Wednesday, September 23, 2009

News & Observer cartoonist goes on tirade against critics

Yesterday I blogged about Dwane Powell's cartoon in the Raleigh News & Observer that mocked James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles, the duo who exposed ACORN's corruption.

In response, Powell left an unusual -- even profane -- comment on my blog.

I've read Powell's response several times but still have trouble making sense of it.

His point, as far as I can figure it out, amounts to, "You Republicans didn't care about illegal torture and atrocities in Iraq and you still don't care about perverts in the Republican party." Or something like that.

Below is the comment left by Dwane Powell; see if you can make sense of it. (language warning)

You folks enjoy your little echo chamber, y' heah. For the record, McClatchy watch, the fake pimp and hooker aren't whistle blowers...that would mean they actually were working for Acorn. That is my cartoon you posted, btw. You Neocons get all giggly over a few sad nuts at Acorn but don't seem to give a s### about illegal torture techniques, troops being fried in showers in Iraq because of greedy, corrupt contractors or the actions of so many perverts in what's left of the republican party.

You aren't conservatives, for Christ are D###Heads who could care less for your fellow human beings.

Dwane Powell speaks for himself, not McClatchy. But News & Observer subscribers have good reason to wonder if his views reflect the views of Powell's colleagues at McClatchy.

Look for the media to continue excusing or ignoring corruption at left-friendly institutions, if MSM reporters feel the same as Powell does.

If you want Truth to Power, you'll need to go outside the MSM.


Anonymous said...

Now you know who one of your most prolific trolls has been.

Anonymous said...


TruthHurts001 said...

LOLOL Dwane Powell, what a tool! Around the newsroom, he's known as "cartoon boy".

According to Wikipedia:

A whistleblower is a person who alleges concealed misconduct on the part of an organization or body of people, usually from within that same organization.

This means the pimp and hooker ARE whistleblowers. But really...who cares??

The question is...WHY is this jackass Powell attacking those who exposed the corruption instead of attacking the corrupt organization itself? And WHY is he attacking a bunch of anonymous bloggers instead of attacking the corrupt organization itself?? Dwane, it appears you have your priorities a bit skewed. For pete's sake, change your diaper and take a nap, it'll all be ok.

And are you seriously unaware that the expression is "couldn't care less", not "could care less"??

LOLOL Cartoon Boy!

Anonymous said...

His comments are sad and show a lack of professionalism. They also show how far apart Americans have become since Obama was elected. Neither side has an inch of give in them and it's headed for some serious head-on collisions.
The cartoonist is obviously far left and he uses his position to defend and advance that political persuasion. That's fine on the Opinion pages, but don't cry about it when others don't agree and take their own shots. His cartoon is every bit as much of a cheap shot as he's getting on this blog.
These crybabies aren't used to getting it back, but they better buckle up.

Anonymous said...

I think the gentleman has a hard time grasping the fact that he's now out of school -- and that the audience is more than just the approving left-leaning college crowd.

Anonymous said...

So I guess Dwayne supports child sex slavery, prostitution, tax evasion, immigrant smuggling and all the fine progressive ACORN efforts to facilitate them. Amazing.

Anonymous said...

Not the brightest bulb in the liberal chandelier. Not one to play with sharp things either.

Anonymous said...

Cartoon stick people unite! Your leftist creators are going down, and you know what that means? You’re back inside a tiny head with no brainstem.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but I like Powell and usually his cartoons. I enjoyed this site a lot more when it stuck to the McClatchy news happenings and not so much political views. Believe me, I get enough of that stuff at home from my husband!! No joke, unfortunately!!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this site a lot more when it stuck to the McClatchy news...

What do you expect? It's not like there is news coming out of McClatchy anymore. They spend more time trying to suppress than they do report.

aquila6 said...

Like his compatriot Kevin Siers at the Charlotte Observer, Dwane Powell is a sad, bitter, liberal troll who isn't going to get along with his coworkers at the car wash when his newspaper job goes away.

Anonymous said...

Somehow I don't see a lifetime of drawing silly pictures and ranting like a 12 year old very good qualifications for a job in a car wash.

I wouldn't hire him for fear he would go off on the customers. Ass Clown is clearly unhinged.

John Altevogt said...

If the Reader's rep at The Star can go off on obscene tirades at their readers, what makes you think McClatchy gives a hoot about how their staff treats anyone?

Anonymous said...

...what makes you think McClatchy gives a hoot about how their staff treats anyone?

Nothing. That is why he isn't qualified to work in a car wash. Most places don't take kindly to insulting and slandering half or more of your potential customer base.

John Altevogt said...

Mr Powell complains that this is an echo chamber and yet when he came here and posted his comments he was engaged in dialog and gave no response. Who's the one who lives in an echo chamber?

Kevin Gregory said...

John, I think the water cooler at the News & Observer is the real echo chamber.