Friday, October 30, 2009

McClatchy's stake in a massive explosion in India...

The massive explosion in Jaipur, India which killed 13 and injured approximately 200 people on Thursday has a McClatchy connection... apparently Infosys, the company handling offshore financials for several McClatchy papers, has been evacuated.

Word is that the offshore employees were in the building working when the explosion took place and had to be evacuated.

I understand some emails have been circulating around McClatchy with more info about the potential impact to McClatchy. Forward the emails to me and I'll post 'em.


Anonymous said...

Did anyone think about things like this happening when they moved half our jobs overseas?

Unknown said...

3:44 - But couldn't this have just as easily happened in the US. An accident is an accident.

RR said...

Sad for the people in India. Busy for the people in our skeletal finance departments, who now get to catch everything up internally so as to handle the end-of-the month finances.

No doubt if they manage to pull this off, McClatchy may see that hey, we don't need India or all those people we let go - our skeleton departments can handle it all. So long as they work around the clock, that is.

Anonymous said...

What about the issue of a liberal paper, always touting jobs for Americans, off shoring American jobs?

Anonymous said...

Its their own fault. Outsourcing the poor finance department to India, dumbasses!