Friday, August 14, 2009

Why Obama Care would be a disaster

Via The Real Revo, Ace explains why Obama Care would be a financial disaster:

Health care in the US is covered by three main systems – Medicare, medicaid, and private insurance.

Two of these systems are bankrupt, and will be unable to make payments beyond 2032 (insert correct date here, I don’t know).

The third is solvent, and can make all of its payments for the foreseeable future.

Barack Obama’s plan is to take the one system meeting its obligations and fold it into the two systems that are bankrupt.



Anonymous said...

It's not about health. It's all about power and control.

Anonymous said...

Exactly. This bill if you read it has absolutely nothing to do with health care but has everything to do with a totalitarian take over of the entire medical field from education, to monitoring the health of the victims, to who, when and how a person can live or die.

It dictates exactly which prefered groups are allowed to become medical professionals, which have the power to determine how your doctor treats you, how much that doctor can make, who can build a hospital, and if they can keep it or not.

The people responsible for it's introduction should be lined up against a wall and summarily shot. The beneficiary special interests should be prosecuted and closed down with their employees never again be allowed to work in the field with their entire net worths devoted to subsidizing Medicare and Medicaid.

Anonymous said...

"...if you read it..."

I doubt most who have an opinion have read it. HR 3200 is over 1,000 pages long. Good luck trying to decipher it to a point of understanding.

Evidently, it's easier to go with the flow... pretend you've read it... read highly politicized (left and right) opinions, then act like you're actually basing your position on first hand knowledge.

Gentlemen (and ladies) start your printers!

Anonymous said...

And while you're at it, check health statistics from western European countries and Japan. You'll find that many have better health outcomes and cost less per-capita than ours. Maybe we should see how theirs are set up and learn something from them.

T. D. said...

What has not been reported is the crumbling of those European health care systems. I have some friends who are in the Dutch health care system. They have started getting notices about every six months or so saying that this or that type of care has been limited or eliminated. The government can't fund the rising health care costs of an aging population and growing immigrant "working" class with too few young, higher paid workers to sustain it.

All the European health care systems as well as the Japanese system are facing the same dilemma as their average age skyrockets and their economy does not.

Anonymous said...

If you google it, and down load it, by the time you have it, they will have made so many changes, it will be a different document.

Strike this, add that, change this phrase...paragraph xyz should read BLAH...BLAH...BLAH...sub section ABC, paragraph 2, subsection 3, sub-subsection 5 Uh...UH...UH...Where the hell am I?

Anonymous said...

Oh, I almost forgot, they deleted the "death board" clause they claimed was never there in the first place!!!!!