Monday, November 2, 2009

Kansas City Star hiring part-time temporary photographer

The Kansas City Star is looking for a part-time, seasonal photographer.


The Kansas City Star has a seasonal opening for a part time Advertising Photographer for approximately 20 – 30 hours/week

The photographer will provide:

· Art direction and execution of photo assignments for advertising departments and products within The Star using digital camera equipment.
· In studio and on location photography using strobe equipment when necessary.
· Excellent internal and external customer service at all times.

Qualifications for this job:

· A broad technical knowledge of photography, equipment and practical experience.
· Associates degree (A.A.) or equivalent &/or six months to one year related experience &/or training or equivalent combination
· The availability to work weekday hours with the possibility of some evenings or weekends.
· A strong commercial photo portfolio.
· The ability to transport and provide secure protection of Star equipment.
· The ability to lift 50 lbs.
· A car, driver’s license and proof of valid insurance.

Also helpful:

· A working knowledge of pre-press issues, digital imagery and Adobe PhotoShop.
· The ability to adjust images to reproduce in various Star related products.

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Anonymous said...

The technologically challenged management is probably wondering why none of the people who show up for an interview have film in their cameras.

Anonymous said...

Ha! The KC Star management wonders how they can distract the people who show up, in order to steal their camera.

Anonymous said...

You'll get the minimum wage job IF your commercial portfolio is good enough, that means you'll already have (and provide for this job) about 35K in computer, cameras and lighting gear you earned while billing $125 to $275 per hour - the going rate for successful mid-range commercial shooters. But I bet they have to turn applicant away.....