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City have given grants to ACORN. (This same foundation refused to give grants for actual medical care to the City Union Mission and the Salvation Army based on their sincerely held religious beliefs. The Star spiked the story, as usual.)

If there is money to be stolen, liberals will attach themselves like parasites to any foundation, or source of money and suck it dry.

Anonymous said...

The liberal's word for fraud and ACORN is activism. Nobody ever accused a liberal of common sense and logic. They operate in complete fantasy.

Anonymous said...

Disgusting facts just keep pouring out about the “Sucker Package”, and knowing the corrupt media, most of the bad stuff is being swept under the carpet.
Subprime Lenders Getting U.S. Subsidies, Report Says

Washington Post ^ Renae Merle
Many of the lenders eligible to receive billions of dollars from the government's massive foreclosure prevention program helped fuel the housing crisis by issuing risky subprime loans, according to a report to be issued Wednesday by the Center for Public Integrity. Under the $75 billion program, called Making Home Affordable, [lenders are eligible for taxpayer subsidies to lower the mortgage payments of distressed borrowers.] Of the top 25 participants in the program, at least 21 specialized in servicing or originating subprime loans, according to the center, a nonprofit investigative reporting group funded largely by charitable foundations.

Anonymous said...

I see the Indy Star's guild approved a two-year contract - and a 10 percent pay CUT!!! Another union bends over and takes it up the kazoola. Paying dues is right up there with smart moves like giving cash to a drunken derelict.

Anonymous said...

Everyone will be equally poor under Obama's socialistic plan for change.

Anonymous said...

At most of these papers taking big pay cuts, it took reporters/sales many years to get a total of 10 percent pay increases. You'd get maybe 2 percent in a good year, unless you were teacher's pet reporter. So a 10 percent whack is major slippage. Say goodbye to four to six years of raises!

Anonymous said...

Laugh of the Day: This is still posted on the SacBee Guild site

"This just in Fresno voted “no” on the vacation burndown. We’ll give more details when we have them."

These people call themselves reporters? That was posted two weeks ago without an update! No wonder that paper sucks so hard.

Anonymous said...

The upcoming Kennedy media frenzy may save Obama. Obama may be looking for an excuse to end his vacation with the rich and famous. Somehow it doesn’t look all that good to the people without jobs, to see the fraud taking time off during a serious recession, to rub elbows with the elite. The media had planned a BIG photo ops, but scrapped that idea for no press at all, because of the bad vibes from some bloggers.

Anonymous said...

After witnessing the media’s Michael Jackson funeral frenzy, who can guess what is in store for Kennedy? Never waste a good funeral. Did somebody already say that?

Anonymous said...

Three Myths About Healthcare Reform

Since Congress began considering healthcare reform, conservatives and their industry allies -so-called opponents of healthcare reform- have embarked on a shameless misinformation campaign about the consequences and implications of expanding access to affordable coverage. Here, debunked, are three of the right wing's most widely circulated myths about reform.

Anonymous said...

Doctors ready to 'just say no' (Majority won't accept new patients under government plan)
Washington Times
Dr. Alfred Bonati
Via: FreeRepublic
I am not sure a socialist president will allow that.

Anonymous said...

The WSJ has an article asking if the Obama presidency can be saved. Who would think such a thing could happen in just seven months?

Anonymous said...

More about Mary Mapes, where the hell is she now, anyway?
CBS News producer Mary Mapes knew, former President George W. Bush had volunteered to go to Vietnam as part of his service in the Texas Air National Guard.
Even though she knew this part of the story before the report aired, she did not include it. She worked five years on the story, and did not include this very important information. Did Dan Rather know? This is just further proof that the MSM is totally corrupt. The leftist will do anything to win elections, anything!
FNC: Bush Volunteered for Vietnam
CBS's Mapes Knowingly Omitted from Story
by Brad Wilmouth

Kevin Gregory said...

8:27 -- I've posted 3 new developments about Fresno since the Bee Guild said "... We’ll give more details when we have them."

Anonymous said...

Any news tease I hear about that fraud Kennedy's death, I'm immediately changing the channel. It's a Kennedy news blackout in this house!

Anonymous said...

Obamacare won't cover illegal immigrants? Yes it will, says Congressional Research Service
(Washington Examiner)

Among the many claims being made durng the August recess by Democrats from President Obama, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-NV, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-CA, to the lowliest back-bencher is that Obamacare absolutely, positively, cannot possibly ever in a million, zillion years provide coverage to illegal immigrants.

Just this past weekend during his regular Saturday address - devoted to addressing what he called "false claims about reform" - Obama said he wants "an honest debate" on health care reform, "not one dominated by willful misrepresentations and outright distortions."

Anonymous said...

Al Franken Holds Two Health Care Meetings Today, Tells No One?
(True North)

Thanks to Twila Brase of Citizen's Council on Health Care, who found out the time and place of Franken's health care meeting this afternoon:

3:00 PM
Minnesota Women's Building
550 Rice Street, St. Paul, MN (near Minnesota State Capitol)

Sorry about the late announcement, but we just heard.

Received this morning (via email) from a reader trying to find where Franken's last-minute health care meetings were today:

I couldn't find it on the internet but called their office. Announced at 8am a roundtable at 10am and 3pm. I barely have time to send an email let alone time to get off work.

I checked the StarTribune and found one buried article (from Associated Press):

ST. PAUL, Minn. - Sen. Al Franken holds his first meetings in the Twin Cities that focus on health care reform.

Anonymous said...

Socialism dies when the socialists die?

Ted Kennedy's death could block Barack Obama health care reform
(Telegraph U.K.)

Senator Edward Kennedy's death has placed a significant hurdle in front of President Barack Obama's attempts to push sweeping plans for reforming health care through Congress.

Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic Speaker of the House, vowed that legislation to insure every American, which Mr Kennedy had described as "the cause of my life", would be achieved.

"Ted Kennedy's dream of quality health care for all Americans will be made real this year because of his leadership and his inspiration," she said in a statement.

But procedural rules in the Senate mean Mr Kennedy's absence could be crucial when a vote is held.

The Democrats hold 60 seats in the 100-seat upper chamber, but without Mr Kennedy, they may not be able muster the 60 votes required to prevent a filibuster of legislation - when Republican opponents could talk the bill off the clock.

Anonymous said...

Kennedy on Chappaquiddick (Video)

Senator Edward Kennedy makes a testament on the events that lead to the death of Mary Jo Kopechne.

She was a passenger in his car when he drove off Dyke Bridge into the channel between Chappaquiddick Island and Martha's Vineyard in 1969.

The Senator swam to safety, but Kopechne drowned. He did not report the accident until the following day.

He pleaded guilty to leaving a scene of crime and received a two-month suspended sentence.

Anonymous said...

A fitting video of the deception communist elites’ laud over on the public. Kinda like reading from a teleprompter...

Anonymous said...

Here’s another part of his legacy:

Ted Kennedy chose to pursue all possible treatment options in order to maintain his life.

No “end of life” counselling with gov’t bureaucrats, no “take a pill” alternatives.

The same choices he would deny to others.

Anonymous said...

Kennedy’s smear of Judge Bork on the US Senator floor:

“Robert Bork’s America is a land in which women would be forced into back-alley abortions, blacks would sit at segregated lunch counters, rogue police could break down citizens’ doors in midnight raids, schoolchildren could not be taught about evolution, writers and artists could be censored at the whim of the Government, and the doors of the Federal courts would be shut on the fingers of millions of citizens for whom the judiciary is — and is often the only — protector of the individual rights that are the heart of our democracy....”

Anonymous said...

Some important lessons from Ted Kennedy

1) Human beings can't breathe water.

Anonymous said...

Ironically, Kennedy turned down an invitation from President Nixon to be present at the festivities at Cape Canaveral

(I’m not sure if those covered the whole period of Apollo 11 or just the launch, but if he had attended that he wouldn’t have been at the party in Chappaquiddick).

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Anonymous said...
Man collapses with ruptured appendix... three weeks after NHS doctors 'took it out' (Daily Mail UK)

After weeks of excruciating pain, Mark Wattson was understandably relieved to have his appendix taken out.

Doctors told him the operation was a success and he was sent home. But only a month later the 35-year-old collapsed in agony and had to be taken back to Great Western Hospital in Swindon by ambulance.

So? What's your point? Are you telling me that no one has ever suffered from post-op complications? This is yet another stupid post from someone who really put no thought into what in fact they were posting.

You right-wing nut jobs crack me up. Please remind me to send ammo and Hamms beer to your next teabagging event.

Anonymous said...

So? What's your point?

You mean to say that you can't even figure that out?

That public education was even worse than I feared.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:21 The Brit doctors never removed his appendix the first time, but lied and said they did.

Then, a month later his appendix, that they said they removed, burst

Anonymous said...


Spare Me The Beatification of Teddy Kennedy (Telegraph(UK)

I know it’s August but the television has been wall-to-wall Teddy Kennedy today. And I live in the UK. I can’t imagine how tiring the coverage must be in the States.

The death of a longstanding public servant is certainly a moment worth noting. The senator was also, I grant, part of a very famous family. Some in Britain might miss that the Kennedys are as close to royalty as America gets.

But Teddy Kennedy is not deserving of these tearful invocations to saintliness. He was a “great parliamentarian” because he was an elected politician for a very long time and helped to cut a lot of deals. His longevity meant that he could point to a number of legislative causes that he had helped to champion.

I might prefer a swifter epitaph, that the senator was “a long-serving recipient of nepotism”.

Anonymous said...

Kennedy can't be buried fast enough.

Anonymous said...

Waitress Sandwich Kennedy - Dodd Style:

In 1985, Dodd and fellow Senator Ted Kennedy were out (with dates) for a night on the town at La Brasserie.

Much liquor was consumed--that will come as a shock to those of us familiar with Ted Kennedy--and the two Senators were at one point unaccompanied by their dates. The Senators made a "Waitress Sandwich" out of some poor, unsuspecting waitress.

Article clip, from the Hartford Courant:

"Dodd and Kennedy were also reported to have made a 'human sandwich' with a waitress at La Brasserie, another Capitol Hill restaurant.

The report had it that Kennedy threw the woman on Dodd, who was slumped in a chair, and then jumped on top of her. She was said to have run screaming from the room."

Anonymous said...

Right-Wing smear? "Mary Jo Kopechne" overtakes "Ted Kennedy" on Twitter's Trending Topics
The Boston Phoenix

We expected a right-wing smear campaign against the late Ted Kennedy, but who knew the Republican attack machine could out-Twitter its progressive rivals?

The late Ted Kennedy was enjoying a ride at the top of Twitter's trending topics earlier today -- following what we feel ought to be called the #MJbump -- but even this morning it became clear that a backlash was brewing, even in 140-characters-or-less land.

Anonymous said...

Right Wing Smear?

So it didnt’ happen? Because that’s what a smear is. A smear is when you, oh I don’t know....file dozens of false ethics complaints in an effort to oust a governor.

A fact is something that happened, such as a US Senator driving a car with his paramour off a bridge, leaving her to die, and failing to report it for ten hours.

Anonymous said...

Think about Kennedy:

1. Dodged Korea through family connections
2. Murdered a young lady by drowning
3. Conspired with the KGB in an attempt to beat Reagan
4. Boldly lied and defamed Judge Bork
5. Participated in at least one date rape

What a legacy

Anonymous said...

I suspect this is really due to the vast number of people who never before heard about Mary Jo becuase of McClacthy types who never mention her being murdered by "Three Sheets Teddy".

Ted croaked and the topic came up -and the subject of a young woman being left to drown in Kennedy's car just seems more interesting to the Twitter crowd.

Imagine that.

Anonymous said...

"We expected a right-wing smear campaign against the late Ted Kennedy,..."

I must have missed the investigations, hearings, or trials, which exonerated Kennedy of killing Kopechne.

Anonymous said...

I googled “kennedy murdered Mary Jo Kopechne” and only got 33,700 hits.

“Bush equals Hitler” nets 18,4000,000.

One it incontrovertibly true and one is complete bullspit.

It's an elitist media thing I'm not privy to I guess

Anonymous said...

Was Mary Jo pregnant when Ted Kennedy left her to drown?

Anonymous said...

The NEA is a "public funding for the arts." They are supposed to be nonpartisan, but like NPR thy have taken a leftward turn. They should lose their funding if they are found to be partisan in any way, IMO. Read this article if you have time. The author explains the government’s abuses, and asks if the hair is standing up on your arms yet?
The National Endowment for the Art of Persuasion?
by Patrick Courrielche

Anonymous said...

A person that attended the Howard Dean town hall meetings said they arrived very early, but most of the seats had already been given to union members. Is there no end to the Democrat's fraud tactics? Thank goodness for Fox News.

Anonymous said...

Breaking: Denver Vandal Worked for Dem Politician-- Was Arrested at RNC Convention!

The young vandal who smashed windows at the DNC headquarters in Denver on Tuesday worked for a democratic politician, was paid by a SEIU-related front group, and was arrested at the RNC convention last year in St. Paul.

Maurice Schwenkler and his accomplice caused $11,000 in damage at the DNC headquarters. A poster protesting health care reform was plastered on the window during the attack!

Schwenkler was jailed at 2 AM on the last day of the RNC in St. Paul.

He also canvassed for democrats in 2008 and was bankrolled by the Colorado Citizens' Coalition, a political 527 committee funded by the SEIU, labor groups and wealthy liberals.

The Peoples Press Collective is on top of the latest developments.

Schwenkler has worked for Democratic causes. (Denver Police Department )funded by labor groups The AP reported:

A suspect in a vandalism at the Colorado Democratic headquarters was once a paid campaign worker for a Democratic candidate for the Legislature, according to public records.

Maurice Schwenkler, 24, was arrested in Denver Tuesday on a charge of criminal mischief after windows were smashed at Democratic offices.

Many of the windows displayed posters supporting health care reform, and (democratic) party officials called it political vandalism.

The Denver Post reported Wednesday that Schwenkler was also arrested in St. Paul, Minn., on the last day of the 2008 Republican convention on a charge of unlawful assembly.

No details of that arrest or Schwenkler's activities at the time were immediately available.

The vandalism might have been intended to make the Republican Party look bad.

"This sounds like the type of Democratic tactic from the left fringe trying to make Republicans look mean-spirited," "In this case, it blew up in their face."

Anonymous said...

China Admits: 65% of Organ "Donations" Come From Death Row Prisoners

The Chinese Government admitted today that up to 65% of their organ "donations" come from death row prisoners.

The BBC reported: Human rights groups have often criticised China for its lack of transparency over organ donation, but critics have focused particular concern on the use of body parts from executed prisoners.

In a rare admission of the extent to which this takes place, China Daily - citing unnamed experts - said on Wednesday that more than 65% of organ donations come from death row prisoners.

China executes more people than any other country. Amnesty International said at least 1,718 people were given the death penalty in 2008.
British surgeons accused China in 2006 of harvesting the organs of thousands of executed prisoners a year to sell for transplants.

Anonymous said...

The TurboTax Defense Bites the Dust

TaxProfBlog has the bad news — Timothy Geithner’s TurboTax defense doesn’t work for an average taxpayer:

“The Tax Court yesterday rejected a taxpayer’s attempt to use the TurboTax defense successfully employed by Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner. Hopson v. Commissioner, T.C. Summ. Op. 2009-130 (Aug. 25, 2009)”

The link includes an excerpt from the Court’s opinion that taxpayers are “not permitted to bury their heads in the sand and ignore their obligation to ensure that their tax return accurately reflected their income.”

Now we know where Geithner’s head is.

Anonymous said...

The Dems want to change the current DeathCare bill in honor of Ted Kennedy.

They are going to call it the "Mary Jo Kopechne bill"

Like Kennedy, the dems will then do nothing, and watch it die

Get it?

Anonymous said...

EXCLUSIVE: House Quietly Gives 'Bonuses' To Top Aides
(The Washington Times)

A month after they voted to punish some corporate executives for taking hefty bonus payouts, members of the House of Representatives quietly gave their own staffers a new potential bonus by making even their top-earning aides eligible for taxpayer dollars to repay their student loans.

The change, which took effect in May, means House employees earning up to $168,411, or the top level, are now eligible for government-funded subsidies to help pay down their student loans.

Anonymous said...

Paul Krugman (USEFUL IDIOT MARXIST)2007: ObamaCare can “evolve” into single-payer (

"The debate over the public option has, as I said, been depressing in its inanity. Opponents of the option — not just Republicans, but Democrats like Senator Kent Conrad and Senator Ben Nelson — have offered no coherent arguments against it.

Mr. Nelson has warned ominously that if the option were available, Americans would choose it over private insurance — which he treats as a self-evidently bad thing, rather than as what should happen if the government plan was, in fact, better than what private insurers offer."

Evidently, for Krugman, his own argument circa 2007 that it might lead inexorably...

Anonymous said...

.woke up this morning
.nice day
.turned on radio.
.heard the news
.felt tingling running down both legs was wee wee
.so great day now

Anonymous said...

So you don't think these people are hard core marxists?

Obama's new "Diversity Officer" for the FCC. His own words.

Troll Hunter said...

11:21..."You right-wing nut jobs crack me up."

I'd rather be a right wing nut job than a nutless left winger with no job...Go put your tin foil hat back on and howl at the moon!

Anonymous said...

If you start to feel that you might WEE WEE, remember to wear dark pants that way nobody will notice, but you still get that nice warm feeling!

Anonymous said...

OH WAIT! We weed up...perhaps a reference to the medicinal use of cannabis! As in "Yesterday we weed up then got the munchies and couldn't remember $#i+"

BTW if Barry didn't inhale then what's the point?