Saturday, October 10, 2009

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DNC humor Czar condemns Nobel Prize jokes


Anonymous said...

Obama can be the next Pope!! That job is ripe for an incompetent affirmative-action appointment. All he has to do is tell another in an endless series of lies and say he's always been a Roman Catholic. The fact that he's obviously an atheist shouldn't cause us to question that.

Actually, I kind of think all the negative reactions are going to be one more thing to get under his skin. He's starting to slouch and pout like an unpopular, socially-awkward adolescent.

You can just see Obama, that deeply stupid, affirmative-action parasite, becoming more and more sullen and truculent as he experiences
mass hostility for the first time. He is a natural fascist while also seeming to be a somewhat fragile spoiled brat.

And like any spoiled brat when he feels that he is being thwarted he (and the rest of the left-wing bratocracy) will pitch a truly awesome tantrum. Ha ha. It's hilarious to me that all the things they want to do as a matter of normal, regular business are the kind of things that would warm Stalin's heart.

Anonymous said...

8:57 it's funny to watch Obama supporters attack anybody who laughs at Obama.

Anonymous said...

Best Obama Nobel Jokes
ABC News
George Stephenopolous

Courtesy of conservative activist Keith Appell: Barack Obama’s Teleprompter: Big Guy says Bill Clinton called and was gracious in defeat; offered to fly Kanye West over 4 the Nobel awards ceremony. Erick Erickson: [Obama is becoming Jimmy Carter faster than Jimmy Carter became Jimmy Carter.]