Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The State (Columbia, SC) hiring a distribution clerk -- $10 an hour

The State is looking for a distribution clerk. Here is the announcement.


Receives and electronically documents arrival of advertising inserts, checks packages being run on machinery for accuracy, and delivers sample insert packages and other products to various departments within the company.


Candidates must be able to work independently, cope under tight deadlines, successfully juggle multiple and competing priorities, and read, write and speak effectively in English. Typing requirement 30 wpm.

Physical requirements: ability to bend and lift up to 35 pounds and stand for up to two-thirds of a shift in a production environment. Work schedule is Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Work schedule is subject to change based on business and seasonal needs.

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Anonymous said...

Is this really a living wage in S.C.?

Anonymous said...

Why should we care about a low-level position hiring by a small-circulation paper? Is there something I'm missing?

Anonymous said...

Re. 6:07pm
Well, I would think, that it being a McClatchy property, and this is McClatchy Watch, some folks might be interested that this “low level position” was vacated, or created by the benevolent lay-off procedures by the parent company.
Not everybody that works for a newspaper is a hot shot. Some have to take “low level positions” at lesser-known properties.
You egotistical P.O.S.

Oh, and 3:41pm, no it is not. That is probably why they were, or are, profitable.
McClatchy owns 5 (I think) newspapers in S.C. Does that tell you something ??

Anonymous said...

I think McClatchy should pay McClatchy Watch for these "help wanted" ads. No freebies!

Kevin Gregory said...

7:53 hey, I'm here to help.