Monday, November 30, 2009

More on McClatchy reporter James Rosen...

Erick Erickson at RedState posted some interesting commentary today about the James Rosen article I linked to yesterday...

Erick pointed out Rosen admitted in the article he got some of the material from Democrat opposition researchers. Check out this little admission in Rosen's piece:

"... Democratic aides e-mailed links to controversial statements the blogger has made on and in other conservative forums."
(A lot of readers have suspected McClatchy gets its talking points from DNC operatives -- nice of Rosen to confirm it.)

One more thing -- the Rosen piece managed to misspell Erickson's name.



Anonymous said...

Holding your customers in contempt by using DNC talking points is not a good business strategy.

Holding your customers in contempt, and lying to them that you don't use DNC talking points, is an even worse business strategy.

Anonymous said...

Rosen and McClatchy are only looking out for us because they know we are too stupid to look out for ourselves.

“from each according to their abilities, to each according to their needs”.

And we thank them!

Anonymous said...

In Poll on the State of the GOP, WaPo Buries Anger Over Liberal Bias in Paragraph 36 (NewsBusters)

In a 10,500 word story on the state of the Republican Party, Washington Post staff writers on Monday waited until paragraph 36 of a 37 paragraph article to highlight the overwhelming belief that the press is biased against Republicans.

Jon Cohen and Dan Balz belatedly noted, "One rallying point for the GOP, though, is a broad perception among moderates, conservatives, and younger and older Republicans alike that television news is biased against the Republican Party and tilted highly in favor of Obama and Democrats." [Emphasis added.]

Additionally, the print edition of the paper featured 15 charts about what respondents thought of Republicans in Congress, what issues they saw as important and other topics.

Unsurprisingly, the Post did not create a graph to highlight the fact that 74 percent of poll-takers who lean Republican think "television news" is biased in favor the Democratic Party.

(It’s unclear why the poll question only surveyed the biases of television. Was the liberal paper afraid of what people might say about the Post?)

Anonymous said...

Rosen is playing the tool for democratic operatives trying to demonize Erikson. More of he politics of personal destruction from the left.