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Anonymous said...

Robert Reich Reveals Brutal Health Care Truths; MSM Snores (NewsBusters)

Paging Congressman Alan Grayson! Here is a quote that validates what you said about those EVIL Republicans:

"We're going to have to, if you're very old, we're not going to give you all that technology and all those drugs for the last couple of years of your life to keep you maybe going for another couple of months. It's too we're going to let you die."

Aha! So it turns out that Grayson was right when he said "Republicans want you to die quickly." Only one "little" problem here.

That quote did not come from a Republican. In fact it came from the very liberal former Labor Secretary Robert Reich who is now an economics adviser for Barack Obama made in 2007.

Anonymous said...

The average life span of an American born around 1900 was about 42 years. Today, it is over 80 years.

If we had incorporated the Democrats’ mindset towards the ‘elderly’, where would average lifespan be today? And if we keep treating the elderly and making similar advances as came about in the past century, who is to say the life span might not continue to go upward from here?

Anonymous said...

If You Think It's Hard to See Your Doctor Today Wait Until Government Is In Charge (GatewayPundit)

Here is my latest column at American Issues Project:
Is there a doctor in the house? How about a nurse practitioner?

If you think it is difficult to get in to see your doctor today wait until Obamacare is passed.

With the current Congressional plans to nationalize health care democrats will likely make the severe doctor shortage even worse.

The Association of American Medical Colleges recently predicted that by 2025 there would be a serious physician shortage in the US. In less than twenty years the United States will need over one hundred thousand doctors to fill the gap.

Primary care doctors will account for over thirty percent of the total projected physician shortage. These numbers assume a continuation of the current supply and demand patterns here in the United States.

Our neighbors up north in Canada who live and die with a nationalized health care system are already experiencing a critical physician shortage.

Many families are unable to find a regular physician. To make up for the shortage of doctors Canada now depends on importing physicians from outside the country...

...The Canadian nationalized health care plan is so inefficient that a 2005 survey found that less than one in four Canadians were able to see a physician the same day they needed one. This placed Canada last among six nations in a study including the U.S., Great Britain and Australia.

Now democrats want to do the same thing to the US system.

Anonymous said...

No Debating Congress' Lavish Health Care (CBS News)

As members of Congress debate a "public option" for health care coverage, they remain safe and secure in their own generous health plan.

CBS News correspondent Sharyl Attkisson reports it's subsidized by millions of your tax dollars annually. The government doesn't even keep track the total cost.
What exactly does Congress get?

Sen. Lindsey Graham agreed to show CBS News first hand, flashing his Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance card.

Blue Cross Blue Shield is one of five plans offered to members of Congress. Most Americans, 74 percent are offered only one plan -if their employer offers insurance at all.

And members of Congress earn $174,000 a year - triple the income of the average working-age household. Yet their premiums are about the same.

For them, there's no coverage limit - a major factor for the American families bankrupted or thrown into poverty by health care costs.

Pre-existing conditions? No problem for congressmen and women. The rest of us are out of luck.

And the elected officials get still more perks most Americans can only dream of. Got a cold? You probably have to take time off work and wait to see a doctor.....

Anonymous said...

The Baucus Bill Is a Tax Bill (WSJ)

Remember when health-care reform was supposed to make life better for the middle class?

That dream began to unravel this past summer when Congress proposed a bill that failed to include any competition-based reforms that would actually bend the curve of health-care costs.

It fell apart completely when Democrats began papering over the gaping holes their plan would rip in the federal budget.

As it now stands, the plan proposed by Democrats and the Obama administration would not only fail to reduce the cost burden on middle-class families, it would make that burden significantly worse.

Consider the bill put forward by the Senate Finance Committee. From a budgetary perspective, it is straightforward. The bill creates a new health entitlement program that the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates will grow over the longer term at a rate of 8% annually, which is much faster than the growth rate of the economy or tax revenues.

This is the same growth rate as the House bill that Sen. Kent Conrad (D., N.D.) deep-sixed by asking the CBO to tell the truth about its impact on health-care costs.

To avoid the fate of the House bill and achieve a veneer of fiscal sensibility, the Senate did three things:

It omitted inconvenient truths, it promised that future Congresses will make tough choices to slow entitlement spending, and it dropped the hammer on the middle class.

Anonymous said...

Mayo Clinic Faulted for Limiting Medicare Patients (

The renowned Mayo Clinic is no longer accepting some Medicare and Medicaid patients, raising new questions about whether it is too selective to serve as a model for health-care reform.

Anonymous said...

Nobel jury defends Obama decision (AP)

OSLO – Members of the Norwegian committee that gave Barack Obama the Nobel Peace Prize are strongly defending their choice against a storm of criticism that the award was premature and a potential liability for the U.S. president.

Asked to comment on the uproar following Friday's announcement, four members of the five-seat panel told The Associated Press that they had expected the decision to generate both surprise and criticism.

Three of them rejected the notion that Obama hadn't accomplished anything to deserve the award, while the fourth declined to answer that question. A fifth member didn't answer calls seeking comment.

"We simply disagree that he has done nothing," committee chairman Thorbjoern Jagland told the AP on Tuesday. "He got the prize for what he has done."

Anonymous said...


Newsweek Japan (Japanese language version) Oct 21, 2009 Issue October 14, 2009

Out on stands in Japan today!
Title: "Obama Wa Nobel-sho Ni Ataeshinai" ("Obama Unworthy of Nobel Prize")

Sub-title caption (also on cover overlay of monochrome Obama photo): "The Idiocy Of Him Receiving Such An Award, With Less The One Year In Office With No Accomplishment"

Anonymous said...

More Layoffs Rumored at Current TV (cofounded by former Vice President Al Gore)

Don't be surprised if you see a bunch of pink-slipped Current producers in SOMA, so be nice and buy one a drink.

San Francisco-based Current Media, cofounded by former Vice President Al Gore, is looking to lay off more local employees, according to a source familiar with its plans.

The company laid off 60 employees last year, or about 15 percent of its staff, though promised to rehire some in new positions.


It's also bad news for Current's investors, who had hoped to cash in with a $100 million public offering of shares, only to see those plans cancelled.

A request for comment from Current has not been returned at this time.

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg plans to take over BusinessWeek magazine (Yahoo)

Bloomberg LP is buying BusinessWeek magazine in a deal that brings together a financial news service specializing in rapid-fire updates with a print publication struggling to adapt to the Internet's information whirlwind.

Terms of the sale announced Tuesday were not disclosed. Citing unnamed people privy to the negotiations, BusinessWeek pegged the acquisition price at $2 million to $5 million in cash.

Bloomberg also would be responsible for paying other costs, such as severance pay to any of the roughly 400 BusinessWeek employees who might be laid off, the magazine's Web site reported.

Anonymous said...

Union leader arrested, charged with bribery (AP)

The president of a national railroad employees union was arrested at his Ohio home on Tuesday and charged with bribery.

Edward Rodzwicz, who heads the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen, is accused of soliciting and accepting $20,000in bribes from a St. Louis lawyer.

In exchange, prosecutors say, Rodzwicz allowed the lawyer to remain on a list of attorneys approved to handle injury cases for union members. That attorney was supposed to be removed from the list due to alleged ethical violations.

Anonymous said...

"Removal of Zelaya was constitutional": UN (Honduras,

UN experts concluded that there was no coup in Honduras
The study of the crisis in Honduras coincided with that conducted by the Library of Congress ***

The study of the political crisis in Honduras was endorsed with official information received by the UN experts in the country visit last week coincided with the foreign ministers of the OAS.

Washington, USA. A study by the Department of Political Affairs of the United Nations Organization (UNO) on the causes of the crisis in Honduras, concluded that the removal of President Manuel Zelaya, "was constitutional under the laws of the country," confirmed officials of that agency.

Anonymous said...

Hillary: Not Time For Sanctions On Iran (Agence France-Presse)

MOSCOW (AFP) – The time has not yet arrived for further sanctions against Iran, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Tuesday, amid continuing diplomacy on the Iranian nuclear standoff.

Clinton assented with a recent statement by Russian President Dmitry Medvedev that sanctions against Tehran may be inevitable if the Islamic Republic defies world powers over its nuclear drive.

But she added: "We are not at that point yet." She also praised Russia, seen as a crucial player in the nuclear crisis, for its diplomatic work in the Iranian atomic standoff.

"Russia has been extremely cooperative in the work we have done together," Clinton said at a joint press conference with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

Anonymous said...

The fraud and dishonesty in the Baucus bill (AmericanThinker)

You really have to read this entire piece by Jeffrey Anderson in the New York Post to get a sense of how frighteningly dishonest the gimmicks used by Senator Baucus to get the CBO to sign off on his health care bill.

The first bit of rank dishonesty lies in the fact that the CBO is calculating the bill's cost in the next decade starting next year. The problem is that the bill wouldn't even take effect fully until 2015!

But the CBO exposed the truth by taking the rare step of calculating what the bill would cost in its second 10 years.

In its second decade alone, the CBO projects, the bill's costs would triple -- to $2.8 trillion.

The taxes and fines it levies would also triple -- to $1.8 trillion. And its cuts to Medicare and related federal health programs would quadruple -- to $1.9trillion.

In its first two decades combined, the bill would cost $3.6 trillion and would raise taxes by $2.3 trillion. We're just getting started folks

Anonymous said...

Ruh Ro, Aron Barnhart at the KC Star has joined Pork Chop as the second Star so called reporter caught lying in just a few days.

In the latest saga Barnhart claims to have recieved a Press Release from Fox and it made mention on MSNBC. Problem was, Mr Barnhart made it all up and was lying through his teeth. Now caught Red Handed.

John Altevogt said...

Barnhart's blog used to be moderated before posting now it appears you can't even post at all. Yet another dingy Star Stalinist.