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Anonymous said...

Van Jones resigned on his own, yeah right, but then, Obama would not find his views extreme. Jones is just one of the boyz, like Rev. Wright, the Black Panthers, and ACORN, on and on. One down, how many czarists to go?
-Obama did not order Van Jones' resignation, adviser says-
"Absolutely not -- this was Van Jones' own decision," David Axelrod told NBC's "Meet the Press" when asked if the president had ordered the resignation.

Anonymous said...

Even the UK sees disaster ahead for the USA
Barack Obama accused of making 'Depression' mistakes

Barack Obama is committing the same mistakes made by policymakers during the Great Depression, according to a new study endorsed by Nobel laureate James Buchanan

Anonymous said...

Jones: "latest sacrifice to the political gods"
Glenn Beck up, left down and Van Jones defiant

The resignation early Sunday of “green jobs” adviser Van Jones [says as much about the Obama White House as it does about Jones] – marking the [latest sacrifice to the political gods] after a long summer of compromises and surrenders highlighted the limits of White House power.
Read more:

Anonymous said...

A Saturday news dump may seem like a good idea, but the news weeks now starts with how derelict the Jones news reporting was. Obama looks like a lame duck, just when TOTUS is geared up to tell another big lie. The NYT must have a death wish.
Van Jones: Does the NYT
Know What a Truther Is?
Slate, by Mickey Kaus

Amazingly, many New York Times print readers still don't know why Van Jones resigned! Here's how the paper's John Broder describes his situation: The adviser, Van Jones, a controversial and charismatic community organizer and "green jobs" advocate from the San Francisco Bay Area, signed a petition in 2004 questioning whether the Bush administration had allowed the terrorist attacks of September 2001 to provide a pretext for war in the Middle East. [E.A.]

Anonymous said...

Van Jones was recruited not in spite of his wacky beliefs but because of them (American Thinker)

Just how comfortable was the Obama team with the far left, radical statements and beliefs of Van Jones?

Obviously, they believed he fit right in. Somewhat lost in the controversy over Jones Trutherism, his conspiracy mongering about whites trying to kill black people through environmental degradation, his anti-Semitic statements on Israel, his support for the cop killer Mumia, and other beyond the pale beliefs is the fact that, as Paul Mirengoff of Powerline points out, Obama had his eye on the "former" communist for years:

Having watched the rise of Van Jones, why did Team Obama nonetheless "recruit" him into the White house? Because what Jones says and believes is well within the range of what Obama believes, and thus not jarrring to him and his crew.

If Jones is now beyond the pale, it is only because the Obama crowd finally hears him through the filter of a controversy. When Obama and company heard him only through the filter of what they believe, there was no controversy because his statements -- e.g., his attack on Israeli "occupation" dating back to 1948 and his claim that "U.S. tax dollars are funding violence against people of color inside the U.S. borders and outside the US borders" -- are not particularly controversial to Team Obama.

This, of course, is the Rev. Jeremiah Wright phenomenon all over again. Wright's racist, anti-Israeli, anti-American statements didn't jar Obama while he was sitting in Wrights's church for 20 years because they were not that different from what Obama believes.

Even when controversy erupted and Obama's political future was on the line, Obama at first found Wright's pronouncements no more in need of being "disowned" than his grandmother's view that she'd rather be driven to work than be panhandled by an aggressive black man at the bus station. It took a shot by Wright at Obama himself to cause the candidate to break with his spiritual mentor.
One of Paul's friends is quoted as saying, "Van Jones is simply Jeremiah Wright behind a White House desk." How true, indeed.

Anonymous said...

Beck: 'The American people stood up'(Politico)

Fox News host Glenn Beck, who led the charge against Van Jones, the environmental adviser who resigned early this morning following controversy over past radical statements and affiliations, said in a statement to POLITICO that "the American people stood up and demanded answers."

"Instead of providing them, the Administration had Jones resign under cover of darkness," Beck said. "I continue to be amazed by the power of everyday Americans to initiate change in our government through honest questioning, and judging by the other radicals in the administration, I expect that questioning to continue for the foreseeable future."

Anonymous said...

VIDEO: Howard Dean: Van Jones' Resignation A "Loss For The Country" (Real Clear Politics)

Howard Dean said Van Jones was "brought down" and calls his resignation a "loss for the country." Dean said Van Jones didn't intentionally sign a petition blaming the government for 9/11.

Anonymous said...

When commies circle their wagons around another commie under attack, do they form a semi circle in the shape of a crescent?

Looks like the poor dears are having a hissy-fit because the American people aren't willing to embrace Marxism when it's not disguised by a slick cult leader.

Jones is simply Obama unleashed, a very ugly thing, indeed.

Anonymous said...

Couric should look in mirror (The Washington Times)

Now that White House "Green Jobs Czar" Van Jones has resigned, what's next?

Inevitably, the American mainstream media - ABC, NBC, CBS, the New York Times, the Washington Post, Time, Newsweek, et al - must be held to account for sitting on the sidelines as this major story kept building without them, went viral on YouTube, and then became so large that a key appointee of President Obama was forced to step down.

But with their decision to ignore the Jones story, they may have actually done Mr. Obama far more harm than good:

Who vetted this guy?

How did he get past the FBI?

What did he say, and how did he answer the infamous seven-page questionnaire that all Obama appointees were required to fill out?

Inquiring Freedom of Information Act minds want to know.

For most people in this country, the resignation was the first they had heard of Van Jones.

For this sin of journalistic omission, there's institutional media blame.

Bias is too tame a word for the utter shamelessness on display:

Only Republican scandals - real and imagined - matter.

And it's not just those the Democratic-Media Complex dub as "mobs" or "tea baggers" that are taking notice.

Diminishing audience and evaporating subscribership reflect widespread consumer dissatisfaction.

Eventually, the money will run out.

Anonymous said...

Olbermann to Daily Kos Audience: 'Send Me Everything You Can Find About Glenn Beck' (Newsbusters)

Guess who's not pleased about Van Jones middle-of-the-night-on-a-holiday-weekend resignation?

Perhaps you never would have seen this one coming, but no other MSNBC "Countdown" host and provocateur Keith Olbermann himself.

Bitter and seeing red? Perhaps. In a post on the Daily Kos dated Sept. 6, Olbermann urged the half-crazed liberal Kos readers to go digging for dirt on Fox News host Glenn Beck, Beck's radio producer Stu Burguiere and Fox News president Roger Ailes.


Olbermann said he plans to put forth his formal plans to go after Beck on his Sept. 8 show.

"Tuesday we will expand this to the television audience and have a dedicated email address to accept leads, tips, contacts, on Beck, his radio producer Burguiere, and the chief of his tv enablers, Ailes (even though Ailes' power was desperately undercut when he failed to pull off his phony ‘truce' push)," Olbermann wrote.

It's not clear what Olbermann's goal is here, but it does appear he's some how trying to employ the thirteenth rule from the tactics chapter from Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals" - "Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it."

Anonymous said...

GOP Congressman Calls for Background Checks of All Obama ‘Czars’ (FOX)

Mike Pence: "The president should suspend any future appointment of so called czars while the administration and the Congress carefully examines the background and qualifications of the more than 30 individuals who've been appointed to these czar positions."

Anonymous said...

Obama climate czar has socialist ties, Carol Browner (washington times)

Until last week, Carol M. Browner, President-elect Barack Obama's pick as global warming czar, was listed as one of 14 leaders of a socialist group's Commission for a Sustainable World Society, which calls for "global governance" and says rich countries must shrink their economies to address climate change.

By Thursday, Mrs. Browner's name and biography had been removed from Socialist International's Web page, though a photo of her speaking June 30 to the group's congress in Greece was still available.

Anonymous said...

Fox News soars in ratings -- Bill O'Reilly rolls on (Baltimore Sun)

The August ratings are out, and once again, the ratings for the Fox News Channel are phenomenal.

Rather than throwing a million pieces of data that every channel is spinning into madness, I ask you to consider just this one:

On Sunday night, the third episode of AMC's highly-publicized and much-discussed series, "Mad Men," drew an audience of 1.6 million viewers at 10 p.m. when it debuted.

Throughout the month of August, Fox News Channel averaged an audience of 2.29 million viewers during every single hour of prime time. And some nights, Bill O'Reilly drew an audience twice as large as that of "Mad Men."

My question for this news-savvy group of readers:

Why? How does Fox News Channel keep running these kind of numbers? (And by the way, what about the relatively small size of audience for "Mad Men"?)

For starters, forget MSNBC and CNN -- they are not in the same galaxy as the Fox folks on this discussion.

Anonymous said...

“Glenn Beck’s Twitter feed has become a must-read.”
Glenn Beck’s Next Target: Cass Sunstein

Washington Independent
David Weigel
As he makes a real impact in pushing conservative fringe attacks on Obama administration officials into the mainstream, Glenn Beck’s Twitter feed has become a must-read. In a message from last night, Beck told his followers to “FIND EVERYTHING YOU CAN ON CASS SUNSTEIN, MARK LLOYD AND CAROL BROWNER.”

Anonymous said...

Jones Calls It Quits At The Absolute Bottom Of The News Cycle

Someone asked me about five days ago if I was planning to write anything about Obama’s green jobs adviser Van Jones.

My other responsibilities and issues with our “enhanced” Web host was the primary reason why I was not writing, but I also figured he’d be gone by Labor Day.

Bye, bye.Van Jones “resigned” – yeah, right – in the middle of the night at almost the middle of our three day weekend.

Anonymous said...

...It's not clear what Olbermann's goal is here, but it does appear he's some how trying to employ the thirteenth rule from the tactics chapter from Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals" - "Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it."...

Just as the far right has done for years, and is doing now with Obama.

Anonymous said...

Van Jones’ Toxic Dump on Obama and Environmentalism (

Van Jones, the President’s designated “Green Jobs Czar,” resigned his post after his ties to a 9/11 “truther” group and use of a vulgarity to describe Republicans began attracting unwelcome scrutiny.

Fair enough. Barack Obama cannot condemn any lack of civility among his political opponents while he harbors a rhetorical bomb-thrower like Jones.

But far more disturbing than the revelations about word choices or conspiracy theories that resulted in his ouster are Jones radical views – views that could not have been unknown to The White House.

Simply put, Jones is a Marxist who, by his own admission, intended to use his government job to further his ideological agenda.

By installing him in a “czar” position of enormous power – but requiring no formal appointment process or legislative oversight – President Obama has damaged not only himself, but the environmental movement as a whole.

Anonymous said...

Ohaha gave Jones $30 BILLION to do with as he pleased.

This conniving Communist surely found numerous ways to shovel US government money to himself, his friends and relatives, during his blessedly abbreviated tenure.

But questions abbound:

(1) Jones "platinum exit package" needs investigation.

(2) We demand an external audit of every government nickel and dime this turkey Jones spent.

(3) We demand external audits and L/E investigations WRT any and all contracts he gave to so called non-profits, companies, enviral groups and green corporations.

(4) Every government contact made by this green communist must get an external audit;

(5) Any and all government contracts Jones signed should be scrutinized.

(6) We demand a complete external audit of his agency's budget.

(7) Companies that faced any Chicago-type of black/greenmail thug pressure to agree with this thug Jones, need to get their story out.

Anonymous said...

VIDEO of Candidate Obama November (2007) I know how to choose talent

Candidate Obama answers a question about his lack of experience. He says he knows how to pick talent.

He will set a course and mobilize his assembled talent to achieve that goal

Anonymous said...

The Advice of "Chief Advisor" Valerie Jarrett (Do It Yourself Vetting) Michelle Malkin

Advice on “green energy” czar Van Jones: Hire him!

“Van Jones, we were so delighted to be able to recruit him into the White House, we've been watching him, really, for - he's not that old— but for as long as he's been active out of Oakland and all of the ways that he has - the creative ideas that he has and so now we have captured that and we have all that energy and enthusiasm in the White House”

Valerie Jarrett brought Van Jones the self-avowed communist into the WH inner circle.

•Valerie Jarrett who clearly said "we have been watching him since his Oakland days."

•Valerie Jarrett aka 'half of 0bama's brain.'

•Valerie Jarrett aka Blago's 'candidate #1' for 0bama's vacated Senate seat.

•Valerie Jarrett aka 0bama's hope for his vacated Senate seat.

•Valerie Jarrett whose father-in-law, Vernon Jarrett, was a Chicago commie that worked with Frank Marshall Davis who was teen 0bama's mentor.

Anonymous said...

Glenn Beck is just getting started on these czars. I want to know what Obama did to vet Jones, and if he silenced the FBI? That is very telling about his true agenda. This is not the ‘CHANGE’ voters wanted, not even close. This is what you get when the press is AWOL, and now they can stay away. They have been replaced, and will not regain credibility. NEVER!

Anonymous said...

Valerie Jarrett: Also Raised out of Country - Iran

Anonymous said...

Never let a good czar crisis go to waste.

Anonymous said...

CNN’s Roland Martin Says Opposition to Obama’s School Speech Is ‘Largely White’

"Have you seen these crazy people, largely white, around the country, mad because the President is going to give an education speech?..."

"These people are nuts. "They are absolutely crazy." "They are attacking the President."

"No one got upset when George W. Bush read a book to some schoolchildren-- upside down!"

Anonymous said...

Parents Not Welcome at President's School Speech (Montana Policy Organization)

Parents Not Welcome at President's School Speech By: Michael Noyes | 2009-09-04 BOZEMAN – Parents of students in Bozeman schools may not be welcome if they want to watch the President’s address to students on Tuesday morning with their child.

Bozeman Public Schools Superintendent Kirk Miller said the president’s address falls under the school’s policies on guest speakers.

That policy states that, “Unless the principal approves otherwise, the teacher will not allow non-class members to hear the speaker.”

Anonymous said...

We're killing people, say over-worked doctors (Courrier Mail)

EXHAUSTED doctors have confessed to killing and harming patients, falling asleep during surgery and crashing their cars because of marathon shifts.

The public hospital medicos claim to be so tired on the job that they are working "like drunks".

More than 100 doctors vented guilt and anger in a confidential Queensland survey.

Almost 60 per cent admitted to fatigue-induced errors while performing procedures.

Anonymous said...

UK: Labour's secret plan to send overweight children to NHS fat camps (The Telegraph)

Tens of thousands of overweight children – some as young as four – will be shipped off to fat camp, under a Government scheme to tackle obesity.

Primary school pupils identified as being overweight will automatically be offered a place on a state-funded diet and exercise scheme.

Parents groups said the new NHS rules meant Labour had moved "beyond a nanny state, to a dictatorship."

Health experts warned that the public branding of young children as fat could damage their confidence, expose them to bullying and trigger eating disorders. However, paediatricians welcomed the move.

Anonymous said...

Labor Unions on Health Care: Their True Motives (

Unions across the country are campaigning hard for Obamacare over Labor Day weekend. The AFL-CIO has made creating a government run “public plan” their top priority.

Yet polls show that most Americans strongly oppose this. So why have the self-proclaimed advocates for America’s workers made government-run health care their top priority?

Union leaders say they are fighting to win “win secure, high-quality health care for all” against greedy and self-interested corporate defenders of the status quo. Many union activists sincerely believe this.

But altruism does not explain why the labor movement is spending tens of millions of dollars on this campaign.

Anonymous said...

Union Bosses get major role in Obamacare Management (The Examiner)

Kevin Mooney: Union bosses get major role in Obamacare management
Union officials are likely to fill key positions on committees making major decisions if President Barack Obama's government-run health care reform proposal becomes law, according to a new study by the National Right to Work Committee.

Sections 123 and 2251 of H.R. 3200, the version of Obamacare being pushed by House Democratic leaders, are of particular concern, according to NRTWC, because they could put union-backed appointees on new government committees that recommend mandatory health insurance benefits provided by private insurers, and personnel policies the bill describes as necessary "to ensure quality and adequacy" of the nation's health care workers.

Such provisions could put labor officials in positions to influence health care policies across the country, said Greg Mourad, director of legislation for the NRTWC, and to mandate that health care workers join unions.

"Big labor is guaranteed a place on the various committees, and that's something we see as a dangerous sign," said Mourad, the principal author of the NRTWC study. "The idea is to get the whole country on a model where you have teams of union stewards telling doctors what to do."

Anonymous said...

A direct quote from SEIU bylaws.

"We must organize unorganized Healthcare workers, extending to them the gains of unionism while securing control over the Healthcare industry."

Anonymous said...

Networks censor health care debate: ABC and NBC take one for Team Obama (Washington Times)

The major TV networks don't even let revenue get in the way of their biased coverage in favor of President Obama's agenda.

ABC and NBC in particular seem afraid of a simple 30-second advertisement. Both networks have refused to run an ad proposed for national telecast by the League of American Voters, a nonprofit group with 15,000 members.

The supposedly offensive ad makes the simple claim that the proposed government-run health care program would ration medical care.

ABC won't run the ad because it says it is "partisan." NBC won't run it because that network says it questions the ad's facts.

Anonymous said...

Barack Obama accused of making 'Depression' mistakes (Telegraph)

Barack Obama is committing the same mistakes made by policymakers during the Great Depression, according to a new study endorsed by Nobel laureate James Buchanan. By Edmund Conway Published: 06 Sep 2009 History repeating itself?

President Obama has been accused by some economists of making the same mistakes policymakers in the US made in the Great Depression, which followed the Wall Street crash of 1929.

Anonymous said...

Obama the Weak(The Weekly Standard)

Last December, weeks before the president took office, House speaker Nancy Pelosi set sharp limits on the role of Obama and his aides on Capitol Hill.

A few days later, Democrats ignored the Obama team's desire for a tax credit for small businesses in the "stimulus" bill.

It might have attracted Republican support and fulfilled the president's promise to be bipartisan.

Post-inauguration, Senate and House Democrats embarrassed the new president by sending him an omnibus spending bill studded with thousands of earmarks. Though he'd criticized earmarks, Obama knuckled under and signed the measure.

On the cap-and-trade environmental legislation, House Democrats threw out Obama's cherished plan to raise revenue by auctioning off emission rights. They decided to give most of the rights away, mainly to political allies.

And after Obama reached a deal with pharmaceutical companies--they pledged $80 billion in cut-rate drugs for seniors in exchange for favored treatment in health care legislation--congressional leaders dismissed the deal as not binding on them.

This prompted Obama to declare it nonbinding on him, too.

His biggest concession to congressional Democrats, though, has been to let them write the legislation on his three biggest initiatives: the stimulus, health care reform, and cap and trade. I can't think of another president--not one of the previous 43--who willingly yielded so much power to Congress.

Anonymous said...

Obama supporters question his leadership (UPI)

WASHINGTON, Sept. 6 (UPI) -- U.S. President Barack Obama's leadership is being tested as his poll numbers dip and his supporters question his commitment to fight for them, analysts say.

Dozens of interviews this summer in six states conducted by The Washington Post and published Sunday revealed a growing sense of gloom and disappointment by the president's supporters over his administration's present course, especially coming after an August congressional recess dominated by angry attacks from opponents of his healthcare reform agenda.

Anonymous said...

Obama Is Fast Losing White Voters' Support (LATimes)

Obama Is Fast Losing White Voters' Support

His approval ratings with the crucial bloc have plunged since April. Strategists say the healthcare debate is largely to blame, but that's not the only reason.

The Obama family returns from Camp David. It's unclear whether President Obama's ratings slip is based on policy or personal issues.

Anonymous said...

“Couric should look in mirror”
Gag, or, when perky turns pukey!

Anonymous said...

For Obama and Democrats, Colorado Becomes Less Welcoming (WaPo)

Colorado became a symbol of the changing politics in a region once firmly in Republican hands -- and also of the grass-roots power and energy fueling Barack Obama's candidacy.

Today, the state embodies the uneasiness spreading throughout Democratic ranks as Obama struggles with major challenges and the 2010 midterm elections approach.

Anonymous said...

Obama knew about the Lockerbie bomber every step of the way
(Hot Air Blog)

UK sources: Obama knew about the Lockerbie bomber every step of the way

Obama seems to have screwed up really big (Again!) British officials claim Mr Obama and Mrs Clinton were kept informed at all stages of discussions concerning Megrahi’s return.

The officials say the Americans spoke out because they were taken aback by the row over Megrahi’s release, not because they did not know it was about to happen

Anonymous said...

Obama asks church help to debunk health-care 'lies' (This Christian Century)

Facing incendiary charges that health-care reform would result in government financing of abortion and euthanasia, President Obama has made an unusual appeal to religious groups to help sell the plan and debunk critics' "false witness."

"I'm going to need the help of all of you," Obama told an August 19 conference call and live webcast that attracted an estimated 140,000people.

"I need you to knock on doors, talk to your neighbors. I need you to spread the facts and speak the truth."

Did Obama ask the religious to cover up their crosses while listening to his speech? If not, he is being inconsistent.

Anonymous said...

RE: "Obama Is Fast Losing White Voters' Support"
Busloads of welfare ACORN people yelling at town hall protesters might have something to do with that. Although the lying press wouldn’t report it, some people being bused in to raise hell at the meetings have never paid one dime of taxes in their lives.

Anonymous said...

House Dem: There will be no bipartisan bill [Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) The Hill

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) said that there wouldn't be the bipartisan bill favored by the president and some centrist Democrats, with Republicans to blame.

"I appreciate the work that's been done by the president to try and get a bipartisan bill, but there will be no bipartisan bill,"

Anonymous said...

Everyone drills for oil off Florida – except U.S.

BP has announced the discovery of yet another huge oil field in the Gulf of Mexico. At the same time, communist Russia is ready to work with Cuba to begin drilling 50 miles offshore Key West in the Gulf, and China is negotiating with Canada for the right to develop the vast oil resources in Alberta.

Anonymous said...

‘Meet the Press’ Focus on Jones Aftermath — Internet ‘Open Sewer’ of ‘Disinformation’ MORE MSM LIES

Tom Brokaw: "It's frightening, frankly."

Anonymous said...

There is a budding request by conservatives and the public at large to know more about Obama’s czars. It will soon be known if there are more radicals like Van Jones. Let the games begin!

Anonymous said...

Howard Dean said that Van Jones did not know what the ‘Truther’ petition said when he signed it. Dean looked like a shrinking gnome. He was lying, and it showed. Time for a ‘Dean Scream’!

Anonymous said...

Fox News is taking the liberal MSM to task for not reporting on Van Jones. A simple Google search would have given them ample reasons to investigate Jones. Fox news is asserting the MSM has not looked at the other czars either. It remains to be seen if the Obama in-the-tankers want to be scooped again and again, as the czar ranks dwindle for good reasons, that an honest media could have easily researched.

Anonymous said...

Obama's upcoming school address illegal? (One News Now)

A Christian legal society is sending Barack Obama a message concerning his planned school address: "Mr. President, cease and desist."

Liberty Counsel founder Matt Staver tells OneNewsNow that the Department of Education [DOE] is engaging in illegal activity in the dispersing of educational material that will accompany President Obama's address to school children.

He says it does not matter what Obama talks about because according to U.S. Code 20, Section 3403, the Secretary of Education, or any officer, is forbidden to engage in "any direction, supervision, or control over the curriculum, program of instruction, administration, or personnel of any educational institution, school, or school system."

"It's illegal because we don't want the President or the federal Department of Education to take over our schools.

We don't want them creating curriculum, as the DOE is doing in this case.

They're actually creating workbooks, they're setting aside time during the instructional portion of the school," he points out.

"They're then beaming the President of the United States into all of these schools across the country. It is essentially a federal takeover of our state educational and locally run school systems."

Anonymous said...

Glenn Beck statement on resignation of Van Jones
September 6, 2009 -

The American people stood up and demanded answers. Instead of providing them, the Administration had Jones resign under cover of darkness. I continue to be amazed by the power of everyday Americans to initiate change in our government through honest questioning, and judging by the other radicals in the administration, I expect that questioning to continue for the foreseeable future.

Anonymous said...

Nancy Pelosi has become the most hated female in America. If you take a look at the picture of her at the Drudge Report, you will see even Botox isn't helping the Witch of the West hide her stiff faced frown. Frozen ugly is what they call her plastic enhanced face.

Anonymous said...

Rasmussen Daily Presidential Tracking Poll (-13)
September 07, 2009
The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Monday shows that 28% of the nation's voters Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as President. Forty-one percent (41%) Strongly Disapprove giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -13 (see trends). Sixty percent (60%) now believe the President is at least as ethical as most politicians. On health care reform, 83% say that proof of citizenship should be required before anyone can receive government subsidies. Just 13% of Americans consider Labor Day one of the nation’s most important holidays. Most view it primarily as the...

Anonymous said...

“Van Jones on his way back to his day job”- Caption to a humorous photoshop pic of Jones in a Superman costume.
@ Lucianne

Anonymous said...

The Code Pink crazies issue a statement about their Big Brother Czar sneaking away in the dead of night. And, here I thought they were just anti-war crazies?

“He was swift-boated," said Medea Benjamin, a co-founder of the anti-war group Code Pink and a San Franciscan who has known Jones for 15 years. She spoke to him recently and said he was "very conflicted" about whether to resign.
But with Obama facing an uphill battle to gain bipartisan support on health care, as Jones said in his resignation statement Sunday, "I cannot in good conscience ask my colleagues to expend precious time and energy defending or explaining my past."

Anonymous said...

Students MUST watch Obama Speech OR they will be punished! This doesn’t sound like the USA I know.
Students in Broward County, Florida will be forced to watch Obama's speech.

"After receiving dozens of complaints from parents who didn't want their children to be forced to watch the speech, the Broward schools superintendent issued a ruling Thursday: There will be no opting out. `It's an important event,'' Superintendent Jim Notter said."

FOX News reported on this story, saying that Superintendent [Notter has stated that if kids don't show up, they will be punished.]
It will be interesting to see how parents react to this ultimatum.

Anonymous said...

Site scrubbed.

Anonymous said...

...Obama's upcoming school address illegal?...

Was Bush the first's school address illegal? Was Reagan's?

Anonymous said...

No ObamaCare no matter how he changes it

No matter how Obama lies and says he's fixed his "Health Care Reform" abomination, it shouldn't be accepted under any circumstances. Because Obama is a radical left-wing racist it is a fact that the new health care system will be essentially staffed through extreme affirmative action both in the system itself and in the medical schools. That means that we will be "cared for" by low-IQ, third-world savages. Health care will be a huge social engineering and income redistribution program that will put quality health care as its last priority. The government would be incompetent the provide quality health care even if that was their purpose (which it is not). Two of the most important goals of "Health Care Reform" is confiscating guns and empowering the unions. Two horrible developments.

And since our traitorous government, most specifically the thuggish IRS, will be the ones deciding who has proper insurance outside the system and who doesn't, most of us will be forced to enroll in Obama's horror show. There is no way that that lying tyrant will be content to allow private health insurance to exist at all. And it will not lower costs. The United States government is officially bankrupt and no amount of lying will change that. That means the taxpayer will suffer tremendously in much higher taxes, inflation, transfers to those who can't pay and any number of other economic distortions added to the ones government has already caused (the diversity housing bubble for instance and the total destruction of our currency and the industrial sector.) The health care obamination combined with cap and trade will complete the economic destruction of the United States. Of course that is one of Obama's primary goals.

Anonymous said...

Van Jones Did Not Fill Out WH Questionnaire [No Czars Have Done Questionnaire] White House Blog, Major Garrett

An administration official said special advisers to the president, or czars, are not required to fill out the questionnaire that runs 7 pages and contains 63 questions.

The entire questionnaire, the official said, is reserved for appointees who must win Senate confirmation. ---

However, Fox News correspondent James Rosen spoke with spokesman Mike Berger on Friday and Berger said Jones knew what the petition said and agreed with its contents.

"He did agree with that statement and he did sign on to it," Berger said in a phone interview with Rosen. Berger said the group's "original board members individually confirmed all signatories that had signed on to the statement."

Anonymous said...

So anyone...even a convicted felon...could be a Czar?

Of course. Communist, felon, sex deviate... makes no diff. If Obama likes you, you're in.

Anonymous said...

Under zero, YOU HAVE to be a felon, sex deviate, racist and/or Communist to be to be in!!!

Anonymous said...

My thoughts on Broward Co. mandate, is this Notter the czar of forced education? Man, I don’t like the sound of his step on the necks of parents tactics. I fully expect the ACLU to step right in. [Sarcasm]

Anonymous said...

It sounds like Broward County is too far gone to save. The students will probably faint from the eloquence of TOTUS, if their parents taught them the correct cultist procedure at phony speeches.

Anonymous said...

The Broward County attorney needs to be questioned if Notter has overstepped his bounds, when he threatens retaliation against parents. I don't think he can do one damn thing to parents, and he better not do anything to children!!!

Anonymous said...

The liberal media downplays this little tidbit, but the Democrats raised hell because Bush gave a speech to children in 1991. Without the internet, the controversy was short lived, and the media just plain forgot about it.
Gee Whiz Andy, I plumb forgot to tell ya bout the Dems thinking a speech from the prez was political.
“It's not the first time a presidential speech to children has raised ire. In 1991, President George Bush, a Republican, made a speech to students that was controversial among Democrats in Congress.”

Anonymous said...

Hell yes Obama needs to talk to our children. He can tell them how great his private school education was, and how glad he is that hhis children are in private school.

Anonymous said...

I want O'Boob to discuss the evils of smoking with the children. He might also tell us if he is going charge smokers more for health care because of their nicotine addictions. Everyone has known for a long time about black lungs, and blue lips from smoking. Notice how the Democrats don’t discuss smoking? Joe Camel is an embarrassment I guess.

Anonymous said...

Re: Broward article scrubbed- I just read it again, and the
Notter threats have been removed. I did read them this morning. I think the school attorney advised the nutcase very quickly to nix the thug talk. Perhaps Hannah can tell us what happened?

-Some Broward parents oppose Obama school speech-
Notter now says:
“It's not mandatory that teachers have their students watch the speech, but if it's in their lesson plans, there will be no alternative work.”

Anonymous said...

...the Democrats raised hell because Bush gave a speech to children in 1991...

Can you provide evidence of that from any newspaper at that time? Newspaper name, date, and page, please.

Anonymous said...

Comment at the Herald article: Castro speeches were broadcast into classrooms and they were forced to watch. Someone ought to send this comment to Notter.
"A president talking to students is not unusual; HOWEVER, the way this president wants to do it IS. Not only he wants to talk to students but he wants to INDOCTRINATE them. This reminds me when I was a little girl in Cuba and Castro's speeches were broadcast in my classes. We were all FORCED to watch...":

Anonymous said...

2:31- There a literally thousands of articles about the Democrats complaining about President Bush speaking to children. You need to do your own research or go post on a children’s blog.
Flashback 1991: Gephardt Called Bush's Speech to Students 'Paid ...
... House Democrats criticized President Bush yesterday for using Education Department funds to produce and broadcast a speech that he made -

Perspective: Dems slammed George H.W. Bush for address to schools ...
Among the complaints, House Majority Leader Dick Gephardt said, ..... If this happens for 4 years and god help us 8 years many children exposed to ..... The Democrats in 1991 were complaining that it was a campaign speech, essentially. ...

GEORGE H.W. BUSH - The Opinionator Blog -
... to Texas are fielding angry complaints from parents opposed to President ... President George H.W. Bush gave an address to schools nationwide in 1991 ... time indicate that Democrats criticized Bush for giving the speech. ... It's something along the lines of: You can't trust your children alone ... - Bloggytown So, according to Will Greer, telling children to "work hard, .... Both were made as part of a Democratic complaint against President George HW Bush ... speech to kids in school, George H.W. Bush's two political speeches to kids in

Anonymous said...

Notter has been neutered.- his threats have been removed from the article. Fox News talked about the threats this morning, so the Herald can amend the article, but the threats were noted. The Fox discussion mentioned the legality of punishment for parents if they removed their children to protect them.

Anonymous said...

There have been articles written that Notre Dame lost 8 million dollars in contributions due to Obama speaking there. It would seem schools would just say no to Obama. He is a polarizing figure that school children should not be forced to endure. The one good thing about this controversy is that parents can discuss socialism with their children, and why they don’t want them listening to propaganda. My neighbor boy said if his teacher makes him listen to Obama he is going to put his fingers in his ears. I told him he has every right to do that, and to never let the schools push their politics on him. There is hope if corrupted teachers are stopped now, and this forced speech is a good place to start. I surely would have liked to see the lesson plans before the socialist agenda was exposed.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't send my kids to school that day if they were still school age. Why give Obama any audience at all? Just ignore the bastard and maybe he'll go away.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Obama’s speech will include that his wife NEVER felt proud of her country for forty years, even after all the good things this country offered her? You know, that Ivy League education and all.

Anonymous said...

You would think Obama would get the message that a lot of people do not want to see him. His last TV audience was less than reruns of reality shows. How many times is he going to be embarrassed before he gets the message? Some things just can’t be Chicago thugged down our throats, and that goes for our children as well.

Anonymous said...

There have been articles written that Notre Dame lost 8 million dollars in contributions due to Obama speaking there.

Please allow me to clear this mistaken conception up for you. The 8.2 million in lost donations was for a single week before Obama's visit and extended to over 15 million in the month that followed. It is now well north of 20 million and will continue until Father Jenkins is replaced.