Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Biloxi Sun Herald looking for a reporter

The Biloxi Sun Herald is advertising for a reporter.

The Sun Herald, a Pulitzer Prize-winning newspaper, is looking for a motivated staff writer. This staff writer will work under the direction of the City Editor to report and write daily, weekend and project stories; emphasis on stories will be in the area of Hancock County; provide suggested headlines, taglines, budget line and photo captions for each story; coordinate and assign photos and graphics; expected to be a general assignment reporter as the need arises; accept questions, complaints, suggestions, and other comments from the public; respond to emails and faxes from the public in a timely manner; check out story suggestions from the public, editors, etc.; maintain source lists and keep track of upcoming events so coverage can be planned. Qualifications include a degree in Journalism or English preferred; time management skills, organizational skills (planning ahead, scheduling), writing and editing skills, oral and written communication skills; and skills in identifying news and assessing its importance.

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