Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Charlotte Observer web site changes address

A reader emails:

This just happened today -- used to take you to the Charlotte Observer web site. Now it takes you to a separate site full of blogs, Facebook, and Twitter stuff. If you want the newspaper site, you have to go to

Sure enough: I went to and got a web page including a pop up with this message:

Expecting to see The Charlotte Observer? We're still here, but you will need to update your bookmark to

Here at, the Observer is supplementing our community coverage by including even more about Charlotte. Customize area information to fit your specific interests, see what your friends are talking about, and find out what other Charlotteans think are the most popular topics in the region.

Log in with an account you probably already have, like Facebook, Google or Yahoo!. You're one click away!

The change was engineered by Observer Interactive.


Anonymous said...

We're light years ahead of you. We did this several years ago. Double you pleasure, double our hit count!

Anonymous said...

Can’t they just be honest libs and refer you to and get it over with?

Kevin Gregory said...

5:51 heh

Anonymous said...

McClatchy favored domains with the newspaper's name. Knight-Ridder tried for a geoportal strategy ( More papers seem to be getting away from that. The Star-Telegram ditched and brought it back as an entertainment site. Miami became and dropped, bringing it back as a tourism/entertainment site.

JAT said...

I'm enjoying the user complaints being met with reminders of how to get to the newspaper site.