Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fresno Bee looking for a retail account executive

The Fresno Bee is hiring a retail account executive. From the announcement:


The Fresno Bee has an opening for a Local Retail Account Executive. Must be able to develop new business, sell advertising schedules based on advertiser marketing needs, create effective verbal and written presentations of newspaper advertising benefits, and attend and participate in sales meetings and training.


Applicants must have a proven track record of successful sales experience and excellent verbal and written communication skills, be goal-oriented and able to create positive results for our newspaper accounts. We are looking for a minimum of 3 years of successful sales and marketing experience. Background in media sales or communications a plus. College degree preferred. Must have an acceptable driving record and proof of insurance.

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Anonymous said...

So why would anyone with a decent resume want to go someplace that is now going on its fourth round of layoffs in a year? Really people, do you think you're going to have any job security when they go for round five?
But if you do take this job, fill us in on that dynamo publisher Will Fleet. When I was there he hardly came out of his office. At least Ray was visible and came out and knew your name. He also didn't drive around for 6+ months on his Florida plates, you big douche.

Anonymous said...

An MNI publisher driving around for six-plus months with out-of-state plates? That's nothing.

Just ask Myrtle Beach's publisher, who been driving around like she's the shit with her out-of-state plates since she started, which was about two years ago.

Is this an MNI Publisher trend? Putting out dog shit products, breaking the law and avoiding paying your taxes.

How about an investigation on these spineless scammers? Nahhhhh, that might actually be a good piece that remaining subscribers might actually take an interest in, which wouldn't conform to the MNI standards of dog shit.

Be proud folks!

Anonymous said...

"Profanity, personal attacks, and spam will be deleted. Remember, not every rumor posted in comments is gospel truth."

"you big douche."

"MNI standards of dog shit."

Doesn't look like someone's editing their Web site too well.

Anonymous said...

"I am on vacation"