Monday, October 12, 2009

reader: "organizational changes" in newsroom setup coming to Sacramento Bee

A reader posted the following:

Sac announced "organizational changes" in its newsroom setup, but have yet to drop the ax on positions. We can expect more layoffs between now and the end of the year. Pray for those already overworked souls who will survive the next hackjob.



Anonymous said...

Seriously? The Sacramento Bee seeks editorial writer.

"This is a dream job for a journalist who cares about the word 'community.'"

At the least, couldn't the Bee hire from within and not do away with an established employee?

Anonymous said...

Under the new organization the night shift janitor will check the fax machine hourly for any new messages from the DNC or their AP affiliate. If there is a new message the janitor will carry the message to the night security officer who will then feed the message into a scanner which will format it for printing.

This will allow the Bee to eliminate all positions except management positions, which will all receive a 15% pay raise.

Anonymous said...

They still gots a janitor!?!

Anonymous said...

Anybody that didn't take the earlier buyouts, should have taken it. Motown only gets a max of 26 weeks severance under its new contract.

Anonymous said...

Sorry guys. We had to do this now so we could make the numbers look right. We hope you all understand. It is just business.

Regards and Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

But you ARE important to the Mcclatchy Family here. We appreciate you.

Anonymous said...

The last Sac Bee severance package was the worst. Many that did not leave now feel betrayed and trapped. Morale at all time low.