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Anonymous said...

White House criticism of Fox increasing ratings: Murdoch (AFP)

News Corp. chairman Rupert Murdoch said on Friday that White House criticism of commentators on his Fox News television channel had served to "tremendously" increase their ratings.

"There were some strong remarks coming out of the White House about one or two of the commentators on Fox News," Murdoch told the annual meeting of News Corp. shareholders here.

"And all I can tell you is that it's tremendously increased their ratings," he said.

Murdoch's remarks came after White House Communications Director Anita Dunn told The New York Times earlier this week that Fox News was "undertaking a war against Barack Obama and the White House."

Anonymous said...

Anita Dunn: A corruptocrat flack and a Mao cheerleader (Michelle Malkin)

Earlier this week, I spotlighted White House interim communications director and chief Fox-basher Anita Dunn’s career-long commitment to flacking for one of the Beltway’s most entrenched and crooked creatures, Tom Daschle.

I also noted that Dunn is married to Obama thug lawyer Robert Bauer, who tried valiantly to get the DOJ to prosecute conservative critics and punish TV stations for running an ad critical of Obama’s relationship with Weather Underground Bill Ayers.

Add to the mix this fun fact from Glenn Beck...Dunn is a Mao enthusiast.

The White House says she is joking. Doesn’t seem that way. And, um, who would joke about such a thing?

Anonymous said...

Children & Families Suffered in Mao Purges (Anita Dunn's Beloved "1947" of China Reviewed)Telegraph UK

According to "Mao, the Unknown Story", a biography of the dictator by Jung Chang, the fight against the landlords was drawn up between March and June 1947 by Kang Sheng, an expert on terror tactics.

"Kang told the cadres and activists to treat whole families as targets, even children," writes Chang.

"He stood by smiling when village children beat up 'little landlords' as children from the wrong families were called."

The campaign widened to include many people who were enemies of the Party, or of their local villages, but not necessarily landed rich...

Anonymous said...

Obama White House Flak A Maoist?
David Horowitz's NewsReal Blog

Obama White House communications director Anita Dunn idolizes Mao Zedong, the brutal Communist dictator of China responsible for the slaughter of tens of millions of innocent victims, Glenn Beck just revealed on his TV show.

Mao, who is arguably the greatest mass murderer in history, is “one of the two people that I turn to most,” Dunn is shown saying in a videotaped speech.

In a sane world this revelation about Mao would have Dunn already cleaning out her desk, her career in tatters.

Anonymous said...

Fox News Fires Marc Lamont Hill (

Cliff Kincaid over at Accuracy in Media (AIM) announces Fox News has fired Marc Lamont Hill. Cliff represented AIM at NewsCorp's annual meeting.

AIM reports that he asked Rupert Murdoch why someone with Hill's radical views would have a role as a Fox News commentator:

Before Kincaid completed the background for his question, News Corp. chairman Rupert Murdoch interrupted Kincaid to say that he appreciated Cliff's work on this matter, and that Hill had been "fired" last week.

Anonymous said...

Lamont Hill was Fox’s equivalent of the court jester.

FOX must have found stuff from his Twitter posts... his myspace.

You know, the typical leftist defending a cop killer..his radical black nationalistic background too..

He’ll be over at PMSLSD by next week.

Anonymous said...

Queering our schools: More dangerous ideas from Obama's 'safe schools czar' (Washington Times)

Fifty-three Republican congressmen yesterday demanded that President Obama fire his embattled "safe schools czar," Kevin Jennings.

Mr. Jennings' bizarre sexual agenda for American grade schools is one reason the president should dump this dangerous radical.

Mr. Jennings wrote the foreword to a 1998 book titled, "Queering Elementary Education." The book he endorsed was a collection of essays by different authors who supported teaching young children about homosexuality.

Mr. Jennings' foreword explains why he thinks it is important to start educating children about homosexuality as early as activist-educators can get away with doing so.

Anonymous said...

Congress Plays Hooky on Fridays Despite Pledge by Democrats to Work All Week (FoxNews)

Democratic leaders promised when their party regained control of the House three years ago that lawmakers would work five-day weeks, but that plan apparently didn't work.

If you want to talk to members of Congress on a Thursday or Friday, don't bother going to Capitol Hill.

Try Reagan National Airport, where they've probably already picked up a snack near the boarding gate for their flight back to their home districts.

Anonymous said...

Pelosi directs House to lie about cost of Obamacare (Fox)

According to Fox, Pelosi has directed the House to ignore the cost of ObamaCare for years 2-10.

She will insist that the only cost is for the first year (2013).

Costs for years 2-10 will be "redistributed to other accounts" so as to be made invisible to Obamacare.

CBO now saying cost of ObamaCare for the first ten years will be $ 1.2 trillion, at least, with years 11-20 at least $ 2 trillion, and the national debt to surpass $ 13 trillion.

Anonymous said...

Ich bin … busy? (Hot Air)

A year ago, the city of Berlin was so important to Barack Obama that he conducted a campaign event there.

This year, though, the 20th anniversary of the fall of Berlin’s most notorious Cold War symbol and the end of the Iron Curtain doesn’t interest the leader of the free world.

Der Spiegel reports that Obama has taken a pass on the celebration of the demolition of the Berlin Wall (via HA reader Constantius):

US President Barack Obama has shelved his plans to attend festivities marking the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Anonymous said...

Obama Promised 2.5 Million Stimulus Jobs... Created 30,083 & Lost Millions Instead ...Update: Record Deficit Numbers Released (GatewayPundit)

Last November Barack Obama promised to "create or save" 2,500,000 jobs with the record stimulus package he was planning to pass as president. He's got a long ways to go.

He promised 2,500,000 million jobs...But so far the democrats record "stimulus" package has only stimulated the economy enough to create only 30,000....Excuse me, 30,083 jobs.

The Hill reported: The first direct stimulus reports showed that stimulus contracts saved or created just 30,083 jobs, prompting more Republican criticism of the $787 billion package.

UPDATE: To add to the disaster-- The Obama administration has released new deficit numbers, and they are not pretty.

The deficit for Fiscal Year 2009, which ended Sept. 30, came in at a record $1.42 trillion, more than triple the record set just last year.

Anonymous said...

Federal Deficit Triples From Year Ago (1.42 Trillion) AP

Federal Deficit Triples From Year Ago Recession, cost of financial bailout leads to record $1.42 trillion imbalance

Oct. 16: The federal government says the national deficit has ballooned due to falling tax revenue and spending on the stimulus and stabilization efforts for the banking system.

WASHINGTON - The federal budget deficit has surged to an all-time high of $1.42 trillion as the recession caused tax revenues to plunge while the government was spending massive amounts to stabilize the financial system and jump-start the economy.

The imbalance for the budget year ended Sept. 30 more than tripled last year's record. The Obama administration projects deficits will total $9.1 trillion over the next decade unless corrective action is taken.

As a portion of the economy, the budget deficit stood at 10 percent, the highest since World War II, according to government data released Friday.

Anonymous said...

Why Did 1 In 7 Girls Get Pregnant At Robeson High?

CHICAGO (CBS) ― About one in seven girls at Robeson High School are pregnant. Officials say a variety of factors are to blame. Chicago public school full of energy and spirit.

It has about 800 girls, and 115 of them have something in common – something you might find disturbing.

All those young ladies are moms or moms-to-be at Paul Robeson High School. It's not a school for young mothers, it's a neighborhood school. And all of the pregnancies have happened, despite prevention talk.

Anonymous said...

Nation's 'Long-Term Fiscal Outlook Remains Unsustainable,' GAO Says - Weaknesses in the economy and financial markets--and the government's response to them--have helped boost federal budget deficits, which reached a record level in fiscal year 2009, the General Accountability Office reported on Thursday.

The situation probably won't improve any time soon: "While a lot of attention has been given to the recent fiscal deterioration, the federal government faces even larger fiscal challenges that will persist long after the return of financial stability and economic growth," the report says.

The GAO has been publishing long-term fiscal simulations since 1992, in response to a bipartisan request from Congress. According to the GAO, lawmakers asked for the projections because they were concerned about the long-term effects of fiscal policy.

Lawmakers were right to be concerned, the latest report indicates: "GAO's simulations continue to show escalating levels of debt that illustrate that the long-term fiscal outlook remains unsustainable," the August-October 2009 assessment said.

Anonymous said...

ACORN Defunded Until October 31st. That's It. (

There's a lot of talk out there about ACORN being stripped of their federal funding, and restricted from receiving federal funds in the future. Sadly, this couldn't be further from the truth.

Here's what really happened: On October 1, 2009, the President signed a Continuing Resolution (CR) to keep government programs running at their current spending levels for one month.

This was necessary because Congress has not yet passed the annual appropriations bills which fund all government programs into the new fiscal year, which began October 1st...