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Monday September 28 -- Got news or an update?

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Anonymous said...

Nevada Attorney General indicts ACORN after raiding offices. FOX
(Harry Reid just lost 500,000 votes in 2010 election)

An Acorn Field Director has "flipped", is now working with Nevada Attorney General on case against ACORN.

Nevada Acorn offices raided, field manuals on how to commit Voter Registration Fraud seized.

Anonymous said...

Reid blocks ACORN probe
Tracking abuse by political allies could be 'distracting'

Yes, ACORN has friends in high places -- friends who are still stonewalling attempts to trace where all that tax money went ... perhaps because they know who still has cookie crumbs all over their hands.

Anonymous said...

Bank of America "Suspends ACORN Commitments" (largest corp. patron)

Bank of America has suspended its current commitments to ACORN Housing, an affiliate of Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), a scandal-hit U.S. liberal grassroots group, the Wall Street Journal said on Monday.

The banking company "will not enter into any further agreements with ACORN or any of its affiliates," pending assessments of the organization's operations, the paper quoted a Bank of America spokesman as saying.

Anonymous said...

Grassley: ACORN Uses Tax-Exempt Entities to Funnel Money to Itself (

ACORN is using a tangled web of tax-exempt organizations to funnel tax money to itself according to a detailed review released last night by Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), the ranking Republican on the Senate Finance Committee.

Some or all of them may be nothing more than shell companies used to pass money from the government directly through to ACORN and its affiliates.

“This analysis regarding the vast number of charitable organizations that ACORN set up to funnel money to itself raises questions about whether ACORN used the entities to advance the charitable mission of helping poor people get housing, or whether the entities were used as part of a shell game to funnel charitable funds to a taxable entity,” Grassley said of his report.

“Despite the fact that ACORN set up 42 tax-exempt entities and even housed 31 of them at the same address in New Orleans, ACORN told me three times in 2006 and 2007 that it did not operate as a tax-exempt entity.

Anonymous said...

ACORN Funded Political, For-Profit Efforts, Data Show (Washington Post)

Documents released by a Senate Republican on Thursday show that leaders of the ACORN community organizing network transferred several million dollars in charitable and government money meant for the poor to arms of the group that have political and sometimes profit-making missions.

Anonymous said...

ACORN and Their Allies on the Left Lambaste Giles and O’Keefe’s Politics and Faith (

Let me see if I have this right: ACORN, in five locations coast-to-coast are on tape counseling tax fraud, tax evasion, money laundering, and the coup de grace, how to set up a whorehouse for 12 to 15-year-old El Salvadoran sex slaves, and now ACORN and the Left are POed about it being exposed without ACORN’s consent?!

What else ticks the Left off about ACORN being uncovered assisting in some of the worst kind of scandalous scat known to mankind?

Well, if you Google around you’ll find the “progressives” are peeved not because ACORN had the spotlight bare down on their dirty deeds done on our dime but because of the fact that Hannah is part of the Young America’s Foundation and James, at one time, was a member of the Leadership Institute.

That’s crazy!

Anonymous said...

Capitol Hill Switchboard Illegally Being Used to Push Obamacare? Will Old Media Notice? (Newsbusters)

Well, this certainly can't be legal… can it? If you call one of the numbers that leads you to the switchboard for Congress, the number you'd call to be put through to your Congressman or Senator's office, you get a short message selling Obama's healthcare policies before being transferred to the switchboard operator.

This should be the sort of story the Old Media would investigate fully. But will it?

How can this even be legal? After all, this isn't the Democrat Party hotline we are talking about here.

It is the main phone number representing all of Congress, not just Obama and his nationalized healthcare policies.

I repeat, this is the phone number for all of Congress, not an activist's number to sell Democrats and their policies.

Anonymous said...

Liberals Seek Health-Care Access for Illegals (The Woodward Report)

Fearful that they're losing ground on immigration and health care, a group of House Democrats is pushing back and arguing that any health care bill should extend to all legal immigrants and allow illegal immigrants some access.

The Democrats, trying to stiffen their party's spines on the contentious issue, say it's unfair to bar illegal immigrants from paying their own way in a government-sponsored exchange.

Anonymous said...

More political BS from our....leaders? (

Yes more bad news from the health care bill. And still think you are getting 'private health care'?

I really like the part where the president and his family and the legislators are exempt. Why are they exempt? Isn't this plan good enough for all Americans? If it isn't good enough for our leaders, it isn't good for anyone!


According to our very own Census Bureau:

1. more than 10 Million of those “uninsured Americans” are not Americans at all. They’ve been beefing up that phony number by roughly 25% by including people from all other countries who just happen to be residing here, temporarily or not.

2. Another 14 Million are already fully eligible for dozens of generous government assistance programs but are simply not doing the paperwork to enroll. When they need the care, they enroll in the emergency room. That process is already in place.

3. 18 Million of that uninsured number are between 19 and 29 and make $50,000 to $75,000 a year and choose not to buy health insurance because they’d rather pocket the money. These are not the down-trodden families often depicted.

This 38% (commonly called the “invincibles”) make above-average salaries and would rather buy anything else over health care.

4. What we’re left with is roughly 8 Million chronically uninsured making less than $50,000 who really do need help. They still get emergency room care, but aren’t covered for routine checkups. This is the real number we should be focused on.

Anonymous said...

The White House and NEA continue to stonewall about scandal (Washington Times)

National Endowment for the Arts Chairman Rocco Landesman and the White House finally responded to a controversial effort by political appointees of both the White House and the NEA to "leverage" government funding of the arts into cultural support for the administration's legislative agenda.

This is the short version of the Obama administration's position: Nothing bad happened. The rogue employee who didn't do anything bad has been relieved of his duties (and has now resigned).

In an effort to make sure that the same "nothing bad" never happens again, the administration has distributed a memo and provided some new training on how not to do "nothing bad."

The facts are simple and public. During the transition, President Obama's top arts adviser made it clear that his ambition was for the arts to become an integral part of the West Wing.

After the inauguration, meetings of artists and political activists at the White House explicitly discussed how to keep the arts community in campaign mode to back Mr. Obama's legislative agenda. An NEA grants official, Mario Garcia Durham, was at one such meeting for which the attendee list is public.

Anonymous said...

At the president's pleasure (Obama's safe school czar encourages statuatory rape)Washington Times

A teacher was told by a 15-year-old high school sophomore that he was having homosexual sex with an "older man." At the very least, statutory rape occurred.

Fox News reported that the teacher violated a state law requiring that he report the abuse.

That former teacher, Kevin Jennings, is President Obama's "safe school czar."


In this one case in which Mr. Jennings had a real chance to protect a young boy from a sexual predator, he not only failed to do what the law required but actually encouraged the relationship.

In 2000, Mr. Jennings gave a talk to the Iowa chapter of the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, an advocacy group that promotes homosexuality in schools.

On the tape, Mr. Jennings recollected that he told the student to make sure "to use a condom" when he was with the older man. That he actively encouraged the relationship is reinforced by Mr. Jennings' own description in his 1994 book, "One Teacher in 10."

In that account, the teacher boasts how he allayed the student's concerns about the relationship to such a degree that the 15-year-old "left my office with a smile on his face that I would see every time I saw him on the campus for the next two years, until he graduated."


....Encouraging and covering up man-boy sexual activity are serious offenses. The White House should force Mr. Jennings to come clean.


Mr. Jennings and Obama administration officials refuse to answer any questions about this newly discovered evidence. A lot of Americans want answers about this guy and how he was approved for a job in the White House.

Anonymous said...

Top Washington Post Editor Forced Off Twitter After Urging More Spending on Health Care (Newsbusters)

A few weeks ago Washington Post Managing Editor Raju Narisetti rued in this tweet via his Twitter account:

“We can incur all sorts of federal deficits for wars and what not. But we have to promise not to increase it by $1 for healthcare reform? Sad.”

Washington Post ombudsman Andrew Alexander cited the tweet in a Friday night blog post about how the newspaper has issued new guidelines, on the use of social network sites, which state “nothing we do must call into question the impartiality of our news judgment.”

That forced Narisetti to close his Twitter account. Alexander recounted:

Narisetti said today he now realizes that his tweets, although intended for a private audience of about 90 friends and associates, were unwise. They were “personal” observations, he said. “But I also realize that...seeing that the managing editor of The Post is weighing in on this, it’s a clear perception problem.”

On his defunct Twitter page, as captured by Google, Narisetti declared, as if he'd buy this contention from any politician (say, Virginia GOP gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell and his 1989 college thesis over which the Post has obsessed): “My tweets have nothing to do with my day job.”

Anonymous said...

NYT Tries to Deflect Charges of Bias, Announces 'Opinion Media' Editor(NewsBusters)

The New York Times announced today that it would appoint an editor to monitor 'opinion media'. In an attempt to respond to criticism that it has been too slow to pick up on stories first reported by conservative blogs and talk show hosts, the Times acknowledged poor coverage, but denied a political agenda.

The self-proclaimed 'paper of record' was extremely slow in picking up on two recent stories.

The first, the 'trutherism' of former White House Green Jobs Czar Van Jones, was initially reported by Pajamas Media, and later by Glenn Beck on his Fox News talk show. The Times did not cover the story until after Jones had resigned.

Later, the Times neglected to report on the undercover sting operation that exposed ACORN for offering assistance in a bogus child prostitution ring.

The Times reported on Congress's votes to de-fund ACORN, but neglected to mention the sting operation that inspired the votes.

The Times's Public Editor Clark Hoyt wrote in today's paper,
Some editors told me they were not immediately aware of the Acorn videos on Fox, YouTube and a new conservative Web site called

When the Senate voted to cut off all federal funds to Acorn, there was not a word in the newspaper or on its Web site. When the New York City Council froze all its funding for Acorn and the Brooklyn district attorney opened a criminal investigation, there was still nothing.


The Times consistently cites liberal blogs far more than ones on the right, undermining the claim that they missed these two stories because they don't monitor online media.

A Nexis search reveals 477 combined mentions of five of the left's top blogs: Huffington Post, Think Progress, TalkingPointsMemo, Daily Kos, and Media Matters.

But a search for five of the right's top blogs, Hot Air, Pajamas Media, NewsBusters, RedState, and TownHall turns up only 18 combined mentions from the Times.

Anonymous said...

Group Stands Ground Over Claims That NBC Employee Issued Anti-Semitic Email (

The increasingly hysterical responses by NBC news boss Steve Capus to the escalating Stonegate Scandal are disappointing at best and chilling at worst.

Here is a man who runs what used to be a highly respected major news bureau who now finds himself conjuring up gremlins in cyberspace to defend what appears to be horrendously bigoted behavior within his own news room.

Having spoken directly with Mr. Capus for nearly 15 minutes Friday afternoon, I want to once again repeat my offer to him: if you really don’t believe that Ms Stone sent the “Bite me, Jew boy” email to ALG staffer Alex Rosenwald, we will be happy to work with you to track down who sent it from her Blackberry using her email address.

This is precisely the same offer I made to Ms Stone at 11:00AM Friday morning, when she denied having sent any such email to Alex Rosenwald. Now, Mr. Capus has changed her story to say that, yes, she sent an email on Thursday, but it did not say “Bite me, Jew boy.”

Anonymous said...


"A local TV station that reported on Chicagoans NOT wanting the Olympics has been told NOT to run the report again, insiders tell the DRUDGE REPORT!

The Chicago Olympic Committee told FOX Chicago that its broadcast "would harm Chicago's chances" to be awarded the games."

Anonymous said...

Barack Obama: President Pantywaist Restores the Satellite States to Their Former Owner (The Telegraph)

Barack Obama’s chances of re-election in three and a half years’ time may be evaporating at unprecedented speed, but his presidential ambitions could still be realised in another direction.

He would be a shoo-in to win the next Russian presidential election, so high is his popularity now running in the land of the bear and the knout.

Obama has done more to restore Russia’s hegemonial potential in Eastern and Central Europe than even Vladimir Putin.

His latest achievement has been to restore the former satellite states to dependency on Moscow, by wimping out of the missile defence shield plan. This follows on his surrender last July when he voluntarily sacrificed around a third of America’s nuclear capability for no perceptible benefit beyond a grim smile from Putin.

If there is one thing that fans the fires of aggression it is appeasement.

Despite propaganda to the contrary, 58 per cent of Poles were in favour of the missile shield. But small nations must assess the political will of larger powers.

Thanks to President Pantywaist’s supine policies, the former satellite states can see that they are fast returning to their former status. The American umbrella cannot be relied upon on a rainy day.

Anonymous said...

NYT/CBS poll shows Obama losing ground on health care, Afghanistan

The latest New York Times/CBS poll has some bad news for Barack Obama, although the two media outlets did their best to avoid it in their sampling.

He has lost ground on Afghanistan, almost certainly from his liberal base, and his media blitz has done nothing to change minds on health care. His approval ratings remain relatively high, but that has more to do with the sample, which has become an absolute embarrassment in political polling

Anonymous said...

U.S. Job Seekers Exceed Openings by Record Ratio[Job Market Bleaker Than Ever] NYTIMES.COM

Job seekers now outnumber openings six to one, the worst ratio since the government began tracking open positions in 2000.

And even though the pace of layoffs is slowing, many companies remain anxious about growth prospects in the months ahead, making them reluctant to add to their payrolls.

Anonymous said...

Treasurer: Arizona is broke (Lake Powell Chronicle)

State treasurer Dean Martin ... that the state of Arizona is broke. Actually, it’s more than broke; it’s in debt.

The state general fund... it’s $100million in debt.

“...local governments are about twice the size of the state right now, when it was the opposite just a few years ago.”

When asked if the state could raid municipal accounts, Martin said it could not. There is some state and local money mixed together in investment pools he said could be vulnerable, but the state cannot take money from another customer’s account without permission, just like a person could not take money from another person’s account.

It did not stop the state from trying once, though, as Martin recalled former Gov. Janet Napolitano tried to pull such a maneuver a few years ago.

It resulted in a lawsuit from the League of Cities and Towns, which the state lost.

Anonymous said...

Puerto Rico [announces] [22,000] government layoffs (AP through eTaiwan)

Puerto Rico is planning a new wave of layoffs for government workers to help close a $3.2 billion budget deficit.

Gov. Luis Fortuno has said his austerity plan could involve cutting as many as 30,000 public sector jobs, including nearly 8,000people who were fired in May.

The government is expected to announce a second round of layoffs at a news conference Friday.

The U.S. Caribbean territory faces an unemployment rate of more than 15 percent, higher than anywhere on the U.S. mainland.

Anonymous said...

Spain looks to higher taxes to rein in deficit (AFP)

MADRID — Spain's government Saturday approved a draft budget providing for tax hikes worth nearly 11 billion euros to rein in the deficit as it struggles with recession and Europe's highest jobless rate.

"The sum of these measures will result in revenue of around 10.95 billion euros (16.07 billion dollars), or around one percent of our gross domestic product," Economy Minister Elena Salgado said after a cabinet meeting.

Under the new budget, the main rate of value-added tax will rise from 16 percent to 18 percent and a lower rate from seven percent to eight percent, starting July 1.

Anonymous said...

Stupid liberals never learn. Spain's economy is tanking harder than ours, and to fix it, they steal even more money from the private sector. This will really help boom their economy. Just ask Paul Krugman

Anonymous said...

Former NBA Player John Salley: Majority of White America Hates Obama (

Video of Former NBA Player John Salley stating majority of white America hates Obama because 200 some odd days ago they loved him.

Doesn't this statement seem a tad contradictory to anyone? I mean they voted for him because he was "great", now they hate him because he is "black".

Is anyone else beyond sick of this garbage yet?

Anonymous said...

WaPo Columnist (Anne Applebaum)Has Undisclosed Conflict of Interest on Roman Polanski Matter PATTERICO


Applebaum failed to mention that her husband (Radoslaw Sikorski)is a Polish foreign minister who is lobbying for Polanski’s case to be dismissed:

In Polanski’s native Poland, President Lech Kaczynski and Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski said they would appeal to US authorities to drop proceedings against Polanski.

The PAP news agency said Sikorski was consideri[ng] a direct appeal to US President Barack Obama to end ‘once and for all’ the proceedings against the filmmaker.

Radoslaw Sikorski is married to Anne Applebaum:

Anne Applebaum is a columnist for the Washington Post and Slate. . . . Her husband, Radoslaw Sikorski, is a Polish politician and writer.

Applebaum failed to mention this little fact.

So at the same time that she was giving readers a fact-challenged screed in support of Polanski, she was failing to disclose that her husband was a Polish official who was lobbying for Polanski’s freedom.

Anonymous said...

WOW, a journalist whose story matches a hidden agenda. Who knew?

Shocking. McClatchy should hire her immediately

Anonymous said...

Reid is not protecting ACORN. He does not give a fig for ACORN. Reid is protecting Reid. It's his butt that is on the line.

Anonymous said...

A TN salesman was kicked out of his kiosk in the Mall for selling anti-Obama merchandise, but a commenter says another shop sells pro Obama, anarchists, and even Che Guevara tee shirts. What’s wrong with this picture?
No more business for "Nobama" salesman
Johnson City Press [TN]
by Brad Hicks

Bumper stickers with slogans such as
“SOS: Stop Obama’s Socialism”

Anonymous said...

Since Mein Kampf, You Have To Take Obama Seriously

Lauri B. Regan, of American Thinker, wrote a very interesting piece: The History Lesson Obama Missed. I also included Obama campaign posters in a side-by-side comparison with Communists and Nazi propaganda. Obama is not a socialist he is a communist with Nazi tactics.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

"A local TV station that reported on Chicagoans NOT wanting the Olympics has been told NOT to run the report again, insiders tell the DRUDGE REPORT!

The Chicago Olympic Committee told FOX Chicago that its broadcast "would harm Chicago's chances" to be awarded the games."

So what?

The Olympics pump billions of dollars into a local economy during not only the Olympics but for years beyond. I'd tell everyone the same thing.

Anonymous said...

Bumper stickers with slogans such as
“SOS: Stop Obama’s Socialism”

It's the end of socialism. Hey, why are those Support our Troops magnets made in China. Aren't they socialists too?

what's going on here???

Anonymous said...

I have nothing to say. I'm just out of a job and an angry white guy so I though'd I'd post. Why's everyone mad at Acorn farmers???.
Don't slam the ag people...

Anonymous said...

Hey, don't forget the corn growers. we may have to sell out daughters off this year with the drought. awww dang it.

Anonymous said...

Since Mein Kampf, You Have To Take Obama Seriously

Who's Mr. Kampf?

Anonymous said...

State treasurer Dean Martin ... that the state of Arizona is broke. Actually, it’s more than broke; it’s in debt.

Jeepers, I thought he died. love his singing voice...

Anonymous said...

Capitol Hill Switchboard Illegally Being Used to Push Obamacare? Will Old Media Notice? (Newsbusters)

That's one ringydingy, that's two ringydingy. Hello, Mr. America, snort...

Anonymous said...

Wondering if anyone else sees the inside politics going on here with the new hire? The staff at Gallo Center didn't know their exec dir was leaving until the news broke and then a few days later it just so happens that the ex-publisher's name comes up? wow and even the title changed!

Kevin Gregory said...

5:59 interesting