Friday, September 18, 2009

Uncle Jimbo: "The rules of engagement are sound"

I few days ago I blogged about Jonathan Landay's report on an ambush September 8 involving a team of US military trainers and a group of Afghan soldiers. Four American soldiers and nine Afghan troops were killed in the ambush.

Landay's report said the Marines made repeated requests for air and artillery support after being pinned down by insurgents, and were denied due to Rule of Engagement designed to prevent civilian casualties.

After reading Landay's account, some -- including Jim Hoft and Michelle Malkin -- blamed US deaths on politically correct Rules of Engagement.

Weighing in, Uncle Jimbo says there is no problem with the Rule of Engagement, because they permit the use of fire if soldiers lives are at stake. Most likely somebody in the chain of command didn't understand the ROE, and that person needs to be identified and dealt with. But under the rules, you can fire to safeguard the troops.


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Anonymous said...

There is obviously a horrible problem with the rules of engagement when the decision to call for fire can be circumvented by the supporting unit.