Tuesday, September 29, 2009

McClatchy: "Hey! We're on FaceBook, Twitter, and LinkedIn!"

McClatchy issued a press release today announcing its presence on FaceBook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

The McClatchy Company (NYSE:MNI) today announced its presence on three social networks -- Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn -- and will use these online outlets to share company news and information.

"As a media company, we understand and appreciate the growing value of these social networks as information sources for many people," said Christian Hendricks, McClatchy's vice president for interactive media. "All of McClatchy's news and digital operations have been engaged with social media for some time now and it just makes sense that McClatchy's corporate messages are available there as well."

Those interested in keeping up with the latest news and developments from McClatchy can follow McClatchyCo on Twitter, become a fan of The McClatchy Company page on Facebook and visit The McClatchy Company profile on LinkedIn.

Company news and information will continue to be available at www.mcclatchy.com.

"These social networks offer McClatchy another avenue to communicate and connect with employees, investors, customers and others interested in the work we do," Hendricks said.

Funny: the press release didn't give any links, leaving readers who want to check out McClatchy's new sites to fend for themselves. Hat tip: email



Anonymous said...

Hey, we were Biased nothings before, and were even bigger Biased NOTHINGS now!

The Bee has what, 8.5% internet market share? Soon they’ll have 7%

John Altevogt said...

Most of those sites are for people with friends. Does McClatchy have any?

Kevin Gregory said...

John -- If McClatchy's ex-employees formed a network to share info about MNI, that might take off. Seriously: Pruitt has laid off something like 2,500 people (?) in the last 2 years.

John Altevogt said...

I have ex Star staffers as friends on Facebook. Their comments about The Star are not kind.