Wednesday, November 4, 2009

More details re: management's proposal to Bee Guild: severance pay reduced to 26 weeks, unlimited hiring of part-timers, more furloughs

More information has been posted about Sac Bee management's proposal for the new contract. This summary of management's initial proposal was published at the Bee Guild's web site.

At the first bargaining session for a new contract Monday, the company laid out its proposal. It includes:

* reducing the severance pay cap, from 40 to 26 weeks;
* imposing unpaid furloughs at its discretion;
* assigning Guild employees to produce work for other McClatchy news publications;
* unlimited hiring of part-time and temporary employees; and
* eliminating team bonuses for sales assistants and graphic artists.



Anonymous said...

Take it leave it clowns, you knew it was coming. Why should I have to find a fudge packing activist, a disenfranchised muslim terrorist lover, or a border jumping bilingual to write for me in Dallas when I have a whole rats nest of them right here at the Fudge Packer Bee!

Anonymous said...

I’m still waiting for McClatchy to bargain with their diminishing subscriber base to simply print the unbiased news?

Anonymous said...

They would burn the furniture and tear down the walls before that would ever happen.

Pruitt et al have made it quite clear that they intend to cannibalize until there is nothing more to loot and then pitch the carcass.

Anonymous said...

26 weeks is still more than our paper got for the lay offs.

Anonymous said...

Negotiations are nothing more than a brief annoyance to the company. They hold all the cards and will bitch-slap the Bee Guild silly. Prepare for a royal screwing in Sacramento.

Anonymous said...

"unlimited hiring of part-time and temporary employees"

The union might as well disband or decertify itself. This union is toast.