Thursday, September 3, 2009

McClatchy cobbling together a bureau in Kabul

Seattle Times reporter Hal Bernton has flown to Afghanistan for a two-month rotation at McClatchy's fledgling Kabul bureau. Bernton is blogging here.

Fourteen hundred miles due east, McClatchy's bureau in Baghdad seems to have languished since bureau chief Leila Fadel left a few weeks ago. Modesto Bee reporter Adam Ashton is on temporary assignment in Baghdad. Fadel has moved to Washington DC -- and has morphed into a homeless activist.

McClatchy has not named Fadel's replacement in Baghdad.

A reliable source told me a few weeks back that Hannah Allam would be named bureau chief in Baghdad. But the position has been vacant for a few weeks, which makes me wonder if the company is re-evaluating whether the expense of maintaining a Baghdad bureau is worth it.

So will Hannah Allam head to Kabul instead of Baghdad?

(Don't expect McClatchy's web site to clarify which correspondent is where -- info on this page is way out of date.) Update: somebody finally brought the info current.

Update: Adam Ashton is leaving Baghdad.



Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Dave D. said...

...It isn't going to be easy for McClatchy to find Talibani that can write Engrish and staff their Kabul bureau.