Friday, November 13, 2009

Charlotte Observer publishes photo that won local contest, adds mouse pointer

Today the Charlotte Observer published the photo that won a Chamber of Commerce photo contest, but the Observer added a unique touch to the photo: a mouse pointer.

Below is the photo published in the Observer; you can see the mouse pointer in the lower midsection of the photo, above the greenbelt. (Click to enlarge.)

Original photo, without the menacing mouse pointer, is below (via

Hat tip: Cedar Posts via Jeff Taylor (who wonders if the mouse pointer was added in Malaysia or the Philippines).


JAT said...

Until you put the two shots side by side, I didn't realize how much TCO had altered theirs -- besides the arrow I mean.

Recall that back in 2006 TCO made a huge deal about firing photog Patrick Schneider because he used too much digital filter on a shot of a fireman on a ladder. Was not accurate and trustworthy, you see.

This from a paper which routinely and habitually omits the racial descriptions of crime suspects that police release and other news outlets reports.

Short story, who is Rick Thames firing over the arrow attack? Or doesn't he have direct reports in Kalookan City?

Kevin Gregory said...

JAT - The greens are a whole lot greener in the Observer picture. Hmmm.

Anonymous said...

Charlotte - a city that wants to be known.

Clotte Observer - a newspaper that wants to be.

(what is TCO thinking? ...
as usual, not much)