Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Aggressive telemarketing campaign for McClatchy newspaper in Washington

A reader says a telemarketing company hired by the Tri-City Herald is haranguing people to subscribe.

I've been getting up to four phone calls a days since the weekend from Las Vegas number (702) 553-0512 - guy says he's calling from the Tri-City Herald (WA) promotions department and tries to get me to sign up for a subscription. Saying no or asking them to take me off their call list does no good; they just keep calling.

Turns out the number back traces to the Crossfire Marketing Group, a third-party boiler room that does marketing for energy companies and newspapers.

Have you heard about telemarketing campaigns at other McClatchy papers?




Anonymous said...

All of a sudden their Kansas City Star Tupperware/Mary Kay marketing strategy sounds good.

John Altevogt said...

If you're on the no call list, turn them in. Better yet, write a letter to the editor denouncing their unethical solicitations.

Anonymous said...

Better yet, write a letter to the editor denouncing their unethical solicitations.

....and then turn them in. After that be sure and make a public announcement of what they are doing on Craig's list.

Anonymous said...

Is this telephone number on the national do-not-call list? If yes, the homeowner needs to tell the telemarker that fact, and demand his number be taken off the list. If the telemarketer doesn't repond, demand to talk to a supervisor.

Melvin said...


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