Monday, November 23, 2009

Bomb squad called after suspicious device found in Seattle Times newspaper box

Authorities need to take these things seriously -- Seattle is home to a lot of crazy anarchists after all -- but I'd bet it wasn't a real explosive device.

A police bomb squad unit was called to a Seattle Times newspaper box Sunday morning after a Times delivery driver found a suspicious object in the box, the paper reported.

The device was found in a box on Main Street in Bothell, Wash., at about 3:30 a.m. and prompted the closing of a section of the street as police investigated and later "disrupted" the device, police said.

The Times reported that it was unclear if the object was a real bomb or not. The FBI, however, was called in and is investigating.



Anonymous said...

It sounds like it was an early Christmas copy of the Wall Street Journal that had a bow on it.

McClatchy people, forgetting and failing to recognize what a real newspaper looks like, deemed the package suspicious and called the authorities

Anonymous said...

Anarchists are a nuisance. Our real desperadoes are the invaders too crazy for California setting up Gay bars, Animal Sex Farms, Pedophile rings and Live Sex shows while right next door you might have a Euthanasia Tourism Agency and Check out Hotel. Don't forget we also have our world famous Eco-Terrorists who'll gladly burn your home down around you for a glass bottle mixed with your recyclable plastic.

There is just no cesspool like a west coast cesspool.

Anonymous said...

I thank God for Sarah Palin!

DH said...

Devise or device? Did you lay off your copy editor?

McClatchy Watch said...

5:30 my readers are the best copy editors. Typo fixed, thanks.