Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sacramento Bee looking for an advertising sales account manager - $35,000 plus commission

Wow, another empty advertising position at the Sacramento Bee. Here is the announcement.


The Sacramento Bee, the area's leading source of online and print news, entertainment, and information, is seeking Advertising Salespeople to join our dynamic advertising sales territory team. The Bee is a leader within an exciting media industry. We have an unmatched product line to meet most businesses advertising needs. These products include print, online, flyers and post its. As a Territory Account Manager, you will be cold calling local businesses to convert them into new advertising clients of the Bee. You will also be responsible for growing revenue from the existing accounts within your geographic territory. Your task will be to help local businesses grow by learning more about their needs and presenting multimedia solutions.


Our successful applicant profile: You have a high energy level, are able to multitask, listen, and are self motivated. You’re a positive and successful sales professional who loves the sales process, and has a strong record of sales achievement. A flexible monthly and quarterly commission plan is on top of an annual salary beginning at $35,000 or more per year depending upon size of territory, plus excellent medical benefits, 401(k) plan, onsite child care center and fitness center. If you are a problem-solving prospector and successful closer, with the ability to work well in a fast-paced team environment, apply now for the Advertising Account Manager position.

Click here for more information.

The Bee's senior VP of advertising left three few weeks ago and the Bee is still looking for his replacement.


Anonymous said...

... onsite child care center and fitness center.

Never fall for this scam. Propaganda agencies and leftist government operations install "child care" facilities as a shield to hopefully prevent any number of militant radicals from targeting their operations centers.

Radical militants consider propaganda offices a legitimate target and could not care less if they are hiding behind your children and soft targets are in vogue.

Anonymous said...

umm except there is an onsite child care center with ooh actual children even left wing commies need to work and make money so they need someone to care for the children.

Oh and hmm are you advocating the deaths of 100's of innocents who's only crime is working for a living? Nice.

Anonymous said...

Two trolls for the price of one.

Anonymous said...

On site child care facilities discriminate against gay employees. It is a benefit provided to mostly heterosexual employees. There is an obvious disparate impact based on sexual preferences.

How can any fine, sensitized, feeling, caring, understanding, employer be so arrogantly anti-gay? McClatchy should be forced to provide lunch room/bath houses for their loafered employees.

Anonymous said...

Oh god. Child care at McClatchy!? They're probably clandestine abortion clinics.