Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ledger-Enquirer pink-slips two employees, eliminates three open positions

The Ledger-Enquirer (Columbus, Georgia) says it will lay off two mid-level managers and will eliminate three open positions.

Further tightening its belt, Ledger-Enquirer Publisher Valerie Canepa said Friday the newspaper is laying off two mid-level managers and will not fill three full-time open positions.

The Ledger-Enquirer, which dates to 1828, currently has 162 full-time equivalent employees — down nearly 14 percent, or 26 staffers, from a year ago.

The newspaper, owned by Sacramento, Calif.-based The McClatchy Company, has used employee buyouts, layoffs, a wage freeze and pay cuts over the last 16 months to manage through the economic downturn. Most employees are now taking weeklong unpaid furloughs.

“With 2009 coming to a close, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that the length and depth of the recession will require expense containment,” Canepa said in an e-mail to employees. “We have, as you are painfully aware, cut costs in all departments and put the Page Building up for sale.”

The R.W. Page Building is the 6-story office tower adjacent to the printing plant/distribution center and the wing that houses the newsroom, advertising and other departments.

The two management cuts will be in the Ledger-Enquirer’s finance and circulation departments. The affected staffers will depart Nov. 20, Canepa wrote in her e-mail. They will receive severance pay.

“I know that these announcements are especially tough because they mean saying goodbye to friends,” Canepa wrote. “However, we must stay focused on navigating through this prolonged recession and responsibly managing this 180-year-old newspaper.”

The publisher said no further staffing cuts are planned.



Anonymous said...

yeah, they said that last time. we'll lose more.

Anonymous said...

Famous last words: "no further staffing cuts are planned."

Anonymous said...

The MNI line is that the recession is over, the Obama Economy is on the mend, until they have to justify staff cuts. Now they learn what the rest of us know. Things are really tough out there and not getting much better.

Anonymous said...

I wish just once that a publisher would write, "This is a really tough day for the individuals affected by these layoffs, but it is not tough on me---I'm still here."

And just once, it would be nice to hear them blame something besides the economy!!!

(I know, keep dreaming.)

Anonymous said...

Rumors flying that 20-23 MORE people are going to be let go at the Miami Herald. Hard to know how they'll be able to keep putting out a daily at this rate.

Anonymous said...

The Liberal Columbus Ledger-Enquirer makes no worthwhile contribution to its community anyway, so maybe those leaving can find a more respectable place of employment.