Thursday, September 3, 2009

Star-Telegram readers getting short-changed by content sharing agreement with Dallas Morning News

Looks like the content-sharing agreement the S-T has with the Dallas Morning News isn't a good deal for people who live in Fort Worth. This letter to the editor was printed in today's Star-Telegram:

Coverage priorities

If the Aug. 28 "Go" section hadn’t arrived with my Star-Telegram, I would have thought it belonged to the Dallas paper.

Three out of five movie reviews were for movies that are Dallas exclusives. That means taking a trip to Dallas or not seeing them because too often they won’t be shown in Fort Worth. (It is amazing that a city of 750,000 doesn’t have a movie theater that shows independent/art films, but that is another issue.)

All three restaurant reviews were for Dallas restaurants. Even Bud Kennedy’s column highlighted openings for three new Dallas restaurants. Why is this?

I’m not suggesting that you review only Fort Worth venues. We have gone to many restaurants/movies/festivals/shows in Dallas and the Mid-Cities and enjoy hearing about what other cities have to offer.

Your seeming neglect of hometown products, however, is disappointing. I imagine many in the Fort Worth business community are disappointed as well.

— Marsha Abeson, Fort Worth

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Anonymous said...

They have to fill the paper with something when they furlough their employees. How sad.

For those of you not from FW, the ST was, once-upon-a-time, a quality newspaper.

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when you have a small-minded "puslisher" who comes from a small paper (Myrtle Beach) and is not ready for prime time in the big city. He's chopped half the staff and closed the two main bureaus outside of downtown, as well as the Austin bureau. So now he has to find a way to fill the pages of the paper even though he has cut hundreds of pages a week out of it.
Wortel's priorities: Boosting his salary and position in the slime-ball corporate food chain and cutting costs.
He does not care about the readers, the employees or the community. He is just a hired gun brought in to do Gary Pruitt's dirty work, and he gleefully does it while rubbing his greasy hands in the slime.
$50 million profit a year? Not enough, cut more employees, pages and stories, hatchet man.
Heckuva job, Worty

Anonymous said...

and whats with the crap of Reeves on page 1 today. How much worse can they get.