Monday, September 14, 2009

McClatchy's DC bureau misses a major story just blocks away

For a news organization that constantly boasts about its brilliant DC bureau -- can't somebody at the bureau walk a few blocks away and do some reporting?

McClatchy's DC bureau didn't bother covering the massive 9/12 demonstration against Obama Care. At all.

Photo credit Nice Deb.

Note: The photo I initially posted from PowerlineBlog has been withdrawn after it was pointed out that photo was taken at another rally (more at PowerLineBlog).


Anonymous said...

“The success of the Tea Party movement and its allies/successors shows that there’s no monopoly on “community organizing.”
You are the change we’ve been praying for.
March on!”

Michelle Malkin

Anonymous said...

misses?...ON PURPOSE misses (There fixed it)

Anonymous said...

Sac Bee had Tea Party center of Page 1 on Sunday with a big color photo. Great coverage!

Anonymous said...

Oh, really? Photo was five years old:

Anonymous said...
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Kevin Gregory said...

11:03 comment removed for using vulgar sexual slur against Obama Care opponents.

Anonymous said...

The next time one of these leftwing whackjobs starts spouting off about Bush, weapons of mass destruction and troop casualties caused by Bush feel free to repost this reminder about who was in charge when these wars started.

Woodrow Wilson (Dem) World War I
Roosevelt (Dem) World War II
Harry Truman (Dem) Korean War
JFK & LBJ (Dems) Vietnam War

Total American troops killed in action: More than 600,000.

Now STFU, you morons!!!

Anonymous said...

NY Times Buries Massive Conservative D.C. Rally, Hails Smaller Liberal Protests
By Clay Waters

There was a huge protest against Obama's big-government plans at the U.S. Capitol on Saturday, but one was hard-pressed to find evidence of it on the New York

Times home page Sunday morning: A small headline tucked under the Political subhead.

The print edition wasn't much more forthcoming. Although the Washington D.C. Fire Dept. estimated 60,000 to 70,000 people attended the 9/12 protest, and many estimates are higher, the Times made do with one medium-sized story buried on page A37 of the Sunday paper, "Thousands Attend Broad Protest of Government," teasing it on the front page in a below-the-fold photo from the march.

Reporter Jeff Zeleny painted protesters as "angry" and "profane" and that the rally contained "no shortage of vitriol," as if there were never raised voices and obscene signage at left-wing anti-war rallies:

A sea of protesters filled the west lawn of the Capitol and spilled onto the National Mall on Saturday in the largest rally against President Obama since he took office, a culmination of a summer-long season of protests that began with opposition to a health care overhaul and grew into a broader dissatisfaction with government.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone bother to look at the linked article about the picture being 10 years old?

Anonymous said...

Nice Deb's got the low down:

Pro-ObamaCare Forces Held Their Own Rally In DC On 9/13