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Anonymous said...

Did Obama Just Bow 7 Times to Japanese Emperor? (Video) (GatwayPundit)

OK. We’re all familiar with the big waiter’s bow he gave to the Japanese Emperor…

But, did you notice the 6 other bows he made to the emperor and his wife?

Here’s the video: Count em.
(For comparison) Japanese store clerks greet customers to the store.

Here’s a visual of heads of state bowing to Hirohito.

Anonymous said...

Obama branded 'Groveller-in-Chief' after deep bow to Emperor son of Japanese ruler who authorized Pearl Harbor attack (Daily Mail)

President Obama has been branded the ‘Groveller-in-Chief’ after giving an exaggerated bow to Japan’s emperor Akihito - the son of the ruler who authorized the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor.

Coming so soon after Remembrance Day, the deep bow caused an outcry in the U.S.

While it was seen as a sign of respect in Japan, Mr Obama was attacked in America for ‘bowing and scraping’ to a foreign leader, particularly a Japanese one.

Wartime scars are still raw for many Americans. The 6ft 2in President’s mark of deference to the 5ft 5in emperor in Japan on Saturday dominated discussion in the U.S. media about the trip.

One post by a reader on the Los Angeles Times website read: ‘The Groveller-in-Chief strikes again.’

Another said: ‘Will this man ever stop bowing and scraping to foreign leaders?’

White House aides said Mr Obama had been simply following protocol.

However, critics pointed to Michelle Obama patting the Queen on the back during their Buckingham Palace visit as an example of the First Couple’s usual casual attitude towards protocol.

Two years ago the then Vice President, Dick Cheney, greeted the emperor at the same royal palace with a simple handshake.

In 1994, when President Clinton appeared to almost bow to the Japanese royal, U.S. officials rushed to claim it was nothing of the sort.

Anonymous said...

President O-bow-ma (Michelle Malkin)

Crikey, is there a single adult in the White House who can teach the commander-in-chief some presidential protocol?

The Left complained that George W. Bush was too much of a cowboy on the global stage. It’s better than having a waterboy:

First, the Saudi King. Now, the Japanese Emperor. What’s he going to do with Russian President Medvedev on Sunday — the downward-facing dog yoga pose?

FYI: Everyone else in the world seems to know how to greet the Japanese Emperor without scraping the floor…

Anonymous said...

Japan expert to ABC : Yes, Obama’s bow made him look like an idiot (Hot Air)

So much of an idiot, in fact, that according to Tapper’s source, at least one Japanese paper isn’t running the photo out of embarrassment.

This tool actually groveled himself into a minor international incident.

The good news for O-bots? It wasn’t unprecedented. Nixon evidently made a modest bow to Hirohito in the early 70s. The bad news?

“Obama’s handshake/forward lurch was so jarring and inappropriate it recalls Bush’s back-rub of Merkel.

“Kyodo News is running his appropriate and reciprocated nod and shake with the Empress, certainly to show the president as dignified, and not in the form of a first year English teacher trying to impress with Karate Kid-level knowledge of Japanese customs.

“The bow as he performed did not just display weakness in Red State terms, but evoked weakness in Japanese terms….The last thing the Japanese want or need is a weak looking American president and, again, in all ways, he unintentionally played that part.

Anonymous said...

Video : 46 handshakes, one bow (Hot Air)

It didn’t take too long for the Left to defend Barack Obama’s bow to Emperor Akihito yesterday by claiming that the President was merely showing cultural sensitivity to the Japanese emperor by deeply bowing.

There’s a couple of problems with that argument. First, American Presidents do not bow to monarchs, or at least they didn’t through the first 43 Presidents and the 220years they served as the US head of state.

Perhaps a few of them might have done so out of cultural sensitivity when traveling to foreign nations as private citizens, either before or after their terms in office, but not when they represented the United States of America.

Even the New York Times knew better than that in 1994.

For those arguing that such a policy merely propagates American arrogance and that Obama wants to “change perceptions,” this video by the UConn College Republicans points out the second problem. Heads of state do not bow and show obeisance to one another, regardless of whether either one is an American President.

The UConn group reviews 47 different greetings to Emperor Akihito and various heads of state, including a few from fellow Pacific Rim countries with similar cultural sensitivities, and doesn’t find a bow among them:

Anonymous said...

News Watch Notes NewsBusters Knock On Obama Refusal To Defend Japan Nuking

On Friday, this NewsBuster noted how Pres. Obama, questioned at a news conference in Japan, twice refused to say whether he thought the United States' dropping of atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki was "the right decision."

Yesterday on Fox News Watch, Jim Pinkerton noted the NewsBusters nugget.

The Fox News contributor and New America Foundation fellow observed that PBO's failure had huge implications for America's nuclear deterrent.


"I will say this, though: that when he goes overseas, you've got to watch him as well. Mark Finkelstein, I think, was the first to catch it, at NewsBusters, when he noted that Obama wouldn't answer a question:

do you think that the bombing of Hiroshima by Pres. Truman that ended WWII back in 1945 was a good idea?

And he dodged the question. This is huge in its implications not only for Pres. Truman's legacy, but also for our nuclear deterrent, which Obama clearly doesn't think much about."

Anonymous said...

Former CNNer Claims Network's Liberal Bias Caused Dobbs' Exit (Newsbusters)

On Reliable Sources, Chris Plante, a former CNN correspondent, said Dobbs, as "the last conservative voice on the channel," no longer fit in.

When Plante said CNN hosts Campbell Brown, Anderson Cooper, and Larry King weren't "completely neutral," Kurtz asked, "Are you suggesting that those hosts lean to the left?"

Plante marvelously responded, "Yes, I am"

PLANTE: And the news media -- I'm supposed to be the radio talk show host and you're the newspaper guy here. In Washington, we've got a chief White House correspondent for CBS News Chip Reid who was a former employee on Capitol Hill of Joe Biden. We've got a senior White House correspondent of NBC News who was a former staffer for Tom Harkin.

KURTZ: Let's stick to CNN.

PLANTE: We have a senior Washington correspondent for ABC News who is a Clinton administration official. David Axelrod is a former "Chicago Tribute" reporter. We've got Jay Carney leaving his job at "Time" magazine to go to work for this administration. Look, the pattern is clear, everybody knows it except you guys, you know?

KURTZ: What does it is say about CNN? None of those people work at CNN.

PLANTE: It's the news media as an industry and as a company, the last conservative voice on the channel is gone. They had Glenn Beck, he's gone. They had him, now he's gone. Lou Dobbs is gone.

ZURAWIK: Chris, if a lot of people are asking the question, they weren't watching him. This is not some ratings juggernaut. Lou Dobbs was finishing third in his time period. This was not some great populous groundswell of support for what he was doing.

PLANTE: Based on that standard, there are a lot of other anchors who would be gone, too, aren't they, but they're not gone, are they?

Anonymous said...

Senate Democrats killed amendment to bar U.S. civilian courts from trying terrorist detainees

In light of Obama's decision to prosecute Khalid Sheikh Mohommed in civilian court, I found it interesting that the US Senate killed an amendment that would have defunded any effort to try anyone in a civilian court, that was involved in the 9/11 attacks.

Big surprise - it was killed by Democrats in a 54-45 vote.

S.AMDT.2669 Amends: H.R.2847

Anonymous said...

CNN Profiler: Hasan Just a Lonely, Wifeless Guy (NewsBusters)

In case you missed the media coverage of the Fort Hood shooting for the last several days, let's sum up the main theme:

Nidal Malik Hasan is not a terrorist.

CNN continued that theme early Thursday morning with an interview from a profiler who claims that Hasan is nothing more than a lonely, wifeless, psychopath in the midst of a midlife crisis.

Criminologist Pat Brown states that: "He was simply a lone guy who had issues, problems, psychopathic behaviors that escalated to the point where he wanted to get back at society, and he took it out on his workmates like most of them do."

What does Brown base that assessment on?

During a correspondence with her (outlined in full at the end of this post), CNN's profiler of choice had very little to say about the radical Muslim ideology in the Hasan case. You'll be amazed at what follows:

Anonymous said...

Why does he hate us? Barack Obama's America-effacing presidency
(Washington Examiner)

On the morning after the deadliest instance of Islamist terrorism in the United States since 9/11, President Obama warned the American public not to "jump to conclusions" about the motives that impelled Nidal Hasan's rampage of mass murder at Fort Hood.

By the time Obama issued this warning, it had already been reported that Hasan yelled "Allahu akbar" before he opened fire.

This assertion of the supremacy of Allah is invoked by Islamic terrorists worldwide before they kill.

It was also known that Hasan's fellow participants in an Army program on public health had complained to military authorities about Hasan's anti-American propaganda.

Hasan had made a presentation that justified suicide bombing and argued that the war on terror is a war against Islam.

Yet no conclusions were warranted, as far as Obama was concerned."We cannot fully know what leads a man to do such a thing," our "philosopher in chief" intoned.

Obama has not always been cautious about jumping to conclusions.When a white police officer in Cambridge, Mass., arrested an African-American Harvard professor, the president was quick to proclaim that the officer had "acted stupidly.

"Obama was soon forced to back away from that statement, which was based on ignorance of the facts.

There is no underlying inconsistency between these seemingly divergent responses.

Both are founded on the same antipathy Obama harbors toward America.

Obama prematurely concluded that the professor's arrest was improper because this conclusion comported with his view that American law enforcement officers habitually harass black Americans.

In Hasan's case, it was imperative to resist the obvious connection between Islamism and the killings because, in Obama's view, Americans habitually are on the verge of persecuting Muslims.

As the president's wife once put it, America is "just downright mean."

Our malevolence is not confined to relations with our own minority groups, either.In our president's opinion, we are global miscreants.

For example, Obama has insisted that to compensate for our past arrogance, we need to negotiate, even absent any preconditions, with our worst enemies, including Iran.

Applied to Russia, this has meant going hat in hand to the Kremlin and agreeing, among other concessions, to abandon missile defense for Russia's Eastern European neighbors in the hope of demonstrating that we have turned over a new leaf.

Obama must therefore believe that the thuggish, autocratic, expansionist Russian regime is more sinned against than sinning in its relations with the United States.

But if Russia is our victim, are there any regimes as to which we hold the high moral ground?

Judging by Obama's foreign policy to date, only Israel, Honduras, and perhaps Great Britain come to mind.

It might be argued in our defense that the United States faced down the Soviet Union, paving the way for the triumph of freedom in Central and Eastern Europe.

But this fact apparently does not impress Obama. When heads of state gathered in Berlin last week to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, Obama was absent.

Anonymous said...

World Leaders Agree to Delay Global Warming Deal

World leaders meeting in Singapore have decided to punt on reaching any firm agreement at next month's global warming conference in Copenhagen.

The decision represents a huge setback to the Obama administration's goal of passing a cap and trade bill this year, which conversely is great news for virtually every company in America that has been worried about the higher cost of doing business that would come from the enactment of such legislation.

Anonymous said...

Oops: NY Times Claims Biden Never Supported Partition of Iraq (NewsBusters)


“It may not help that outside Kurdistan, Mr. Galbraith’s influential view that Iraq should be broken up along ethnic lines is considered offensive to many Iraqis’ nationalism.

Mr. Biden and Mr. Kerry, who have been influenced by Mr. Galbraith’s thinking but do not advocate such a partitioning of the country, were not aware of Mr. Galbraith’s oil dealings in Iraq, aides to both politicians say”

Oh really? Blogger Tom Maguire remembers Biden's position differently, and in support of his argument calls up...back copies of the Times:

Joe Biden did not advocate partitioning Iraq? Uh huh, and Dick Cheney never worked for Halliburton.

Meanwhile, back here in reality we are left wondering, if Biden never advocated the partition of Iraq then why did the Times print this guest rubbish from none other than Peter Galbraith back in 2007:

“In a surge of realism, the Senate has voted 75-23 to acknowledge that Iraq has broken up and cannot be put back together.

The measure, co-sponsored by Joe Biden, a Democratic presidential candidate, and Sam Brownback, Republican of Kansas, supports a plan for Iraq to become a loose confederation of three regions -- a Kurdish area in the north, a Shiite region in the south and a Sunni enclave in the center -- with the national government in Baghdad having few powers other than to manage the equitable distribution of oil revenues.”

Anonymous said...

Newsweek Admits 74 Percent of Gore Letters Are Critical, But Fail to Publish Any (NewsBusters)

Newsweek has done it again: a few weeks after acknowledging half its letters were critical of Joe Biden (but publishing none of them), they proclaimed their Al Gore cover was unpopular.

Forty-six percent of their letter writers wrote on the subject of Gore, and 74 percent of them were critical.

Still, Newsweek ran only positive letters.

Anonymous said...

We Wish: AP Report Falsely Claims National Debt Is 'Accumulation of Annual Budget Deficits' (NewsBusters)

In a report that is so riddled with bias and factual errors it's hard to know even where to begin, Associated Press Writers Tom Raum and Andrew Taylor yesterday gave making President Obama look like a born-again deficit hawk their best shot.

The pair's work is partially saved here for fair use, discussion and in this case entertainment purposes.

The biggest error Raum and Taylor made was publishing the following "we wish it were true" statement:

The national debt is the accumulation of annual budget deficits. The deficit for the 2009 budget year, which ended on Sept. 30, set an all-time record in dollar terms at $1.42 trillion.

Well, Tom and Andy, using this readily available tool, if that's the case, why was the national debt on September 30, 2008 $10.02 trillion and then $11.91 trillion on September 30, 2009?

That's a difference of $1.89 trillion, a whopping $470 billion more than the past year's $1.42 trillion deficit.

The answer is, sadly, that the national debt is NOT the accumulation of annual budget deficits, as shown in the graphic that follows:

Anonymous said...

Al Gore's Current TV Calls Sarah Palin a 'Gun-Ho' and a 'TWILF' (NewsBusters)

Days after announcing another huge layoff, Al Gore's Current TV referred to former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as a "Gun-Ho" and a "TWILF."

These disgraceful, sexually-charged epithets were part of an attack on prominent conservatives such as Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, and came in the form of a cartoon ironically titled "The Stupid Virus":

When a lab-monkey declares that President Obama wasn't born in America, he becomes Patient Zero for a new brand of fear-based news virus - Fearus Ignoramus.

We watch as the virus goes ear-borne, spreading from Rush Limbaugh to CNN to the mainstream-media to the general public.

America devolves into panic, convinced its President is an illegal alien anti-Christ.

In the end, this was just a lot of conservative bashing in very bad taste, especially the shot of Palin's Twitter page and her astonishingly offensive screen name "Gun-Ho" (video embedded below the fold, vulgarity alert, h/t

After Palin tweeted, Brian Williams of NBC's "Nightly News" reported it as the "Top Story," and in the right of the screen was the word "twilf" with a question mark after it (h/t Amanda Carpenter):

This appears to either be a take on the acronym MILF with the "TW" standing for "Twitterer," or an urban dictionary reference way too disgusting to address.

Regardless, is that what a former Vice President and Nobel Laureate believes is acceptable to call a former Governor and vice presidential candidate?

Lest we not forget the vulgar attack on Beck at the end.
And these folks wonder why they're continually having to lay people off!

Anonymous said...

What if ObamaCare Had a Rally and Nobody Showed Up? St.Louis Edition

There isn’t anything dramatic like SEIU thugs beating up people in the video below.

What’s dramatic is what isn’t there–like the famous dogs who didn’t bark in the Sherlock Holmes story. Health Care for America Now (HCAN), the principal organization pushing for ObamaCare, and Organizing for America, Obama’s campaign arm at the Democrat National Committee, recently opened major offices in St. Louis.

Their goal is to build a grassroots movement supporting ObamaCare.

As this video shows, this national effort was able to muster around 30people.

Anonymous said...

Union troubled by Eagle Scout project in Allentown (SEIU)
The Morning Call

In pursuit of an Eagle Scout badge, Kevin Anderson, 17, has toiled for more than 200 hours hours over several weeks to clear a walking path in an east Allentown park.

Little did the do-gooder know that his altruistic act would put him in the cross hairs of the city's largest municipal union.

Nick Balzano, president of the local Service Employees International Union, told Allentown City Council Tuesday that the union is considering filing a grievance against the city for allowing Anderson to clear a 1,000-foot walking and biking path at Kimmets Lock Park.

"We'll be looking into the Cub Scout or Boy Scout who did the trails," Balzano told the council.

Balzano said Saturday he isn't targeting Boy Scouts. But given the city's decision in July to lay off 39 SEIU members, Balzano said "there's to be no volunteers."

No one except union members may pick up a hoe or shovel, plant a flower or clear a walking path.

"We would hope that the well-intentioned efforts of an Eagle Scout candidate would not be challenged by the union," said Mayor Ed Pawlowski in an e-mail Friday. "This young man is performing a great service to the community. His efforts should be recognized as such."

Balzano said Saturday the union is still looking into the matter and might cut the city a break.

"We are probably going to let this one go," Balzano said.

Anonymous said...

Congressman (Democrat) drew $15,000 in salary from his campaign (The Hill, Washington, DC )

A first-term congressman drew a salary from his campaign for office last fall, his office said.
Rep. Eric Massa (D-N.Y.) pocketed about $15,000 in campaign funds, the Buffalo News reported Sunday, while his wife was paid $18,000 for her work as campaign treasurer.

"Eric did draw a meager salary at the end of the 2008 campaign to cover expenses after campaigning full-time for four years," Massa's spokesman told the News. "There aren't many people who have spent more time or effort working for the privilege of serving the families of their congressional district's than Rep. Massa."

Anonymous said...

Miami (Democrat) commissioner Spence-Jones surrenders on grand theft charge (decries public lynching) Sun-sentinel

Flanked by an entourage of clergy and supporters singing We Shall Overcome, a still-defiant Miami Commissioner Michelle Spence-Jones swore innocence and vowed to clear her name before surrendering at the county courthouse to face a grand theft charge.

"This charge is about removing me from office and not seeking the truth,'' Spence-Jones said at an impromptu news conference in front of the Richard E. Gerstein Justice Building on Friday morning.

"I never forged any letters or stole any money.''

Miami-Dade prosecutors say Spence-Jones forged letters, including one in the name of former Miami-Dade Commissioner Barbara Carey-Shuler, to steer $50,000 in county grants to a family business in 2004and 2005, before she was first elected.

Some of that grant money later went to Spence-Jones and her brother personally, or was used to pay credit-card bills for travel, clothes, satellite television and other expenses, according to an arrest warrant signed late Thursday.

Anonymous said...

Dems at risk of losing Obama's old Senate seat (Chicago Sun-Times)

About a year ago, thousands jammed Grant Park in Chicago to celebrate Barack Obama's election to the White House, a communal civic defining moment.

But those giddy days are long gone as Democrats in Illinois face the potential of losing the Senate seat President Obama once held next November.

* * * Democratic Party leaders in Washington -- and the Obama White House -- failed to recruit a candidate strong enough to scare Rep. Mark Kirk -- the Republicans' best bet -- from the race.

The only luck they had was the decision by Sen. Roland Burris -- appointed by now-indicted former Gov. Rod Blagojevich to fill Obama's remaining term -- not to run to keep the seat.

Anonymous said...

WaPo reports: Pelosi Bill would ("sharply") reduce senior care ("for millions") The Washington Post

A plan to slash more than $500 billion from future Medicare spending -- one of the biggest sources of funding for President Obama's proposed overhaul of the nation's health-care system -- would sharply reduce benefits for some senior citizens and could jeopardize access to care for millions of others, according to a government evaluation released Saturday.

The report, requested by House Republicans, found that Medicare cuts contained in the health package approved by the House on Nov. 7 are likely to prove so costly to hospitals and nursing homes that they could stop taking Medicare altogether.


... "exacerbating existing access problems" in that program, according to the report from Richard S. Foster of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.


"This report confirms what virtually every independent expert has been saying: [House] Speaker [Nancy] Pelosi's health-care bill will increase costs, not decrease them," said Rep. Dave Camp (Mich.),..."This is a stark warning to every Republican, Democrat and independent worried about the financial future of this nation."

Anonymous said...

GM (GubMint Motors)Reports $1.15 Billion Loss, Plans Repayments (WSJ)

DETROIT -- General Motors Co. on Monday reported a $1.15 billion loss on an unaudited basis for the period from July 10 to Sept. 30, providing the first evidence of the auto maker's improvement since emerging from bankruptcy protection.

Anonymous said...

Obama and the Jobs Crisis
World Socialist Web Site (Even America's Commies get it)

In the face of a record rise in joblessness, the Obama administration continues to demonstrate its callous indifference to the plight of millions of unemployed workers and their families.

The official unemployment rate shot up to 10.2 percent in October, the highest level since 1983. Nearly 16 million people are jobless, an increase of 7 million since the recession began. If workers who have given up looking for work and those forced to work part-time are added, the real unemployment rate is 17.5 percent—or more than one out of every six workers in the US—the highest rate since the Great Depression.

The White House responded to the job figures by repeating its mantra that employment is a “lagging indicator” in an otherwise recovering economy. While acknowledging 10 percent was a “sobering number,” the president said, “History tells us that job growth always lags behind economic growth.” The president added complacently, “Although it will take time and it will take patience, I am confident that we are moving in the right direction.”

Anonymous said...

***Did Obama Just Bow 7 Times to Japanese Emperor?***

Who cares?

Anonymous said...

Diaries of Stalin's horrors on display (Western Australia Today)

The diaries of a British reporter who risked his reputation to expose the horrors of Stalin's murderous famine in Ukraine are going on display in England.

Welsh journalist Gareth Jones entered Ukraine in March 1933, at the height of an artificial famine engineered by Soviet dictator Josef Stalin as part of his campaign to force peasants into collective farms.

Millions starved to death between 1932 and 1933 as the Soviet secret police emptied the countryside of grain and livestock.

Jones' reporting was one of the first attempts to bring the disaster to the world's attention.

"Famine Grips Russia - Millions Dying" read the front page of the New York Evening Post on March 29, 1933.

"Famine on a colossal scale, impending death of millions from hunger, murderous terror ... this is the summary of Mr Jones's firsthand observations," the paper said.

As starvation and cannibalism spread across Ukraine, Soviet authorities exported more than a million tonnes of grain to the West, using the money to build factories and arm its military.

Historians say that between four million and five million Ukrainians perished in what is sometimes referred to as the Great Famine.

Anonymous said...

Alinsky Groups, Child Porn Convict, Socialist Tied to CCHD Funding (CCHD Website, Multiple)

The annual CCHD (Catholic Campaign For Human Development) collection will be held in churches this coming weekend-November 21 and 22.

This is the same group that was giving money for years to the Saul Alinsky-style group called ACORN before ending its relationship with the controversial group.

After much criticism for its leftwing funding, the CCHD has supposedly tightened up their standards. Unfortunately these new standards are not working because the CCHD is still funding groups that:

-Have a registered sex offender (child porn) on the staff

-Are working to change laws so you can not refuse to rent to convicted criminals

-Have an admitted socialist and friend of Code Pink member Jodie Evans as Executive Director.

-Have direct ties to Alinsky's "Industrial Areas Foundation"

Anonymous said...

CNN ratings slide could imperil high ad rates
(Dinosaur Media DeathWatch™)

New York Post- Holly Sanders Ware

After losing its ratings lead and falling to last in primetime, the once-dominant CNN stands to lose the last piece of top-shelf value still attached to its business side: premium pricing. Time Warner-owned CNN, while getting beaten handily in the ratings race and having fallen to fourth place in rankings, still commands higher ad rates than rivals -- in some cases double those of Fox News and MSNBC. But perhaps not for long. While advertisers have been willing to shell out more for CNN's venerable brand, broad audience reach and less-opinionated programming, media buyers said the network's ratings slide is...

John Altevogt said...

With all due respects, Saul Alinsky detested the new left and identity politics and thought they were stupid. His later books are books of methods that I encourage every conservative to read and use as we confront liberalism's descent into barbarism and totalitarianism..

John Altevogt said...

With all due respects, Saul Alinsky detested the new left and identity politics and thought they were stupid. His later books are books of methods that I encourage every conservative to read and use as we confront liberalism's descent into barbarism and totalitarianism..

Anonymous said...

Wash Times in Survival Mode
Fish Bowl DC | Don Irvine

With the resignation of executive editor John Solomon the Washington Times is now in full survival mode. From FishbowlDC Following the resignation of Washington Times Executive Editor John Solomon this evening, TWT Managing Editor David Jones addressed his staff via the below memo. Jones says that the newsroom will carry on "business as usual" but sources tell FishbowlDC that Times staff is expressing panic and fearing the worst.

Anonymous said...

Obama is goofier than even Bush, yet you don't read or see it like you did when Bush tripped or misspoke.

Anonymous said...

Sac Bee didn't print anything on Obama's bow or the Asia summit's recognition that there won't be a climate deal in Copenhagen

did other mcclatchy papers black out those events?

Anonymous said...

***Sac Bee didn't print anything on Obama's bow***

So what?

John Altevogt said...

9:29 that's exactly our response when you clowns tell us you have a newspaper to sell. So what, the Russians had better coverage from Pravda than we get from most of the establishment media. So just keep ignoring the news while bloggers around the world scoop you on every issue going.

Anonymous said...

Monday, November 16, 2009, 1:01pm EST | Modified: Monday, November 16, 2009, 1:12pm
Washington Blade shuts down
Washington Business Journal - by Jennifer Nycz-Conner Staff Reporter

Washington gay and lesbian newspaper The Washington Blade has ceased publication and is closing Monday, along with its parent company, Atlanta-based Window/Unite Media LLC.

Window/Unite published five gay and lesbian publications, including Southern Voice, South Florida Blade, The 411 Magazine and David Atlanta. All will stop publishing, and three of the company's offices will close.

The news, first reported by Washington City Paper’s sister paper Creative Loafing Atlanta, was confirmed by a Washington Blade employee. The publication has also stated the news on its Twitter feed: “Washington Blade, like all Window Media publications, is closing today. Thank you for your support. (Keep following us for developments.)”

Window/Unite Co-Presidents Michael Kitchens and Steve Myers, both based out of the area, were in town Monday to terminate the Blade’s 21 employees.

Blade Publisher Lynne Brown says it’s been a difficult day, but says to be on the lookout for a new publication to rise from the Blade in the near future; she said Blade employees have already scheduled a meeting on Tuesday to discuss starting their own venture. The area’s gay community is strong, she said, and “In adversity, there’s great opportunity.”

Founded in 1969, the Washington Blade has grown from a single news sheet distributed to area bars to a weekly tabloid and Web site.